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I just had a pelvic exam. 2 years menopause. Is light spotting (brownest) normal?

Called my doctor. They told me. It to worry.  Anyone else had this. Kind of scary
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Hi.  Well, try not to worry. They are going to have you come in for a pelvic exam?  You've had no bleeding or spotting for two years?  
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The odds are very much in your favor that it is nothing serious. It's surprising how many women have bleeding episode(s) in the early years post-menopause. Our ovaries never shut down so in the early post-meno years they can have some sporadic  "surges" that can cause bleeding.  Another cause can be vaginal atrophy that can cause some spotting or light bleeding. Let us know what you find out.
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More concerning is the unpredictability of these occurrences. As a female, the not knowing when the bleed arrives causes you to be afraid. To venture out in public that is.... wearing white pants no less......UGH!
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