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Heavy, non-stop Menstral Bleeding

I've been having heavy menstral bleeding for 2 months now.  I'm working with an OBGYN and I'm going in for a pelvic ultrasound in a week but still had some questions.  This began the same time I started tapering off Effexor medication.  I had a complete blood count done and everything was fine but my iron was a low normal, so they recommended iron pills.  I started taking them for a few weeks, they didn't seem to help so I stopped.  I started taking them again today.  Unfortunately I can't take any hormone medication because I've had blood clots in the past from birth control pills.  So, my question I guess is can the Effexor withdrawl tamper with my menstral cycle??  Also, in the mean time do I need to worry about this heavy bleeding??  The doctor didn't seem too concerned about the heavy bleeding, it's just a little scary for me losing this much blood.  Thanks!
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A. Effexor is an antidepressant and it is known to have effects on menstrual cylces of some women.  But iron deficiency is a common but less appreciated cause of increased bleeding.  Try to eat foods with iron such as meat and leafy green vegetables and take iron supplements from the drugstore.  It can take 3 months or sometimes more to restore iron levels.  Begin by taking the iron 3 times daily.  If it upsets your stomach, take it twice daily or even once daily but keep taking it and ask your doctor to recheck you iron levels in a few months. It is also a good idea to take a multivitamin.

If the bleeding continues after the 3 months, sometimes it is necessary to have an ultrasound of the uterus to see if there or polyps or fibroids.  It can be necessary for your doctor to look inside the uterus called hysteroscopy to determine if there is a problem, and/or to do a D&C where the lining is scraped off to find out the cause of the problem and in some cases also to treat it. Both these procedures usually are done with anesthesia and the person goes home the same day.  Losing blood is scary and it is important to continue to search for the cause.
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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How old are you?  Has your doctor done any sort of testing such as an endometrial biopsy, or D&C?  When you say heavy bleeding, how many pads/tampons per hour are you using on average each day?
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I'm 31.  I'm using about 5-6 pads per day.  They haven't done any kind of biopsy.  I saw the OBGYN the 1st of August and my pelvic ultrasound isn't scheduled until Sept. 5.  The Dr. didn't seem overly concerned, thinking maybe it was a hormonal imbalance, but I can't take anything for that because of blood clots.  I guess I won't really know anything until the ultrasound, but in the meantime of course I'm trying to think of anything it could be.  Thanks.
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Hi Aquarius7,
I am having the exact problems with coming of my anti-depressants.  A non-stop period with excessive blood for 2 months now.  I am getting an ultrasound next week.  My doctor says the same as the one above.  And, mine are not particularly concerned either.  Can you tell me how your tests came out?  Like you said, it is really scary losing so much blood.
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I saw this post and was wondering if you got any answers.  I am having similar problems.  My period started July 2 and it is now October 8th and it has not stopped.  I went to my gyn back in July and told her about my non stop period (at that time it was only going on for 3 weeks) and she put me on Ibuprofen 800mg 3x a day for 14 days.  She also did an exam and told me that the IUD (Paraguard) that i had in was fine but the thread needed shortening.  As far as the Ibuprofen, this did nothing.  So, I went back in in August and she then put me on Orthotricyclen.  I have been on this and it has done nothing.  In fact, over the past three weeks it has gotten worse....now I saturate and leak through a super tampon in 2 hours.  I have very big clots and in the morning when I stand up it gushes everywhere (down my legs and puddles on the carpet).  After this happened two days in a row, I got smart and now I hold a towel under me til I reach the bathroom.  I called the gyn and they told me to just continue taking the pill and theres nothing more they can do.  My husband got worried at seeing this so he bascially ordered me to call a different doctor.  I did and they told me to go to the ER.  I went three days ago and it is now October.  The ER doc did an exam and found that the IUD was hanging out of my cervix as my body must have been rejecting it.  The ER doc took it out completely and sent me away only telling me to see my gyn within the week.  
