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Help!!! Going through Menopause and am having severe constipation

I am a 52 year old woman going through menopause with my hormones all out of wack. I also have Hypothyroidism. I am having severe problems with constipation. All the stuff that I read about this says that laxitives, enemas, and taking fiber (stuff that you normally would use for this) doesn't work. I am wondering what else could be used or what else could be done to help me with this problem, or is it something that I will always have to deal with?  I am worried that something else may be wrong.
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I always had this problem before my periods, and I have it now because I am on pain meds. The only combination that worked for me was fiber and a stool softener. I usually get generic Colace. My father was a pharmacist and he always said that Colace worked mechanically; in other words, it's just a softener, it doesn't do anything else in your body. Just thought Iwould put my two cents in for anyone who hasn't found the right combination yet!
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Have you heard of Salba? It tastes like ground flax seeds but is supposedly much more potent and also has good immune and joint qualities as well. Read about it. I got some today and am trying it out. I usually take 4 psyllium caps every morning but sometimes that does not always work. Good luck
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Something you might want to try as well, is to heat up a cup of prune juice, and drink it like hot tea. It is not to bad.

I am also having this problem. I have many glandular problems, which compounds the problem.

I wish I could just wave a magic wand, or say lets take this pill or eat this food, and presto! we would be like we were when we were younger. Oh wait, I had constipation issues when younger too.

What to do? enduring gets old.
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hi i'm 32, i suddenly began suffering from severe constipation and light periods, i have been to a gi and a gyn, : i had these tests:

