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Hormone Imbalance, need help

I have started experiencing hot flushes with very rapid heart rate before I then get the shivers when it starts to calm down.  I'm 30 and I have been ill since I gave birth two years ago.  

I had my son in Dec 06, 8 weeks after the birth I was put on Celeste (the pill) to prevent any pregnancies occuring straight after the pregnancy, however I bled constantly so I stopped taking it, when I stopped taking it I had a terrible bleeding for a few days, I lost a lot.  After that I began to feel ill, I also experienced severe weight loss (possibly through the anxiety), I began getting mild hot flushes and dizziness, the dizziness was rather like vertigo and I could not hold my baby, my husband had to look after him most of the time.  I resulted in having a constantly elevated hr and high bp, I experienced buzzing sensations, shivers up and down my spine, shivers and cold sensations running down my legs.  I was put on beta blockers. I was also experiencing irrational health anxiety caused by fear of my physical symptoms, I was in constant fight or flight.

When I'd have a period it would last 7 days and the blood would look fresh, very red.  I had many tests, blood tests, cardio tests, the lot, everything showed up normal.  Apart from one test which was hormones FSH and LH were both elevated.  

A year after all the tests and I am getting ill again, my hot flushes are really bad now with a vast increase in hr when I get them.  I am constantly anxious, frequently experiencing panic attacks.  I have become afraid of being on my own with this so if someone goes out I'm having a panic attack straight away.  I can sit in the living room and my hands will be pouring with sweat, my feet sweating like mad too.  

When I have a panic attack I don't hyperventilate or anything, but I feel so severely anxious all the time.

Among tests I had were:

T4 and TSH - 4 tests were done over 4 months in the first yr of the ilness - I was told this was within normal range.
CBC - Normal
Electrolytes - Normal
Kidney & Liver Function - Normal
Blood Sugar/Glucose - Normal
24hr Urine - Normal
Holter monitor and ECG   - Showed sinus tachy
bp - high
FSH & LH - Increased

This year, I started experiencing a very high libido, then more recently (past 2 months) I have no libido at all.  Mood swings are very erratic.  I actually turned on a friend and had a huge go at him before experiencing a massive hot flush with a very rapid hr.  It was suggested by a friend who has had similar symptoms after having her child that it is a hormone imbalance similar to menopause, that my hormones might be fluctuating badly.

I have noticed that these hot flushes occur a week before and during my period, but that has been for the past two months, that might change

It has been 3 weeks between both periods (I came on a week early this time), one period I had lasted 2 days.  During the past year my periods have been on and off.  Bleeding heavy one day then stopping the next then starting again.  This past month I have also noticed puffiness down there too and discharge. (sorry for the detail)

My grandmother had early menopause. I also have started growing hair in places I shouldn't which is embarrassing.

Is this at all possible that the cause of my symptoms including the anxiety is ALL hormone related?

I remember just before I started my periods as an adolesant that I experienced such severe anxiety the year before I got my periods that I was receiving medical treatment in the form of Anafranil for the anxiety attacks as I was in constant fight or flight then.  

I am also under a lot of stress too.

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if you can afford it try accupuncture helped alot with anxiety, stress.
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Your doctor should do some extensive hormone testing on you to get to the bottom of all of this. What you are describing sounds so much like hormone imbalance. I know there is a blood test out there (hormone related) to see how close you are to menopause. I really feel for you so don't feel alone. I go through a lot of what you are describing and I know, in my case that it is my hormones.
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Yes i think it must be hormones as well.  Stress may be making it worse.
I think you need to have a lengthy discussion with you OBgyn and also see if he/she can give you some homeopathic suggestion as well.
Do you take supplements?  Did they test your B12??  Many times B12 decreases in woman who have had babies.  B6 is also important.  If you only take a multi - then it may not be enough.  Both of these B vitamins which must be taken with B Complex need to be take in higher doses like 60-100mg for B6 and possibly 500mcg for B12.  Some woman take B12 shots.
I know that taking the B vitamin family can help stress and anxiety immensely!
Google them and read up.

Speak to your Doctor.
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Thanks for all your comments, I shall be definately getting my hormones tested.  I did have the B12 checked and at the time it was fine, I'm not sure about now though.

But it is horrible and I sympathise with everyone who experiences the same.

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