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First missed period age 46

Pretty sure I had two periods in June; 3 weeks apart. Missed period in July and now 1/2 into August nothing. I guess I thought it would gradually get shorter/get irregular not disappear all at once. Can't see gyno until Sept 15. Is that it - or will it come back? Primary doc said blood work was not definitive since my cycle date was not pinpointed. Thanks!
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Women follow different patterns with menopause.  You are young to be in this stage but it does happy earlier for some women.  The two most common patterns I hear is actually an INCREASE in bleeding, heavier periods but for shorter duration.  This is me.  Wow, some cycles I'm like holy cow!  Clots and lots of bleeding.  More so than ever when I was younger.  I have friends who have a slowing down of their cycle with lighter periods, shorter duration.  

However, in all honesty, if I were you, if you are skipping cycles but still having them, I'd ask for blood work and get your thyroid checked.  I had this issue years ago with periods every 3 to 4 months because my thyroid is slow.  At your age, this is much more likely than full on menopause.  

Let us know how the doctor's appointment goes.  good luck
Thank you. I had issues with low ovarian reserve at 38 so I was warned my menopause might be earlier than average. Looking back maybe the periods  did get slightly heavier and slightly shorter but nothing dramatically noticeable. Thyroid checked at primary doc. A few minor flushes of heat in July. Not much since. So confusing to read a list of symptoms that are menopause but then have the textbook definition be "one year without a period".
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That's the thing--  I guess there is a textbook definition of menopause but it seems so individual.  I'm more the opposite of the heavy bleeding for shorter duration but do have a good friend who by 50 totally ceased having any periods.  Before that, she'd have one totally out of the blue after 7 or 8 months.  Then it went for a full year and she was done.  So, your pattern is one as well.  What did your doctor say at your appointment?  (wasn't it yesterday?)
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See the Gyno on the 15th and have a female hormone panel drawn.  Doesn't sound like Menopause yet, but you are getting there.  Rule of thumb=one full year of no periods.  
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Menopause is a possibility at 46.  Happened to me at age 49, but I had a hysterectomy (ovaries intact) at age 35 and slowly my ovaries went into failure.
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