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Has anyone tried Flax for menopausal symptoms?

I've read that flax an help quell our symptoms.  Anyone try it or have any experience?
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I tried Flax seed oi, didn't do a thing for me unfortunately. What helped a wee bit was bio-identical progesterone cream which can be purchased at most health food stores. But even then, nothing spectacular,but it is so good for other things as well. Read the book by Dr. Lee, it is called" what your doctor won't tell you about menopause" There is another one he wrote called "what your doctor won't tell you about Peri-menopause" both are great and give you many ideas on what to do and take.
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Hi specialmom. I used flaxseeds (ground in a coffee grinder) for awhile (years ago) along with estrogen but don't recall the effects. And since I was also on estrogen, it wouldn't be a "fair" assessment anyway. I have read that it helps some women.
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Yes, I've read that it helps too but don't know anyone who has a real life story to tell me.  Hm.  You know what is odd?  I got sick, have lost some weight.  It's also turned chillier here and I am not having hot flashes at night at all.  I'm sleeping pretty well.  Makes me wonder if they really were hot flashes.  And my moods seem better.  I haven't had a period in 5 months.  Maybe I'm headed toward being more even with the hormones.  Lordy, I hope so.  
I'm sorry you were sick! Congrats on the weight loss (if you wanted to lose)! Yes, it sure sounds like things are leveling out. I hope it stays that way!
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