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How to know?

How do you know if your problems are mental health issues or hormone issues? The Dr's won't do any tests when you ask them to.They will say, (You're too young for that to happen.) It just seems like you can't get anywhere with your medical needs. They have you come in then send you out the door with no answers and tell you to come back in 2 months. It's ridiculous. It would be nice to know if I need help with my hormones or a chemical imbalance. By the time they get done testing me with all kinds of drugs to see whats going to help with moods, depression, and some anxiety, I will need to be put into a nut house. If they don't kill me first.
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Are you of the age to be going through perimenopause? Have your periods changed - frequency, bleeding patterns?
Hello! just saw this, sorry. I believe I've been going through perimenopause since my 30's now I'm age 51 and haven't had a cycle since July 3rd, before that they were pretty regular every month but would always come a week earlier then the last one.
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No period for one year would definitely confirm menopause in your case, but it would be even better to get a physician to draw those labs.  And no, you aren't too young if you are 51.  I am menopausal and I am 51.  Anxiety and Depression have been linked to Menopause because of a lack  of hormones and/or hormone fluctuations.  Is your regular physician prescribing the medications or a Mental Health Specialist?  Sounds like you need to switch physicians.  That's the advice you gave me and you need to do the same.  Labs will give you a clearer idea of what's going on.  What is the reason why he/she refuses to do this?
I told my Dr I wanted to try another medication because the Zoloft I've been taking isn't working very good. So, she said she wanted me to go over to mental health because she didn't feel comfortable prescribing psych meds. I was put on Zoloft over 20 yrs ago for PMDD, that's what the Dr. said I had. Anyways, I did what she said and went over to see a Dr at mental health. So far I've tried Wellbutrin, Prozac, and Paxil they all make me feel really bad. The Paxil, I tried years ago before I settled on the Zoloft. The Dr, never said anything about drawing labs she just directed me to mental Health. When I have another appt with her I will tell her to draw labs and see if its hormonal, hopefully she doesn't argue with me like always. If she does I will take my own advise and switch to another Dr like you said. ;) Thanks for responding. <3
I don't think this is a primary mental health issue; I think this is something else or it is a mental health issue but misdiagnosed and being treated with the wrong medication. Get those labs.  Labs are so easy and quick to do.  
Thanks, I will do that. ;)
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So, for me, when something is related to my hormones, it is almost cyclic.  I can definitely track a pattern.  I use an app to do it and I have routine anxiety the week before my period for about 3 days.  I can tell that I'm being irrational too.  That probably sounds strange unless you are like me.  Like something makes me want to explode that is stupid and I realize it and the I have to do my best to NOT explode and scare my family.  ha ha.  Good times
That's actually a great tip, but it can't really determine whether it's hormonal or an actual mental health issue.  Mental health issues/conditions/disorders can come and go in cycles/patterns too.  
That's true but if it happens every month three days  before my period and I have terrible insomnia, whirling thoughts, anxiety . . .  and it is always the same pattern for me, I have to attribute it to my cycle.  It is difficult if you have a history of clinical anxiety or depression to know if your hormones are the trigger, I agree.  But in some instances, I think a person can make that judgement.  I've always had great predictability with things associated with my period/cycle.  That's why menopause throws me for a loop because it doesn't always follow a pattern.  But I still track it looking for one.  :)
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Thanks, ladies. I definitely have patterns, 2 weeks before I would start I went through the same symptoms as you, specialmom, and much more. Not fun! What you're saying, ZonnyC has always been in the back of my mind, what if this Dr diagnosed me wrong with PMDD and it's mental health issues. Now at my age, it could be both. Lol! I believe I'm going through menopause right now but like you said, time will tell. My main concern is not wanting to take psych medication if I don't have mental health issues. They scare me and so far Zoloft is the only one that didn't have really bad side effects. I felt like if I wasn't mental they would for sure make me mental. THAT"S SCARY!!!  Thanks again <3
That's a rough call.  I would factor in how well you are managing and how big of an impact it has on your life.  For me, so far it is manageable.  But I've had friends that it impacts day to day life to an extent that they were not coping well.  Some doctors for severe PMDD do treat daily (not just for episodes) to head that off and at that point, even though hormones are the trigger, it's a DSM classified mental health disorder.  

I hear you on not wanting to take meds.  I've always resisted it.  I recommend it to others but try to cope on my own first.  I have my ways of coping that work for me.  But my life is not impacted to an extent that it is worth it to take medication---  yet.  ha ha, I reserve it for the future!
Medications definitely aren't candy and taking the wrong ones is just down right dangerous.  Get those labs and go from them.  Have you tried the non-medication route?  Has the Mental Health Care Specialist given you insight into that or would she/he rather just go the prescription route only?  I think physicians prescribe too much medication and are too quick to prescribe medication, but if it is necessary to function then so be it.  Your physician needs to further address and investigate your concerns.  Sounds like she is blowing you off and just pushed into the office of the Mental Heath Care Specialist.  This could be menopausal or menopausal and a mental health issue or menopause causing a mental health issue, etc.  Yeah, difficult to say.  
She hasn't offered anything but going to psych meds, hasn't said anything about none-medication. I will get those labs and go from there like you say. Thank you. <3
She should offer some non-medication approaches as well.  Ask her the next time you see her.  I know there are array of meds for PMDD and it's pretty rare.  Do you have an GYN Specialist?
Thank you! I just have a primary care Dr. not a GYN Specialist.
Through the VA :)
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Perimenopause and menopause can certainly cause "mental health" symptoms - depression, mood swings, irritability. And if you have a prior history and are on psych meds, they often have to be tweaked during this time of changes in ovarian hormones. Hormone testing isn't always helpful when you're still having periods because they can fluctuate so much so you need to do a series of hormone tests (FSH is the main one) not just one time. Have you considered going on a low dose contraceptive? That may level out the moods.
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