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Crepey aging skin

Has anyone tried "HTY GOLD" products?  I am not susceptible to ads, but keep seeing
this one in NY newspapers.  Quite expensive and am reluctant to believe it does anything.
Would love to know if anyone has used it and had any improvement.
Thank you.
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i am 56, 'had' up until about 3 mo. ago, nice, skin, no wrinkles on arms or legs and as if over night, skin on arms looks like a 500 yr. old, deep wrinkles and saggin 'wing' under my upper arms.  i exercise my arms so it looks really bad, i can still make a muscle but arms look horrible.  4 yrs. into post menopause, i read something about cipro, i was given an rx for that before this happened?  500 mg. twice a day for 14 days.   could that be what happened and how would i know?  
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I bought the Gold Bond Ultimate Restorative just yesterday.  I put it on the inner fold of my arm where the elbow bends.  It looked better for a couple of hours, then back to it's usual but I only used it once.  Maybe someone else has used it for a while and may be able to comment.

As for the cipro I have used it more than once and nothing like that happened to me.  For me skin changes came with hormone changes, some gradual others rapidly..  Also another thing you may look at, have you used your arms less lately to cause muscle atrohpy?.  Sometimes overdoing exercises can break down muscle instead of building it.  Dehydration and weight loss are another cause.  
With aging it seems like the dense fat pad underneath the skin is gone and the skin becomes loose.  I have the same problem as you in my arms but will tell you I have a big improvement since doing weight lifting pyramid style...each exercise 12 reps with a 2lb weight, 10 reps with a 5 lb weight and 8 reps with a 8 lb weight.  You should include exercises that build your bone density.  When we get older we need all the help we can get.  
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I just saw this column today and it's comforting to know others suffer with the crepiness
and sagging and bulging veins; here I thought I was in the vast minority of ladies except
those much older than myself!!!  My son is getting married on the beach in Mexico next
May so at least I have some time but I really would appreciate any ideas that really
seem to work, especially for the upper arms. I agree with alot of you that we DO have
alot to be thankful for and I am but I too have become "an arm watcher":)
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Gold Bond is a different product. I think people are asking about a different product called HTY (Hide theYears) Night Gold cream. All the adds show miraculous conversions from saggy baggy crinkly arms, to smooth skin capable of display in a sleeveless dress,

Unlike drugstore GoldBond, it's expensive, so I don't want to buy it unless somebody here can tell me how or if it works.
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