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Early Menopause

Hi Everyone

A bit of background first, I am 38 yrs old and have been suffering weird symptoms for approx 5 years.  I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis in Dec 02, but a lot of the symptoms are still recurring even though tests have been clear for a year on that front.  My symptoms, night chills, electric shock like feelings in my head, ear problems, dizzyness, fatique, loss of or thinning of hair on my head, a growth of hair on my chin ( yuk!), weight gain and impossible to lose on my tummy, palpitations and heartburn.  My periods are still here but only last for a day and I get a migraine the day before without fail.  I have had my hormone levels tested last year they were normal.  but I have has many tests relating to these symptoms because of my Sarcoid background. MRI's of the brain, CT Scans, bloods etc.  Question is, am I experiencing early menopause, how long does it last? When will I stop feeling older than I am?

thanks for your time
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I had mild intermittent hot flashes (nothing much to speak of) for about 3 years before my last period.  I went through menopause early, too-at 43 (now 44).  A couple months ago I started getting worse hot flashes (every day) and I started taking black cohosh and it's really helped me (recommended by my PCP).  I also was waking up with night chills but there was never any sweat on me (or little), so I wasn't sure if I was having night sweats or what, but, regardless, the night chills have since disappeared since starting the black cohosh.  I think some of your other symptoms could be associated with menopause but they could also be associated with other stuff--including your sarcoidosis.

Now on to the sarcoidosis--if you don't mind sharing.  I have been feeling sick for 13 years (first symptom actually goes back 17 years) with numerous physical complaints (weak chest (possibly respiratory muscles?), difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, past eye inflammation x 2, past 6+ months of blurred vision in right eye, mouth droop on right side with past slurred speech, intermittent low-grade fevers (once for six months straight), hair loss 4+ years, dxd with severe gastroparesis, past Horner's syndrome (droopy eyelid, smaller pupil and loss of sweating on left side of body, mild urge incontinence, heart palpitations (though slow), chronic chest pain/discomfort with tender area and swollen rib 13+ years, chronic overwhelming fatigue, faintness/ill feeling (low- level all the time), mild weakness in my left foot and past episode of significant weakness in my left arm and leg, all significantly aggravated or brought on by infection and ovulation in past.  Doctors didn't believe I was even sick until recently due to a couple positive test results in past 10 months; so now they know I have a neuro problem but they still don't really know what is wrong with me and I have other non-neuro symptoms as well.  I have had a mildly positive ANA and intermittently borderline/mildly elevated calcium levels for 13+ years.  I've been worked up for all the connective tissue disease as well as MS and other primary neuro diseases.  One thing I have not been worked up for is sarcoidosis (no one even mentioned that to me before).  When I saw my new PCP for the first time last month he mentioned sarcoidosis in conjunction with an elevated calcium level, and I am definitely going to ask him about it when I see him next month after he's had a chance to go over my records.  

Can you tell me anything about your sarcoidosis--your symptoms (does it only involve your lungs?) and how you were dxd?  I have had negative chest x-rays and I have read that most people with sarcoidosis have abnormal CXRs, but about 10% of the time there either is no lung involvement or if there is it sometimes requires a chest CT to pick it up.  I know this isn't what you came on this board for, but I would really appreciate any info you can give me regarding it.  Thanks.
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Hi Annie

Sure I can give you my background with sarcoidosis.  I had symptoms for about nine months prior to diagnoses and the symptoms as you can see in my other post are wide and varied.  But mainly I was more fearful of the face palsy, one sided but intermittant, night chills, sometimes loss of power in my arm.  I have shortness of breath but because I was asthmatic I never noticed it really.  I eventually was diagnosed after a routine xray should scars on my lung - eventually this was biopsied and pulmonary sarcoid was confirmed - but Sarcoidosis is a systematic disorder, it mostly affects the lungs, but it can affect the eyes, the heart, the liver, the nervous system (Neuro Sarc) and the skin.  

I recently found a website which was very useful The FSR Sarcoidosis Community - I don't have the hyper link but it is easily googled.  My Docs think I may have had sarcoid years before I was diagnosed, so you are right to check into this.

All the best
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Thanks for responding.  I will check out this website to see what others have to say about their symptoms as well.  Best to you to.
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