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I think I'm going crazy

I am 50.  I still get my period, but they are never regular.  I am not nearly the person I use to be.  I don't mind the hot-flashes, but the anxiety, severe panic and irritability is unbearable.   I feel bazaar most of the time , exhausted, and worthless.  I suffer with depression but that pales in comparison to this person that I subject my family to everyday.  I  refuse to take HRT.  I take anti anxiety.  I have a 9 year old girl and I don't want her to have a mother like this.  Does exercise really help??? Is this common?
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wishing I had someone to talk to….
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I feel for you! I've been having all.of those symptoms ( and more ) since I was 28. I'm 47 now.
The panic attacks were the worst. Thank god they have stopped now! I think the fatigue and aches and pains are the worst part now. My youngest is 5...give me some uppers and him some downers and maybe we could meet in the middle.
I can't keep up. My house is a pig sty, my husband wants ( you know what ) all the time, and I can't even stand the thought of ever sleeping in the same bed as him again.
Yes, we now have separate beds. I want to beat him to death when he even looks at me. I assume he'll start to cheat soon...and I don't even care. I wish there was some magic pill ( that didn't come with nasty side effects) that could help us through this. Lol!
I've tried exercising,  but I fall asleep while walking. Vitamins don't seem to help either.  Sleep eludes me now, and when I do sleep I wake up in a puddle. I sweat more than an entire football team!
Common?  Seems that way.
Will exercise help? They claim it will, as long as you don't fall asleep.  Lol!
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