Well...I went to the new gyn doc and he did an exam and including a biopsy (I felt him scraping inside my uterus).  I am so worried about what this might be.  The bleeding has not let up at all.  My husband and I have one child, a daughter, and we really hoped to have two....could this put a hault on this dream?

Has anyone experienced this?  What are the possible outcomes?  Any suggestions would be great.  Plus....is there anything I can do with the old doctor--how many other women are out there being told theres nothing wrong when there is???  Each time I called them I was told I was fine and let feeling really stupid.  What would have happened if I wouldn't have gone to the ER?  What do you all think?  
THanks for any comments.
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OH MY GOSH!!  I can't believe it!  I am not anywhere near menopause yet but I am having the exact same problem.  I am almost thirty, have four kids 9-18months, and I have a copper IUD that was inserted 6wks after the birth of my last.  I have checked it's placement by palpating the strings monthly. I have had no problems really up until now.  Spotting here and there at first but not a big deal up until now.  I also am on an anti-depressant Effexor of which I tried to wean from unsuccessfully.  This aspect intrigues me because I never would have thought of a possible link to my problem until I read these posts.  I have had my period for six weeks straight now.  I have occasional cramping, but it is not severe.  I was put on Provera 10mg after the first four week, increased to 20 after that didn't work.  Made it worse it seems.  Still didn't work.  My doc wants me to double up on birth control pills.  I am so frustrated because I don't like messing with my hormones.  They're unstable enough at times!  And, I was just on progesterone and it didn't work.  So, I have to go in for an exam on Friday.  It has taken almost three week for me to finally be seen.  They wanted me to have an ultrasound but I feel that an exam is the priority and then move on to the more expensive diagnostics.  I want to know what is causing my bleeding.  I guess I should have said that I am a registered nurse in an acute care setting with multiple experience in multiple fields.  So, I probably try to self-diagnose and think the worst but, I am really worried.  Something is wrong.  This is NOT normal.  I am not over-reacting.  Please keep in touch and let me know what your doc says so we can cross-examine with our situations.  Just when I think it's going to stop...I'm wrong and I just want answers.  Sincerely, Dawnmomrn
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Sorry to hear I am not alone. You would think that with this many women out there with similar problems, they could fix it. I have been changing BC pills for 4 years in hopes of a fix. In June of this year, things took a bad turn. I was at times soaking a Super Plus every ten minutes. I got an blood test (50 count), ultrasound, an OBGYN visit, a D&C to lose the fibroids and an IUD to "stop" my period. Now I don't know when my period is going to start or when its stopping. I have now been bleeding or spotting (heavy spotting) for 4 months non-stop. My current cycle started 18 days ago and shows no sign of letting up. I can't get in to see my OBGYN for another 24 days, Got an appointment with my regular Dr. in 2 days. I am ready to be fixed.
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Hello i am 15 coming up to 16 yrs old and i have been bleedin for 12 days now it has been a mixture of light and heavy bleeding and on the 11th day i started getting period pains. The blood started coming out thick and lumpy and is now starting and stopping again. I also feel tired and irritable and very emotional...is this normal???
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It seems that we all have the same problem, however, noone can tell us what is wrong.  I too have been a sufferer of many years of having irregular periods.  My body would go through the symptoms only to not have a full period for several months.  I would then begin a couple of months of having spotting on a daily basis...not enough to even put on a pad, this would happen only when I would go to the bathroom and wipe.  This would be followed with an abnormally heavy period with heavy clots. (I am experiencing this now). I have been light bleeding for about 2 weeks prior to this and am now experience on and off heavy but not soaking bleeding.  In my experience with this in the past, the bleeding would eventually stop, then I would be on a regular menstrual cycle for about 2 months, then the process would begin again.  I am 35, I have had a tubal.  My mother experienced the ending of her period at 42. I have been told that maybe I am going through perimenopause or that I have an hormonal imbalance.  I have had all of the ultra-sounds I am reluctant to do any invasive procedures, however, I beleive it may be time.  This is starting to affect my personal life as well as my sanity... Is there anyone out there who could tell me and the rest of us (who has been through this and treated) to give us some peace of mind?
