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Early Perimenopause after Hysterectomy?

I am 35. 8 years ago I had a hysterectomy with one ovary removal. For the last year I have been experiencing what I think are perimenopausal symptoms. My question is, can having the surgery like mine increase my chances of an earlier menopause? Not having a period for the last 8 years, all I have to go by are symptoms other than a weird or missing period.
My symptoms are: night sweats, mood swings, breast tenderness, adult acne, facial hair, increase in headaches, sleep issues, weird and transistion joint pain, like in hips, extreme dry eye, fatigue. I do not recall having a bad pms or cyclical issues when I did menstrate. I had the hysto due to fibro, as well as a large tumor (non cancerous) and one ovary because of cystic scarring and reappearing and painful cysts. My thyroid has already been checked.
Thank you very much.
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Sounds like it could very well be menopause.  Have your doctor do some lab work to check your hormone levels.  
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I am also 35 and had a hysterectomy almost 5 years ago.  I am having weight gain, and mood swings as well as the sleep issues.  I am always tired and can't sleep through the night.  I, too, had my thyroid checked.  But, then had bloodwork done at the OB and it confirmed I was menopausal...not peri but full on!!  So, go to the OB and get it checked out. I have an appt. set up with my OB to discuss options to deal with the symptoms.
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After my complete hysterectomy a few years ago, I took Soy Menopause from Vitamin World because I couldn't (and didn't want to anyhow) take estrogen.  I'm not sure if it is still available or not since I haven't needed it for the last year or so.  If you can find it, I would definitely recommend it.
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I had TAH 4weeks ago I just turned 40. Am having terrible headaches from 3in the morning until am forced to take painkillers what could be the problem?
mpande - The changes (decrease) in hormones after hysterectomy (even if you still have your ovaries) can cause headaches. Some women get relief by taking estrogen. But it can be tricky to find the right form and dose to prevent the headaches. There are so many options available (in a number of  countries) but can take a bit of trial and error.

Best of luck to you!
Hi MPANDE. I am 39 and will be 40 in June and just had a radical hysterectomy in January to treat cervical cancer. When I went into surgery my ovaries were producing a little too much estrogen to be exact so I had yet to experience even the first sign of menopause. Well because my body was used to having so much hormone when they took everything it essentially threw my body into shock. Or so they say. It's just funny you said you get headaches because that was my very first symptom. Although at the time I didn't know it was a menopausal symptom. Anyway, these were not your normal little headaches but were piercing pain. And all over my head but especially my forehead it seemed. I went to the dr a few days after it started because nothing would help AT ALL! I took every single OTC meds I could find for headaches not to mention a couple of really strong prescription pain meds left over from surgery. The day I went to the dr they gave me an Imitrex shot which helped almost immediately and then he sat me down and explained to me all the symptoms we can have due to what they call surgical menopause. For one, the symptoms can and usually are much worse, we have many more and they last longer than a woman that is experiencing menopause naturally. Over years as your estrogen drops your body acclimates itself to the changes. Us on the other hand had no time to adjust. We went from all to nothing at all. As the months go by my symptoms are on the worst end of the scale. And very extreme. I have everything from terrible hot flashes to the point that they put me on Effexor which was used as an anti-depressant but they found that the low dose almost stops hot flashes all together and it WORKS! Now I still have night sweats so bad that I lay towels down to sleep on and keep a stack by my bed so I can change them out once they get too wet but even that's getting a little better with the Effexor. I tried to not take a hormone replacement but I couldn't do it. The benefits outweighed the risks to me 100x over. I am on 1 mg of Estriadol and I am beginning to feel much much MUCH better. No headaches, not as many mood swings, anxiety which I've never in my life had is getting much better also. I was having full blown panic attacks but I didn't know what they were. I have never had one, but all of the sudden out of literally nowhere I would feel like my heart was coming out of my chest, I would hyperventilate and at times thought I was going to have a heart attack. They gave me Xanax for those but again, the hormone is helping that too so I've only used the Xanax twice. I have learned to not ask other women about it because if they got through menopause without the first bad symptom they are generally not very empathetic about it. And also, because they didn't need a hormone they will tell you how bad they are for you. For me, like I said, the HRT saved me. I can get through my days now. Also keep in mind that we are VERY young to have a full hysterectomy and no ovaries. Most the people you talk too that have gone through menopause either went through it naturally giving their bodies time to adjust OR they had their hysterectomies at a much later age again their bodies were getting used to the lowering estrogen levels. Just do what you feel is best for YOU. Talk to your dr and don't think any symptom is stupid. I felt like I was a big baby about it and he finally told me that whatever symptom I'm having g he can usually adjust my meds to help that certain symptom. Pretty much a tailor-made hormone. But that he couldn't help me if he didn't know. Good luck and o hope my novel helps you even the slightest bit
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I am 35 and had an ovary removed due to a cyst 9 years ago.  Now I am trying to conceive and my numbers are indicative of impending menopause.  I found an article saying that this does indeed cause early ovarian failure.  Despite my concerns for years, before trying to conceive, my gynecologist never tested me and told me it was fine.  It's not fine.  I am very angry that now I may never have a biological child.  Here is the article http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0098174
2017mary - I'm sorry your doctor didn't properly inform and advise you. That seems to be a big problem in the OB/Gyn specialty.
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