CA125 - (4)
TVUs (4 tvus normal)
a pap smear
clinical breast exam
cbc, esr, crp, cpk, calcium levels,  abdominal and pelvic ultrasound where i had to drink water and hold my excuse my no 1
i'm going to do an mri of my abdomen and a ca test
i don't know what s more to be done, i cancelled the gastroscopy coz the doctor thinks and also i think that stomach problems would only be present if one vomits although i am taking a stool softener, i had diharrea this morning where i saw partially digested food in my no 2, but they were mainly carrots and seeds...and i think this is common in diharrea. i think my gi system cannot digest  certain foods..but my doctor asssured me i have no celiac desease...i feel bloated i'm depressed, i don't want to go to work untill this problem is solved, i wish somone can tell me that it's my reproductive hormones causing all this...according to the tests i have done all is normal, should i proceed for the mri? it's my choice not the doctors...again!
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Miralax is over the counter product my son's dr gave him to use every day for chronic consitipation... it worked. Also take 400 mg of magnesium daily in pm.. it will calm your nerves, help you sleep, and relieve constipation ( oxide is the cheapest and most laxative form, citrate is better brand... but less likely to cause diarrhea/ loose bowels).
Good luck!!!
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hi thanks for your answer. I use dufalac for my ibs-c, upper gi series is scheduled for the next 2 weeks, the doctor is going to talk me about having the small bowel test or just diagnose me with ibs after the test which i'm going to do in two weeks, gyn told me since tvus are normal laparoscopy is not needed, he told me they don't usually open patients until they have found a cyst or something abnormal in the endo/uterus/or ovary. he is sure that stress caused anovulation, i must get on pill to get normal periods, because my stress has disrupted both gi and reproductive system, in case i'm planning for children then i need to worry, at the moment i will do regular tvus, like i did 4 already, in august i will schedule a pap and i will see if i can do tvu in the same day...i already did a pap in march too...
i'm mind at rest that only my stress has disrupted my body functions, i ws told that a counciller is best after doing the tests and all  come normal, it's really surprising how stress disrupts the system. sometimes this happens even due work related stress, i work 8 hours a day so you can imagine, being out of your home is enough to cause you missing your parents and this can also contribute to such symptoms, i also suffer from fybromyalgia (pain n the muscular system( also done tests, like emg, blood tests like cpk, esr, crp, cbc, lipid profile(all normal)...that concludes fibromyalgia.. im tired of doing tests..and skipping work for this reason, i was an inpatient (emergency) for several tests, including ultrasound, and blood tests, which came normal.
every doctor i visit tells me that i am visiting a lot of doctors, and instead i should have a councilling session or message and rest a bit from my normal hectic schedule...i have a friend who suffers from anovulation, she is on the pill, coz she wants a baby...as i am not married i don[t consider the pill but after that and periods are not normal, i will consider the pill...
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by the way the clean prep sux big deal sorry for the word....anybody had this experiance...lol, i'm waiting for the hospital bill, so till now i spent over 1000 euro not to exaggerate but i had a lot of tests that sometimes i can't remember them all and in my country one endoscopy is like 700 eur. like my colonoscopy...but since i have a job i should not worry i prefer to go to a private hospital rather than a gov hospital, my cousin had to wait one year for his mri, he had a very big headache and was stressed he wanted to get check but couldn't to make it really surprising, he was an employee (nurse) working overnight with patients there, so let alone, if you are just an outpatient....they don't treat their staff what about other outpatients? that's why i prefer a private hospital,....
well i think i'm babbling, but doing tests is best to get your mind at rests....
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Smooth Move  It's a herbal tea. Some grocery stores have it. My wife and buy it at a vitamin shop. It's works incredible well.
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An update on this, after reading these notes I visited Henry's (smooth move work's but it is a stomaching cramping laxative) they recommended Oxy-cleanse. I cannot believe how well it worked. I have suffered from this all my life. The only time I would have no problems was a week before my period. Now going through menopause everything just seemed to stop. The degree of constipation is mind boggling. I could only go with Smooth Move and an Enema! after 2 weeks. I paniced when I could not go for 2 weeks 3 times over a 6 week period without an enema. With the Oxy-cleanse (colon cleanser) I started on 7/30, went on 7/31 and again on 8/3! No cramping or enemas! Everything I have read about this product says it is non-addictive and can be used daily.