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Hi I have been having the same exact problem, but for me.. I have been having heavy bleeding for 2 months now. I went to the doctor. I had scan but they said everything was normal. I don't feel any pain .. But i feel tired sometimes.. This is the first time it happens to me. I don't know what else to do.. I have been taking some Herbal medicine.. But still have the same problem. Sometimes it comes alot, sometimes it comes small amount. And some days it did not come in day time but it comes out in the evening. I am tired of it. any suggestion.
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I'm so glad that I just read ur post as am experiencing exactly the same thing as u.I thought that I was on my own+I was the only girl going thru this.I ave bn bleeding non stop for over 3weeks now+its a v.heavy flow wiv clots where Im getting thru super plus sanitory products literally every hr..Im not on any birth controll-although I always use condoms,so it can't b problems wiv IUD.Im pulling my hair out wiv worry as this has never happened 2me b4 where my periods r always regular.Its making me feel tired+weak+ave noticed that am bruising easily aswell as insufferable mood swings.It just does'nt seem 2let up...let alone wot it's doing 2my lovelife!My mum's(she's a nurse) seen how bad it is+she thinks I could ave an iron deficiency,or an early miscarriage..but Ive bn careful,as I always practice safe sex,so how can this b?Does anyone no wot I should do?Ave bn 2my doctor+she said was wait 4the bleeding 2stop+if it has'nt remedied itself in a few weeks time,then 2go bk 2c her..it's already bn a week+I dont think that I can wait that long.Im so scared that there is something wrong wiv me that am at my wits end.HELP!!..If anything changes in ur situation,or u get any help,then plse keep me posted.Is there anybody else out there like us??...from tired+emotional888
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Hi, i am 26 and I have the same exact problem, but for me.. I am having heavy bleeding for more then 1 month now but i dont feel any pain but i get so tired i have a baby old 1 year after the baby i got a big abdominal pain and i did a ultrasound scan the reports said im having chocolo cysts in my both ovary's.. but aftr that for 5,6 months everything was normal. aftter that i didnt get periods for three months and on October 16th last month again i got periods and still it didnt stop. some times the bleading is very high still i didnt consult a doctor becoz im worried if they ask me to take birth control pills so from that il have any side affects... some please tell me what should i do im fedup of this please help me...
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My wife of nine years has had the exact same issues as most on this blog. She will bleed extremely heave for 6 to 9 months non stop. Every Doctor/ gynecologist she has seen has no Idea why. All the tests always come back negative. They keep running test after test and can’t fine out why. She did have a fibroid but after it was removed the bleeding continued. She also had endometrioses and still after the surgery the bleeding still continued.  She will bleed non stop for months and months then when it does stop she wont bleed for almost a year then it come back non stop. I read on a blog to try CHATEBERRY (VITEX) EXTRACT. I went to the vitamin store and got her the chateberry extract. After 10 day it stopped. She took one pill three times a day… After about a week she started having cramps, so I am assuming the Chateberry started to regular her so she was having a normal period. After another five day the bleeding stopped.  If you are having this same problem it is worth a try. We saw many Doctors and tried everything under the sun and this is the only thing that seemed to work. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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I need help please. It's been 2 years almost 3 years since I have been bleeding none stop. I have the iud in me the one that last for 5 years.  I bleed so much I am scare I will die.  I been to the doctor he put me on birthcontrol to help control the bleeding. I have had test ultrasounds every thing is normal except I want stop bleeding . I have even had hormones pills also.  it's still bad and I don't know how much more of this I can take.  It's hard for me to work. Can some help me please.
I am the same as you, poor girl. I am  hoping for an ablation soon.
My peace of mind is affected with the constant bleeds.
