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I had been on HRT for years only to come to a point where a lump in my breast scared me. I stopped the HRT 3 mos ago and am now getting hot flashes where every crevice and skin is damp or wet and the heat omg... I do not want to go back on HRT to concerned now... Women out there do you know of anything natural I can take? I am on 10 mg of lispinol for high BP thats it..Thanks in advance for your help!
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I'm researching NutraFX or FX Menopause.  A friend of mine in England has been on it for about a year and says it really works.  Neither her or I take any other medication or herbs so I'm no sure it will work for you.  I think that its good that your off hormone medication...I hear you on sweating just about 24/7....I'm so fed up and keep on hoping for relief.  Once I've gotten some more comments, I will keep you posted.

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Thanks for the info.. please keep me posted on where to get this and any info you receive regarding it...I have a friend who is need of some type of relief too, she is at work with constant hot flashes poor thing!
I would have to check in with my doctor to make sure I can take it with my BP meds.. Thanks again!
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