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Thank you for your comments re your experience with constipation!  I thought no one in the world had as much trouble as I do. You are the first person who has mentioned  "not going" for 2 wks..., and I have gone even longer than that before.  I have had problems my entire adult life, but am a few months shy of 50 and can not believe just how bad it is!  I have tried everything from fiber, exercise, water, prunes, laxatives, and even had an upper and lower GI. MD says I have an "extra long colon"...  ???guess I was born that way! He prescribed miralax and amitiza... not working either!! Also , recently diagnosed with low thyroid T4 yet no doctor has given me anything for that yet!  I am about to just treat myself with Synthroid from Canada or something!!   Losing my mind... don't know whether to scream or cry!!! Menopausal too.,,,, just wish I could get my GI tract straightened out!!   Hang in there....  Glad the Oxy-cleanse is working... I will look into that... Thank you again. keely49
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I notice a lot of people talking about fiber, but no one talking about the fiber products.  When I was pregnant, I soon discovered prune juice and colace were of no use at all, but Metamucil, or a generic brand of it, worked really well, without my having to position myself near a bathroom all day.  You can vary the dose from a rounded teaspoon to 3 rounded teaspoons a day.  My doctor also tells me that there is nothing wrong with taking this kind of fiber for the rest of your life.  The only caution is that you must be able to drink a glass of water or juice fairly rapidly (it is stirred into a drink and thickens quickly).  This is a better way to go than most other products, which are not meant to be taken regularly.  Doctors are kind of strange when it comes to talking about constipation I have found, but people who suddenly develop constipation should talk to their doctor about whether a colonoscopy might be in order.  And if you find that you are also having other symptoms - like can't eat or drink that much - well, with me, that meant non-Hodgkins lymphoma - a CT scan shows it, but not an ultrasound.  Just some things to know...
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I am 48 & just missed my period for 2 months, i guess this is it, the big Menopause.  I've always been constipated, but now, it's 2x worse!  I've been taking benefiber, flax oil, kelp, beet capsuls, and milk thistle.  I go a little, but always feel there is more, and like a stuffed turkey!  I've picked the brain of a nice lady at Vitamine shoppe, but I'm embarassed to keep telling her nothing's working!  these things do help, will keep trying.  I also have been trying apple cider vinegar...1 - 2 tsp a day...i don't know if it's helping, but it's good for u anyway.  
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I,m 51 and havnt had a period since December of 09.I,m about to try Mirilax per my neighbour.She swears by it.Ive never had this problem until recently. Ive had a chronic sinus infection for months and lots of Antibiotics so ive put it down to that but maybe its menopause to.  It amazes me that one can go so long without a bowel movement and it be ok..when does it get a point when its not ok? A girlfriend of mine went a whole month one time and got extremely sick..she was actually delerious.All the bad toxins in her body i imagine..so that scares me no end
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Try magnesium and miralax... works great!Good luck!
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Emerita progesterone cream and have your vitamin d levels checked.
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I will be 53 november 2010 and my period was due last wednesday the 10th but it never has showed up and i had sex the wednesday before that and i am confused it was always on time but the last time it was alot but not like july it was like a faucet when you stood up but in September it wasn't like that but this month i have not seen nothing but my stomach been bloating just like before..
Having before that wednesday wouldn't make you pregnant would it i mean i have had them hot flashes many years but then they got better i ask about pregnant cause this guy told me he could open a woman up even with tubal that been cut and burned and now i am scared and don't know who to talk to and i found this site and thought maybe i would ask...Please i need a answer if anyone can help..Thank You
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Have to chime in....have problems like this of my own, but not lately.  What works for me is for lunch everyday, I have a smoothie with:
One cup of Coconut Milk (I don't do diary)
One Kiwi
About 3/4 cup blueberries
4-5 Strawberries
1/2 Banana
1/2 an Organic Apple
Some Mango or Pineapple, whatever else I have.
1 Scoop of Mila Seed by Lifetime (this stuff is wonderful and I swear by it...it's on-line)
2 Scoops of Protein Powder (don't have to do this part, I do because I need the calories)