I hope to get in within the month hopefully. SO WEAK,and exhausted. And depressed now, as I feel a mess inside and out!!
BindyK - I'm sorry you're bleeding so much. If you're anemic, are you taking iron? That can sometimes have the added benefit of reducing bleeding. Have you exhausted all medication options (contraceptives, non-hormonal Rx Lysteda / tranexamic acid, over-the-counter Chasteberry / Vitex)? Have you been tested for a bleeding / clotting disorder? Ablation is associated with some nasty long-term negative effects called "post ablation syndrome" which can lead to hysterectomy which has its own set of long-term negative effects. Just wanted to pass this along in case you didn't know. Best of luck in getting this under control!
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hello everyone. i had a bleeding for almost 9 days in a row when i decide to see a doctor. she gave me norethisterone and ask me to take it 3x a day for a week and 2x a day until complete the course. it was fine, the bleeding stop after about 3 days and then, after a week, it came back. and it was so red, it was creepy. i though it might becouse i had forgotton to take a pill or what, so i take another one, and it become lesser, the next day, i continue taking 2 pills per day, but after 2 days, the bleeding comes back. so i decided to take back 3 pills a day. im so worried. my husband sometimes wanted sex but how am i suppose to do it with him if im bleeding occasionally ? feel like want to find a hole and hide....
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Hi, I feel your pain and distress. I am 53 years old and have been suffering heavy bleeding on and off, but recently it went crazy.  My period came and stopped, then i became ill and 4 days after it had completely stopped came back.  At first it was a trickle, then started to increase and by the 5th and 6th day it was like a waterfall, with huge clots forming.  I too got very scared and was going to go the doctors, however, I believe in natural remedies, so I started drinking diluted natural yogurt, ie 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt diluted in a long glass, mix cumin powder and a pinch of salt for taste.  Whisk the yogurt and water and drink it three times a day, slowly sip away during the day, and take 2 Gentle Iron tablets (its chelated iron by Solgar you can buy from any good health store - GNC).

Make sure you eat something before taking the iron.  Eat cool food, because there is too much heat in your body, which iis mbalancing your hormones.  Cut out all meats except fish, eat tofu or quorn instead, lots of greens, lettucce, egg white (no yolk), cooked carrots, potatoes, sweet fruits only.  Try this diet for a few days, but dont stop the diluted yogurt drink.  

Hope this helps and let me know if it makes any difference to anyone out there, it certainly stopped my heavy bleeding in 2 days.  All the best friends, god bless x
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I am 37 years old and have been dealing with heavy bleeding a long time with my periods, first off my gyn did a Biopsy of my endometrium strip.  They lied to me and said it was clear, when I picked up the report what it said was they didn't collect enough cells to determine if anything was wrong.  He went ahead and did the ablation of my endometrium stip from my uterus.  I still was bleeding not as heavy, but it didn't stop like he wanted it to, so he went ahead and gave me the depo shot.  I have two fibroids, but they are small.  After the shot was given to me, I started to bleed Oct. 11 and my period has not stopped.  It goes from light, to heavy to where I leak within 15 min of changing a super tampon.  I have been clotting so bad, it comes in clumps that look like jelly.  I have extreme pain, shooting in my uterus, to what feels like from my cervix.  He is recommending I have a hystrectomy now finally after everything.  He is stumped, by what is causing the bleeding, saying my fibroids are to small to cause this.. what scares me was the Depo shot did something.  He put me on a hormone pill to stop the bleeding, but it seems like it makes me bleed more..
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iam 45 had a miscarriage 4 months ago which resulted in them giving me a dnc they also fitted the copper coil since then been bleeding every day i had the coil removed last week and was given the mini pill. iam having a scan on the 6th nov and seeing a gyny on 16th today iam clotting very bad a big piece came out just now the size of a orange iam vey worried and dont know whether to go to the ER tomorrow i go away on sunday to egypt for two weeks
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