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Cancer Risk of Bioidentical Hormone Enhancement

I'll try to be brief.  Age 49, perimenopausal and losing hair.  Hair replacement specialist sent me to a "medispa" for hormone balancing by a physician.  My hormone blood levels were tested mid-cycle.  He determined that my hormone levels were "normal" but not "optimal".  In the course of this workup, he ordered copies of all my old breast exams, PAP's and bloodwork.  To my surprise, he informed me that a year and a half ago I had tested HPV positive for both high risk and low risk strains.  I've never had an abnormal PAP or symptoms of any type.  He told me it wasn't a big deal (seemed big to me) because everybody has these viruses.  I went to see my NEW gynecologist right away (ditched the one that failed to mention the HPV test results).  Anyway, she says I shouldn't take the sublingual, bioidentical progesterone he prescribed nor should I continue to eat protein bars and other sources of soy protein which provide a natural bioidentical estrogen.  She said there is an increased cancer risk associated with both progesterone and estrogen supplementation.  Since I have high risk HPV (cancer causing) I should not take these supplements.  Does anybody know anything about the increased cancer risk associated with bioidentical hormone enhancement???  Can you refer me to any resource??  Thanks!
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Very interesting.  Thanks for letting me know.  I was diagnosed with a multinodular thyroid 2-3 years ago so now I wonder if it is related.  My bioidentical doctor said the same thing that you were told.  
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I am starting to look into this alot and I see a bio identical doctor now along with a regular MD.

I was just prescribed a natural plant originated progestrone cream for my perimenopause.

This question you asked was brought up when I went to see him. He states it is NOT the progestrone - but estrogen that can increase the cancer risk. If you are estrogen dominant then your risk of cancer is great. Balancing out with progestrone to lower the dominance of the estrogen is a good thing - but not eating or supplementing with estrogen.

It seems doing that will only keep you in the cycle of estrogen dominance.

Soy is harmful if taken in large amounts. It can kill off your thyroid function and cause your hormones levels to rise and could permantly cause hypothyroidism.

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