Whir up in my Vitamix and it's delicious!  

I also take Calcium Citrate with Magnesium in liquid form with dinner.  I think the Mag helps.  And, two probiotic pills every night before bed.  Oh yeah, One HUGE Tablespoon of benefiber every night and sometimes one huge one in the morning too.

Geez....the things we must do to Poo!!!  ha ha

I have bad times though too, and if so, I take some Miralax.  It's a stool softener, not a laxative so it's pretty safe according to my GI doc.
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I have recently diagnosed myself with acromegaly and ordered an MRI and they found a tumor on my pituitary. For 8 years my doctor was telling me I was getting old and I needed to eat right and exercise. I am 54. All of my symptoms he treated separately and not until I put them all together and researched online did I find what was causing the following: Hypertension, weight gain, sleep apnea, diabetes, constipation, high cholesteral, acne, skin thickening, a mass on my thyroid, enlarging of my hands and feet, lips and tongue swelling, jaw growing, bottom teeth spreading, excessive sweating and more. All of these symptoms were caused by excessive growth hormone. I was being told it was Metabolic Syndrome and to eat right and exercise. All they had to check was the box that said GH to know what my problem was. Don't let anyone tell  you it's menopause or aging if you know you don't feel right! Although they say acromegaly is rare the tumors are not according to autopsy results. So in my opinion its rare because it is not being diagnosed. What can it hurt to check your GH, growth hormone?
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Have you thought about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?  I recently have been having the same constipation problem, so I sympathize greatly.  I have Hashimoto's, so I had my thyroid checked recently and it's fine.  The only other thing it could be is menopause related constiaption.  Miralax is definitely safe to use regularly.  It took 4 days to work for me.  I found an herbal prep called Cleanse More.  I would not take it on a regular basis, but it can be used to help for quick relief until the Miralax kicks in.  It does not cause cramping!  I'd ask my doc for a script, as Miralax is rather expensive and the generic prescription is only about $6.00 for a huge bottle.  I'm 52 and about 4 months ago I noticed my pants getting tight and my stomach swelling. I had lower abdominal pain and looked about 4 months pregnant.  This literally seemed to happen overnight.  I've always leaned toward the constipated side, but never to this extent.   I immediately thought the worst, but CTs and ultrasounds showed severe constipation.  I've not been right since and am still struggling with the symptoms.  I'm on a mission to figure this out.  I have also experienced IBS symptoms during a very stressful period in my life and I'm wondering if this is an exacerbation.  Hang in there, you're not alone!
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I accidently found this site and I am so relieved to see I am not the only 57 (yesterday) having this problem.  I stopped taking all hormones and lost 20 lbs, still flashing and all the horrible things but the constipation is driving me nuts.  I have had this problem all my life but it has gotten ridiculously worse.  So I bought the Acai Berry 10-dAY Cleanse and it worked real good until I pooped in the car (4 pills 3 times a day and had only taken 4 2x that day). Of course I was just trying out my new girdle made of tree bark that I paid 165.00 for.  Me and my husband were laughing so much that it just continued to flow until we got home but because the problem was so annoying I was happy I could go.  I have seen the Oxy-Cleanse advertisement and I am going to try that after reading the above and I am also going to start back on Progesterone Creme because I now need that.  This is a good site and thanks for  everybody being so upfront and honest.
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Thank God I am not the only woman with this problem.  Hypothyroid and menopause.  For the last 3 years I have been in menopause and since then chronic constipation.  Was just check for colon/rectal cancer, negative thank God, and biopsy of stomach to try to figure out why so constipated all the time.  Will enlighten Dr. in June of other women and this problem.    Thanks to all who have commented on this topic.
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I too am relieved to find I'm not alone with a problem that can rule and ruin your life.
Last year (aged 50) I self diagnosed myself with gluten intolerence and my symptoms subsided after following a strict gluten free diet. Then, a few months ago out of the blue, I became horrendously constipated. Knowing the answer my gp would give me, I did my own investigations and narrowed my constipation down to one of four possible reasons- Celiac constipation, menopause constipation, problems due to adhesions following surgery for a twisted bowel five years ago. (prob caused by gluten intolerence that the drs failed to pick up on), or, worse case scenario, ovarian cancer. I luckily stumbled upon a website with a natural remedy for constipation which I have now followed for 14 days and (think) I am now cured.
Every morning before you eat, take psyllium husk either in tablet or powder form with 250ml warm water. Right after take a supplement of slippery elm bark, L glutamate and flax seed oil. Sometime in the day take a probiotic supplement. (tablet form).With these it goes without saying, 2 litres of water a day must be drunk. Persevere, it does work, (I did increase my psyllium to 2 doses a day and that seemed to do the trick). You must give it at least 2 weeks to 'kick in'.
Not only has it cured my constipation, my hair feels thicker and 'lusher' my skin clearer and my eyes shine like a new born babies! I also don't have as many hot flushes. This is a lifestyle change I am happy to keep, knowing its a natural remedy makes it so much better. I do hope it works for all the other sufferers out there and if it helps just one of you this post will be worthwhile.

