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HRT & Aspirin


Have there been any studies regarding HRT and aspirin therapy?

If HRT is supect in causing blood clots or plaque, would taking aspirin daily help with the HRT risk?

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Your question is an interesting one. There is a lot of data on HT and on aspirin, but little data on both. In addition, the population as a whole has changed with more women being overweight which is also an increased risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer and stroke. The data on aspirin and HT together do not appear to be strong for helping prevent clots or plaque over either one. However, there does seem to be a reduced risk in colon cancer, especially in women who are obese and/or eat a lot of red meat. Probably the overall data favors taking both for overall health. Another simple thing one can do is floss their teeth. This cuts down on bacteria and inflammation that can lead to clots.
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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Thank you for your prompt reply,

My OBGYN/NP did suggest starting 81 mg. asipirn while taking Prempro and that made very good sense.
Flossing one’s teeth to prevent bacteria/blood clots also makes sense.
One interesting thing that I noticed when starting the HT was my increased  energy. I had gained a little weight during the time, while trying to decide if I wanted to go the HT route. With the new added energy, I went back to my  exercise routine with vigor and reduced my weight back to normal.


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How about drinking a glass of red wine every evening to keep the blood from clotting?  The resveratrol in the wine keeps the blood thin.  That is why the French do not have the rates of heart attack and stroke that we do. Personally I cannot drink red wine since it gives me a headache so I actually take a resveratrol tablet every day. Read up on the French Paradox. It is fascinating.  I have been doing a kind of informal poll over the years. When I meet very elderly people who are in good health I ask them if they a) walk alot and b) drink a glass of alcohol every day.  Usually they answer yes to both questions.
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