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Irregular Periods after D & C

I am 44 years old female. Two years ago I had a D & C. After that my periods become very irregular. The thyroids test  proved to be normal. My endocrinologist ran a comprehensive tests and results for all hormones were at normal range and there were no indication of menopause or pre-menopause indicators.

The periods remained irregular. I eventually began to have hot flashes. I decide to visit a homeopathic doctor for consultation. After series of test she told me that I am suffering from Adrenal fatigue.

I was prescribed progesterone cream with DHEA plus other supplements. After 2 months I stared having my periods and my hot flashes began to disappear and overall health condition improved.

However recently since January I only had two periods even though my doctor has adjusted the formula and my hot flashes and vaginal dryness have returned. I also have low libido. My last period was at March.
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It might be that your new changes are due to the fact you are closer to menopause. Ask your doctor to check your testosterone and estrogen blood levels and your FSH blood test which is a way to see if you are closer to menopause.  

You didn't mention why you had the D&C but a D&C only removes the lining tissue from the uterus. It often gets periods regular because it takes away irregular lining and lets the period start again fresh, but it is only a mechanical period and should not change the periods from regular to irregular. It might have just been coincidental in time.

After the blood tests come back, talk with your doctor. It might be time to consider adding estrogen which if low can cause both no periods and low libido. Replacement will help with those two things. Be sure and discuss the possible risks and benefits to see if estrogen is right for you.
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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