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Estrogen only with uterus in tact

I am receiving conflicting information regarding treatment for hrt. I have a uterus in tact I was prescribed combined hrt progesterone and estrogen estarlis patches. Then I went to another gyno who said that recent studies have proved that estrogen only with uterus in tact is safer that in fact it's the progesterone that is toxic.
Is anyone receiving the same advice? I am going to another gyno tomorrow to get another opinion
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There is a lot of controversy over this. I have read that estrogen with out Progesterone, is not safe. I am talking about bio-identical hormone therapy, which is very safe, you can get the bio-identical progesterone cream at any health food store. I would sure do this if you plan on taking any kind of "synthetic" Estrogen.
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Yes there is
There are not enough studies to warrant it is safe. I have reverted to using combined. I am estralis 50/250 half patch. Thanks for your response. I was told the bio identical hormone progesterone has not provided the protection for uterus.
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The Women's Health Initiative showed that combined HRT as Prempro (conjugated estrogen plus progestin formulation medroxyprogesterone acetate) increased the risk of breast cancer. Estrogen taken without a progestin (Premarin) did not increase risk of breast cancer.

But you are correct that a progestin or progesterone needs to be taken with estrogen to protect the uterine lining from proliferation and risk of hyperplasia or cancer. Some think that "bio-identical" progesterone (such as Prometrium) is safer than the various progestin formulations. But I do not think there are enough robust studies to support this. And the use of progesterone does seem to be more problematic in dosing to both protect and prevent breakthrough bleeding or spotting. And over-the-counter progesterone cream has been shown to not be effective at protecting the lining when taking estrogen.

Interestingly, a French study titled "Unequal risks for breast cancer associated with different hormone replacement therapies: results from the E3N cohort study" showed a higher risk of breast cancer with estrogen only use than with estrogen/progesterone use (relative 1.29 risk versus 1.00 risk) when compared to "never-use" HRT. Estrogen-dydrogesterone had a 1.16 risk and estrogen plus other progestagens had a 1.69 risk. The study included 8 years of follow-up and less than 3% of all participants developed invasive breast cancer.

Unfortunately, we have to do our own research and cannot depend solely on our doctors' advice.  
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Thankyou for your response. There is not much options we have. I need to take it to project my bone density. Most of all my specialist and drs except for one specialist says I need to take combined hrt. Estrogen only taken by a lot of women in the 60 s showed there was an increase in uterus cancer for those who had their uterus in tact. The 70s saw a big increase in this type of cancer which is why they prescribe combined.
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