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Constipation and Progesterone Use

I decided to start using natural progesterone cream because I was having symptoms of low progesterone, or estrogen dominance.  I was hoping it would sooner or later address some issues I was having with allergies.  Although I haven't used it for very long and my allergies haven't improved yet, what I have noticed is that I am somewhat constipated whereas before this was not a issue.  Has anyone had this problem while using progesterone cream and does it sort itself out in time?  I read that at the beginning, some of the symptoms can be exacerbated but then get better with time.  Trouble is, I never suffered from constipation before so I wonder if I'm overdoing it??
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I had the exact opposite thing happen.  I was constipated before taking the progesterone cream and began having easier bowl movements when I did take it.  I am not on progesterone cream at this time though.  Extra Fiber cereals and water have me on schedule now.

May it be caused by something else that may be coincidental with the timing you started taking progesterone cream?  Just a thought.  But then again, it is possible for every individual to react differently to it too.  

I apologize that my post was not of much help; but, I do hope that you find the cause and releif real soon.  Constipation is no fun!  
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Just goes to show how differently women respond to the same thing.  I've always been so regular that this change really called my attention - constipation and bloating.  I forgot to say, because I only noticed later that it as a symptom of maybe too much progesterone in the system,  that I also had some uterine cramping, which I've never had trouble with before.  My body is definitely trying to tell me something.  I'm going to cut back on the cream and see what happens.  Pity it's not addressing my allergies yet : (
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The constipation resolved itself almost immediately when I cut back on the cream, so I guess it was too much for my system.  Still the mystery remains as to why the allergies continue.  Maybe it's just a question of time and the right dosage.  I'm sure the allergies are hormonally related because if it were something else, it would only get worse with time and antihistamines would not give me relief.
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Try probiotics for allergies bc it helped me a lot together liver cleanse with herbs like Milk Thristle.I am taking progesterone for estrogen dominance but I still not see results after one moth with 50 mg. How long does it take to see results?
My constipation is better now but i still use glycerin suppositorium or enema to be sure I am regular.
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I've been taking probiotics for 9 months now because of disbiose and have eliminated foods that I was intolerant to.  I recently discovered the reason for this strange allergy was more in my head than coming from any physical cause.  I am being treated by a homeopath and kinesthesiologist and in fact, when it started, I was under a lot of stress.  Amazingly, I have not needed to take an antihistamine for a week now after using them regularly since Oct!  He suggested I look up Dr Bruce Lipton's work on YouTube and listen to his lectures.  For some reason, this is doing the trick.

As far as Progesterone cream and constipation, this month (this is my third cycle of using it), I had constipation even with 20mg a day so I stopped using it for a few days and when the constipation stopped, I reintroduced only 10mg.  After 2 days on 10mg I notice my bowels are again more solid but moving okay.  I am on day 24 of my cycle and for the first time in months I haven't had breast tenderness.  I will have to see what happens in a few days - if I get the hormonal headache and all the rest.  I have a feeling that the constipation is a sign I am producing enough Progesterone but as I'm 48 I know my levels are varying more.  I read it takes about 3 months for the body to adjust to Progesterone cream and in fact the Estrogen dominance symptoms may be exaggerated during that time but then things should settle down.  I am waiting to hear from some inquiries I sent to websites about natural progesterone cream use and constipation and if I hear of anything, I'll let you know.  The homeopathic treatment may be also helping my symptoms.  Amongst other homeopathic remedies, the doctor gave me Cimicifuga, which is Black Cohosh.
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I haven't, even once, had a problem with constipation in over 25 years because of my healthful vegan diet. I am in perimenopause and have been using 20 mg. per day of natural progesterone cream for over three years with impressive results. Night sweats, PMS, breast tenderness, moodiness, insomnia completely disappeared. Menstrual cramps and heavy flow drastically reduced. No hot flushes during the day.

Three weeks ago I changed brands of natural progesterone cream to save a bit of money. I like the new cream fine, as it's working just as well as the previous cream, with one exception. For the first time in over 25 year, I am not having a normal, daily bowel movement. I am extremely constipated. Increased exercise, fiber, and water, magnesium citrate supplementation, even store purchased stool softeners and laxatives barely have an effect. When I do go, about once per week, by stools are hard, small and painful.

It occurred to me to research how progesterone supplementation might affect this because that's the only change made in my lifestyle. Thanks to "heavencanwait" posting her experience with this problem, I'm confident I've found the answer to my problem. My current brand of progesterone cream does have claim to have a bit more progesterone per dose. I didn't cut down because each bottle pump equals a dose and I didn't think the extra progesterone would hurt anything. Also, it's possible the company that makes this brand might not be as accurate in their dosing as the brand I'd previously used. I think the problem is too much progesterone, because if it were too little progesterone, my perimenopause symptoms would have returned, and they have not.

Beginning today I will reduce the use of my cream by half a pump. If this resolves my constipation, I will not update this post. If it does not, I will update the post, and seek medical evaluation. My thanks to MedHelp, heavencanwait, and all others who contribute to this forum.
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