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Extreme fatigue and 3 missed periods

Hello I’m 48 and have missed 3 missed periods. I have severe night sweats and bad cramps. I usually have insomnia but for over a month I’m severely exhausted. I was usually always on time for my menstrual cycle but started having lighter periods and one month bled for 21 days. Now I have totally skipped 3 months. My biggest concern is the extreme fatigue. Is this normal or for concern?
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I've been going through menopause I think for three years.  ha.  Not really funny but what can we do but laugh. So, things that I have as I go through this are yes, fatigue.  Moodiness, scary.  Insomnia that is cyclic and lasts for about 3 days before I DO get a period.  Anxiety. I am opposite than you though in that as I neared the point I am now (no period for 9 months --  have to get to over a year for it to be 'official' menopause), I had very heavy periods.  Your cycle sounds very irregular.

I personally would see your ob/gyn and get blood work done. Check out what your hormone levels are and while you are at it?  Get your thyroid levels checked.  To be honest, this almost sounds more like a hormone imbalance or thyroid issue (which also causes symptoms of fatigue, irregular periods, etc) than menopause.  You're getting to the age where it 'could' be menopause but I'm actually thinking that your hormones are off instead.  When is the last time you saw your gyn?
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