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Supplement should read L glutamine not glutamate. Sorry for any confusion! And in case anyone was wondering, no, it does not contain gluten. It is an amino acid which helps promote gastro intestinal health.
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I tell you what works with this.... I too have had the same Peri-pausal and Hypothyroidism. go to the health food store and get you some tea called "Smooth Move", Drink it before going to bed on an empty stomach, make sure you drink it after the tea bag has been steeped for 10 minutes in the hot water. And you will go the next day. If you are severely plugged up then you will have to drink another one in the am before you eat anything. And don't eat anything for about an hour and you will go sometime that day. Works for me everytime without fail....
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I find eating Ryvita, plenty of bulky veg such as potatoes and carrots...every single day to build up bulk in your bowel to push the waste out your bowel.  Do you change your diet a lot this can also cause constipation. Consistency is the key.  Do you go every single day? I go at least once a day like clockwork.....

The menopause plays havoc with your body.
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I have just stumbled onto this site - and am VERY HAPPY to learn that I am not crazy!  I have never been so bloated, constipated and uncomfortable in my life and I am so happy to learn of the 'sisterhood" of similiar complaints :)  I'm a 44 (will be 45 in October) year old, reasonably in shape, concerned woman.  I was on the pill for 18 years and have never been pregnant.  My gyno seems to think I will hit hte big "M" a little early because of that.  Right now my main concern is resolving my constipation.  I read in a earlier posting of one woman stating she feels like a stuffed turkey.  Well, I second that feeling.  I do have some movement going on, but only in the morning.  By the end of the day, my abdomen is so distended that I seriously look like I'm about 3 months pregnant.   I drink about 75 ounces of water a day (I'm 5'6 1/2" and weigh 130 - in the morning), take digestive enzymes and probiotics (1 capsule) with each meal.  I don't want to get in the routine of drinking the Smooth Move Tea every day - but I'm getting desperate!
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I after many months of suffering with a bloated stomach and chronic constipation as i'm going through early menopause have tried lots of different medications. So after reading this forum have tried the recommended Oxy-cleanse OMG life changing within 4 days. Please please try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It sounds a terrible thing to be pleased others are suffering, but I agree because I have thought I was literally going to blow up or crack open! I have periods of 2-3 weeks where I don't go at all; it's like I'm literally glued shut!! And like one of the lady's who has contributed here, it is beginning to affect my bladder by giving me urgency problems. I have had hypothyroidism for 22 yrs, but before this suffered constipation beginning in first pregnancy. I use colon cleanse, a magnesium oxide and carbonate powder, when I am desperate and it works wonders, but the next day I just clog straight back up again. Last year I did a liver cleanse of gluten free and vegie diet regime for a month or so and for the first time since I was a kid actually went every day without ado. This year it doesn't seem to work. I've had all the scopes and nothing sinister to be found. I've only just married it up this evening with my suspicion that I am menopausal - sleep problems, breast and body and temperature changes - hence I have found this site. I would ideally like to work out something natural to kick the bowels back into shape and will try some of the suggestions here that I have not tried. Thanks for posting suggestions.
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I am fifty and have been trying everything as well. Fiber does nothing. Docalox used to work but now is not. I have had an underactive thyroid for years. The thing that bothers me is feeling bloated and not hungry. I walk but when I get back I feel those stomach problems again. I do not have health insurance for all these tests so I am glad to hear it could be just part of menopause. Thank you for sharing your story. I do hope something works soon.
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Oh my.  Here's my story.  55 years old.  Had IBS years ago but controlled it well with flax seed oil.  Very active and fit - 5'3" and 115 lbs.  Have eaten very healthfully for many many years.  Despite doing "all the right stuff", I have suffered from a weird type of constipation the past year.  I say weird because I "go" every day but a lot of the time the stool is hard and I've developed painful hemorrhoids.  Keep upping my fiber and think I'm now at about 40 to 50gm per day.  Take Glucomannan (as per Dr. Oz) and other fiber supplements.  Also oat bran.  Drink lots as well.  Still no real improvement.  My next plan is to try the coconut milk.  Will keep everyone posted,
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thank you. that jives with some of my experience and was very helpful.
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After 3 years of chronic constipation and bloating ( by bladder infections)... countless trips to the doctors, buying every product on the market, trawling through the Internet for help and advice I finally found something that works for me....a good dose of magnesium at night time  and a glass of warm water in the morning followed by 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinigar in warm water. The magnesium help to soften the stools as well as it encourages the muscles to work and the apple cider vinigar works as a digestive stimulant.
For me it all started when I hit perri menopause, I got really I'll and felt very toxic, I was desperate to feel better again and was getting extremely frustrated and depressed. I hope that in posting this that what I've discovered as simple as it sounds may help some of you too.
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Really glad to have found this site thank you
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Many, many thanks to all of you that have posted here and shared your experiences, I feel less alone in this very uncomfortable menopausal/constipation situation. It makes me crazy that so many of us seem to be suffering from the same thing, yet is it medically recognized?? I am currently trying a twice daily regimen of ground flax seed (2T) and psyllium husk (1T) stirred into liquid, plus prunes, lots of water, other fiber, and walks. I have seen some improvement.

However, I will probably also look into the magnesium and coconut milk ideas as well. If you women wouldn't mind continuing to post your successes -- I am certain that there are more sufferers than just myself that are looking for guidance.

Further down on my list of "things to try" are Miralax and flax seed oil, ...trying to stay away from prescriptions and harsh laxatives, natural or otherwise.(Or maybe I'll increase the psyllium..?).

Will also look into hypothyroidism, whether progesterone crem might help constipation, and how vitamin D levels are related to constipation -- but those being "cures" that my doctor would have to help me with. I was hoping to figure this out without her.

Mostly THANK YOU to all of you that posted!!
If I find success, I will re-post :-)

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...and Oxy-Cleanse. I might try that. Reading about it now...

