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Has anyone had heavy postmenopausal bleeding during an endometrial biopsy?

I have had postmenopausal bleeding, mainly spotting, for around 4 years. During the Holidays last year, I had an episode of heavier bleeding. It came out in clots. Talk about scary! It resolved on its on within a few days. Since then, I'd just had light spotting.

Today I had an endometrial (uterine) biopsy, to find out why I have PMB. But a few minutes into the procedure, I started bleeding rather heavily. The Dr. prescribed birth control pills, to take 3 per day, to control this bleeding. I'll see him again in 1 week for the results.

Meanwhile, I'm still bleeding quite a bit. Have only taken 1 pill so far. Has anyone else experienced this? How long before it will calm down? It's got me nervous. It's still not as bad as the bleeding I had during the Holidays, but still more than I think it should be.
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I agree that this doesn't sound right.  Something that commonly causes this type of bleeding is polyps.  That's good you are being evaluated because the obvious fear is the c word -- cancer and you want to make sure to rule that out. Your uterine lining could also be very thin due to hormonal issues and this could also lead to bleeding like this.  https://www.webmd.com/menopause/guide/postmenopausal-bleeding#1.  

When do you go for your biopsy results?  I'm sure you are scared. This is likely one of the benign reasons for bleeding so hang in there until your appointment.  Are you open to things like a D&C or hysterectomy if it is recommended?  Maybe simply taking hormones will help. Let us know how the appointment goes.
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Thank you  specialmom for your response. Yes, the C word is of course a concern, especially since I lost my mom to ovarian cancer. If it comes down to a D&C or hysterectomy, I may have little choice. Fingers crossed it's something less drastic. I return to the Dr next Monday for results. As an update, my bleeding is less now. Not sure if it's due to the birth control pills or just healing up on its own. But today I have a burning sensation around my uterus, in the area that gives me the most trouble. It may be where they did the biopsy. How long before biopsy pain subsides?
Argh, ya.  I can understand the worry with a mom who died of ovarian cancer.  I do know that puts you at higher risk.  They can do the genetic testing for you to see how real of a risk it is? I go back and forth with that.  I'm not sure I'd want it to be honest. But do think that is an option.  They can do marker tests as well. But the biopsy results are the first step.  Please let me know how your appointment goes on Monday.  It's like torture waiting for these types of results.  I feel for you sweetie.  I hope you have some things to preoccupy your mind.  Do something nice for yourself and I'm sending you negative for anything scary results vibes!  hugs
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Sorry you are dealing with this and that you lost your mom to ovarian cancer. :( I agree with specialmom. It may very well be something benign such as polyps, fibroids or even an extra-thin lining. I hope you get answers soon and it's nothing serious. Please let us know. Sending cyber hugs.
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Well, I just got the news. My worst nightmare is confirmed. He said I have cancer of the uterine lining. Am numb & scared. But he gave me hope, saying its a very forgiving cancer, once treated. Hysterectomy will be scheduled. I'm being set up with the oncologist. Now I await more scans to see how far it spread. Prayers & well wishes welcome.
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I am so sorry to hear this. So it is definitely cancer and not hyperplasia? From what I have learned since my gyn cancer scare, endometrial cancer usually takes quite a few years to develop from hyperplasia. Hopefully, you will get the news that it has not spread. Let us know what more you find out. Hugs to you.
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