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Crepey Skin

I switched to a vegan diet in January of this year and noticed a sudden onset of the skin on my arms increasingly getting more crepey and sagging to the point of embarasment . I've been exercising more than ever and make sure I take in enough protein daily. Curious what is lacking in my diet or what can I do to help my skin be more supple again?
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Thank you for your advise, I will give the vitamins a whirl
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Two excellent vitamins for sagging skin are vitamin E and vitamin A. Natural vitamin E is proven to reverse the effects of skin aging. It is an excellent example of a natural antioxidant which is present in a lot of different face and body creams. Another is Vitamin A, or retinol. This is known for its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres. These vitamins are available in a lot of dietary products and also can be taken as supplements. Dehydration can cause the skin to look like it's sagging and loose, hence drink lots of water.

Hope this helps.
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