Thanks to all.
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this sounds exactly like my situation!! I'm still struggling through it and not finding any relief. I'm about to go the prune and green tea route.
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I was as regular as the day is long, sometimes going a healthy 2 times a day! Then I had severe diarrhea for two weeks followed by then being constipated for 4 days. Nothing but gas and a little blood each time I tried. I took some dulcolax and next day had explosions 3 times then constipated again for 4 more days, took senna s, had explosions again. I am 45 and I think beginning stages of menopause. I just worry about the blood. I called my doctor and he said that the blood could be a tear inside, someone that a hydrocortisone cream might help or stool softener with h/c.
Thing that worries me too, is that it was totally sudden. Is this normal when getting older?
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I am so glad to know my constipation is a normal part of the menopause. I was beginning to fear that I had the big C. I find that a cup of hot tea and powdered milk works first thing in the morning
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The only thing that has helped me is colonic irrigation and/or enemas.  Its a nightmare... What I want to know is... does it ever get better?  Please someone come back from the other side of menopause and let us know?
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Try asking for a TSH thyroid stimulating hormone test as part of a full thyroid panel. Thyroid is one of the least recoginised diseases in women.
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I have been in tears for days thinking something is terribly wrong with me. Thank goodness I stumbled upon this forum.  I am 50 yrs old, had endometrial ablation 4 years ago.
My issue...I have such severe constipation...BUT...the stool is soft...it is as if there is something blocking the free flow???  Rarely have had constipation...healthy eater, active.  Now I am so bloated!  I go for a colonoscopy consult on Monday. Am seeing my GP on Friday to run blood test..hopefully :) and check hormone levels.  Okay, my other issue...I seem to be in a constant state of "wet"....no discharge. Anyone have similar symptoms?
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i have to submit this. I am peri i am real sure. i suffer severe bouts of constipation especialy before my period. i go 2 to 3 weeks without a bowel movement   ... feel so horrible ....how long does it last is it hormones an when will it stop....going to see a dr. mood swings severe eaating binges etc.....
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This is a great forum. I feel less alone after reading this - have been going through menopause for several years now and am on the tail end of it at the fairly early age of 48. No periods for over a year now. I've always been a healthy eater (aside from loving sugar a little too much, though probably a lot less than your average bear), and physically active. I'm a yoga teacher and energy work therapist and have huge amount of info re. herbs and natural therapies, but amazingly had very little understanding of what was going to happen when I hit perimenopause/menopause. It really is shocking - as several women have noted - how little information is available and how few doctors understand all the permutations of this major life change.

Among the better-known symptoms of menopause (such as anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes and low libido), I started having terrible nausea about two and a half years ago and ended up getting almost $2500 US of tests done - all came back negative and I still had no idea what the problem was, and no one ever said anything about menopause being a possible factor. I finally used my training and did some research and began eating even better - supporting my liver with milk thistle and burdock, taking herbs for menopause like motherwort (which is a beautiful and very easy plant to grow in your garden - make a tea from the leaves and flowers), not eating so much sugar, cutting alcohol and caffeine, eating more vegetables and less white bread, etc. That took care of the bulk of the hot flashes and insomnia. Then I realized that I'd also been becoming more and more constipated - not something I'd experienced except very occasionally in the past - I had started getting used to it, I guess, when I realized that my bowel movements weren't the same and that the tissues all around my perineum (vulva and anus) were becoming very sensitive (thin). I've concluded that the constipation is what's what's causing the nausea! May not be accurate, but it's the best conclusion I've got.

The one thing that I've found that really helps the constipation is the Oxy-Powder that others have mentioned. I took it for a week the first time and felt much better. I still have the constipation and some nausea, but it's not as bad because I take the Oxy-Powder when I can. The tricky part about it is that you have to leave three hours between dinner and when you take it (basically on an empty stomach) If you don't, you'll get cramps - I tried that once! So, if you go to bed at 10pm, you have to be done with dinner by 7 at the latest. I'm about to do another week - I think that taking it for an extended period like that is useful. It takes a few tries to find out how many caps to take so that you aren't pooping liquid all day long and instead are just getting good loose regular stools. I had to take a huge amount the first time - I need less now that I'm clearing out.

From my understanding, the Oxy-Powder is mostly magnesium with a little citric acid and organic Germanium-132. If you search the internet, you'll find some controversy over the germanium. The FDA and the American Cancer Society say it's not good for you, but nothing else has brought me any relief from the nausea/constipation, including both conventional and alternative medicine, so I'm taking it. Miralax has the same thing as antifreeze in it, so that's not too alluring, either!

