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Hpt's for how long??

I have seen many doctors...unfortunately all of them around here are male.
For the past few years my periods have been all over the board. I was ALWAYS a 28 day cycle kinda gal.
I get panic/anxiety attacks, hot flashes/cold flashes, rapid heartbeat, blood pressure is generally on the high side of "normal", I have fainted, sore breasts, blah, blah, blah. Constantly feel pregnant I guess. lol
For the past 6 months my periods have been one day long...nice...I guess.
Now it isn't coming at all. I picked up some hpt's...negative.

I'm 45 years old...so these males doctors keep telling me that I'm too young for menopause.
Guessing their mothers haven't hit menopause yet, so they don't know at what age it's "normal". lol

How do I win? Do I continue to buy hpt's for the next umpteen dozen years or...??

Not one of them believes in perimenopause...they claim it's depression, anxiety, or that I simply don't want my husband to touch me for whatever reason.
That is true in part...I haven't had the urge in years! And not just because it's too dry down there. My libido has got up and left.
I rarely sleep anymore. I can't think. Can't talk...every thing comes out wrong.
They have tried me on every antidepressant and antianxiety drug they can think of...and they all make things worse. They figure that I'm just one of those poor 1 in a billion people who react the opposite to what the medication is supposed to do.
How do the rest of you cope?
Do you all buy hpt's too? Check every time you are supposed to get your period?
How long ( approx ) does it take for this to end? Like when does the sleep come back? When do the attacks stop? How long before you stop worrying about whether you could be pregnant or not? I even worry when I know we haven't made love in 2 months...ugh.
I wish at least one other woman in my family had gone through this naturally...I think it would have made a huge difference to me...perhaps some peace of mind.

At least I'm not as bad off as my poor neighbor...non-stop periods for over 8 months now, and the surgery to make it stop is scheduled for 6 months down the road. She has to go to the hospital every day for iron therapy, as the pills aren't working. So I kind of feel blessed...would feel better if it weren't for the racing heart and anxiety though.
What have the rest of you tried? Massage therapy? Vitamins? Exercise? Diet?
I'm not sure what to try...
Thanks for listening to me blow off some steam. lol
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Vent away!  

I was your age when my periods changed a bit, so you could definitely have perimenopausal symptoms.  My husband had a vasectomy so pregnancy isn't an issue for me.  Can you take BCP?  That might be an option.  If you are at risk of breast cancer, its a no, but estrogen really helps maintain bone density, so good for that.  

As far as symptoms, I am not opting for any medication (I can't take BCP) or herbs, but have heard black cohosh...cohash...helps with hot flashes. Hot flashes were the worst symptom I had.  I rarely have them now.

I've tried sleep meds (prescription and melatonin), but the Rx caused restless leg and I wake up after three hours with melatonin, so I just practice good sleep hygiene: dark room, reg sleep/wake times, no tech after about 8pm, etc.

I don't have anxiety with perimenopause, but if you do, addressing that might be appropriate.  My BP runs a little high sometimes so I take it at home three times a week.

I think venting, connecting with other women is helpful too.  
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