I've tried Senna (in the Smooth Move tea), Psyllium seed husk powder, and Triphala (an ayurvedic herb) - none of them have given me anywhere near the good bowel movements that Oxy-Powder has. I've also tried Colosan, a similar magnesium product which is cheaper, but only comes in bulk and you have to take it with lemon juice or vinegar and it's a hassle that way. It seems harsher coming out the other end for some reason.

There you have it - my tome on pooping and menopause. May the movement be with you!
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After writing this post, and using Oxy-Powder some more, I found that it's not as effective as I thought with repeated use. It's also difficult to use while working (you don't know when you're going to have an evacuation). What I started doing recently is a warm water enema every few days at night before bed, or in the morning on a weekend, and while that hasn't necessarily fixed the whole problem, at least I'm clearing out without taking something on a long-term basis. You need an enema/douche/water bottle that you can get at a drug store.
I've also found that if I take a large dose of Triphala, that is helpful, contrary to what I wrote above. A large dose is one tablespoon. Tastes really terrible, but it does help and has a few thousand years of evidence behind it.
Good luck.
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My situation may be somewhat different wondering anyone else is the same. Constipated all my life until peri menopause. Very active, eat well am now dairy free and gluten free as result of trying to figure out why I am back to how I was before menopause. Since starting Bio identical hormones can not go without help. Tried smooth move, magnesium, am taking pro biotic daily, used to take something called super dieters tea which worked now it's not working as well. Stools are so hard and just sit there building up no urge to go until I take Ducolax which is painful due to hardness of stool takes a long time to relieve. Usually can finally get relief that way but it's awful to go through. Why am I now back to who I was? Is it possible that hormones make me constipated? Not sure I am balanced yet but my menopause symptoms are so much better I can not give them up but exasperated by this constipation!
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I am 57 and never really had constipation until I had my hysterectomy in 2005 (still have my ovaries) and then cleared up about two months after surgery.  It was unbearable!  Then at peri around 51 constipation migraines and constipation started!!  Starting taking bioidentical estrogen and was able to have a BM every day.  I have been taking estrogen for a myriad of things (hot flashes, migraines, mood and constipation). I notice if my estrogen is not quite right I will get constipated and I am a vegan!!   I eat totally plant based and still without or the right level of estrogen I have incredible constipation.  Several months ago I had to take painkillers for a couple of days and nothing could make me go to the bathroom.  Finally, I did a tap water enema for two weeks every other day and that broke the "log jam" lol! .  I am so afraid that if I ever have to go off estrogen, I am s******.
I know many older people do tap water enemas.
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I am very excited as I seem to have discovered a remedy for my years of constipation and IBS! that got so much worse with perimenopause. It included actual constipation, hard stools, passing small hard bits, thin stools, pain , terrible wind esp in the middle of the night, in the luteal phase a complete absence of any peristalsis or urge to go, just a terrible bloated feeling and I would not go at all for about 5 days ( and be awake in middle of night with terrible wind, sometimes eventually achieving a bowel movement at 3am!)

My remedy
Morning routine
Some sips of water to relieve nighttime dry throat
Carton of plain probiotic yogurt  about 8.15 (eaten standing up as I am busy with the kids!)- also grab and eat a few chunks of soft fruit already cut up in boxes in the fridge- very best are honeydew melon, watermelon, pineapple, mango or a mixture, pear and orange also ok.
Do a 15 minute brisk walk, (formerlly was school run walk but now walk on my own as daughter walks with friend!)
Back home at 9,15 for
VERY STRONG COFFEE (I make with all- full organic milk- yum!)
Also a slice of wholegrain toast with about 7g of a protein source and a little extra fruit or veg.

I work at home, but if you are at work you could get there early and have the snack/ strong coffee when you arrive!

The probiotic MUST be eaten with a prebiotic (the soft fruit described is ideal as it is full of enzymes and the fact is is already cut and in the fridge means the cellular structure is starting to ferment and it is a perfect trigger for the probiotic yogurt to work in the gut.
NO DRINKS , especially HOT Drinks at this stage, it will spoil the probiotic effect. I eat LiIdl milbona probiact whole milk yogurt as it is thin and easy to eat even if you are thirsty.
EXERCISE next- if no time for the walk, try 4 minutes of high cardio at home or when you get to work- eg. skipping tramperlining, running up and downstairs
VERY STRONG COFFEE- this really stimulates peristalsis so if you have not had a BM already then you will almost certainly have one now! If your body is senstive to the caffine you should find that by eating plenty of protein , some fat and fibre as a meal with it, it should not upset your blood sugar. It should not effect sleep as the coffee will be out your system in 8 hours tops.
Overall Diet for Rest of the day:
I judged that many of my menopause problems were due to dehydration, so first up I have changed my diet to a mediterranean style diet high in healthy fats, fruit, vegetables, pulses -with moderate protein and only moderate carbohydrates from potato/ grain sources. Fats wise,I have whole milk, a little kerrygold butter, a little raw olive oil, seeds, nut butter, nuts,fish ,meat and I always eat the skin and chew the bones on meat. Eat jelly made from pure fruit for collagen. Eat raw foods before or inbetween a meal and do not drink hot drinks with them- these foods are the enzyme powerhouse to keep your bowel working. Green salad before a meal is great, or as a snack INSTEAD of a drink. Generally, you are told to drink loads of water but I feel thirsty all the time and I have found that eating greens,  a big chunk of cucumber, celery, melon type fruits, slakes my thirst so much better than water, I think they rehydrate the body better because they are a food that must be digested so go through you slower. For protein, I eat all animal  protein, plus nuts, beans, pulses and I make a grain or potato food a small part of most meals so it is balanced- I follow the Insulin Resistance LINK and BALANCE diet. I don't really count the fibre content in what I eat as i eat so much fruit and veg. I have found high fibre foods and supplements very detrimental in the past as they are so dehydrating. I think eating smaller grain portions is beneficial for me too, as particularly flour based foods are very dry and concentrated and absorb a lot of moisture from the bowel.
I am finding this diet excellent and am taking NO supplements OR hormones currently. I have tried loads of supplements, but beware, every single supplement or vitamin will interfere with your body balance one way or another. Wean yourself off them, then try things only one substance at a time to see if they help.
Since doing my above diet, Various things have improved- no constipation, less foggy thinking,better balance, less clumsiness, less carpel tunnel syndrome, less ear pain, less blocked ears, less joint pains, less calf muscle pain, less dry throat at night, less itchy, dry skin and acne,  less belly fat, less anger and depression and I think sleep may even be starting to improve! I think these symptoms were all related to the fact my body was in a chronic state of dehydration (due to estrogen deprivation no doubt) but this eating plan is enabling my body to utilise my own estrogen now. Also the great thing is, I can still enjoy treat foods like coffee, red wine, chocolate and cake ocasionally (always linked with some protein to balance my blood sugar!)
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I am a 53 year old woman who has been diagnosed with Hashimotos for 20 years when I had a partial thyroidectomy.  I have always had bouts of constipation and heartburn but now that I am menopausal I feel always bloated, have gas and have a hard time eating anything.  I drink tea all day and eat very little and still have gas.  Going for a colonoscopy and my gyneo is going to check me next week since I feel abdominal pain like my ovaries hurt.  The pain does move because last summer the doctors thought I had gall bladder problems and it ended up I did not. I have had such severe gas I felt like I was having a heart attack.  My question is can you grow gluten and lactose intolerant as you age? Feesl like food just sits and ferments in my stomach.
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DIM Natures Way for leveling out hormones and peri-meno effects. ie you can now sleep through the night.
NOw brand liver cleaner and detoxifier. Very subtle until you stop taking it. You feel like you used to feel and have no idea how much pain you used to be in. Kirkland Glucosamine with MSM for joints and hair nails other imbalances.
All available on Amazon. Also intermittent fasting. Or only eating dinner aside from a couple of protein shakes is a very nice break for your digestive health.
This "Stack" saved me from ten years of nearly death with every symptom under the sun and nothing coming out on blood tests. Missed first period at 40,
For const, triphala. But take half a dose at first because good lordy!
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There are a number of things that can cause women to miss their periods besides menopause. The more common causes are an endocrine problem such as with the thyroid, pituitary, or adrenals. Also, a metabolic syndrome  called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is associated with an irregular menstrual cycle typically with 4 or less periods per year.

An endocrine abnormality can also cause bowel problems such as constipation. Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) is a fairly common endocrine issue that can cause both constipation and missed periods.

An endocrine work-up would be a good idea to figure out what is going on. Hope you can get answers. Keep us posted.
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