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Is this Menopause or something else?

From Jan. 2007 till March 2008, I had no periods. I had seen a doctor in March 2007, and he told me I was probably going through menopause. He did no tests or anything like that. So, I just assumed I went through menopause and was just one of the lucky ones that have no symptoms of it. Well, in April 2008, I started having periods again. I made an appt for a pap smear and it was abnormal. So I went to a doctor and had some tests done on me. It came back positive for HPV and negative for malignancy. Well, now, I stopped having periods again, my last was August 26th. This time I did however have symptoms. I thought that I might have been pregnant, so I did a test and it was neg, did another one Sept 30 and it was neg as well. I did go to the doctor today and he did another PG test on me, it was neg as well. I won't find out about the blood test he did until tomorrow. Here are a list of the symptoms that I am having,  lower back pain, no  period, sick to my stomach, especially after I eat, sore breasts, sleeping a lot, peeing a lot, Feeling hungry, but when I do eat, I can't eat that much, mostly because I feel sick to my stomach. So, just wondering, has anyone out there went through something like this before? Could this be the start of menopause?
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I actually was peeing  (alot) this past summer. I thought something was wrong with me. But I am in perimenopause.  My periods are very abnormal...  skip a month.. twice a month... I had one last month that last a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I am hearing all these symtoms on this forum that are very similar to mine.  Wait till you get the ODOR problem...   (I hope you don't)

Oh,  I had the sore breasts too!!  they even grew a little!!!  I remember being sick on my stomach too.. only I kept thinking it was something I ate or nerves...  I am not sure but it went away!!!

Good luck!!
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I too am going through menopause. I havent had a period since June. In April I had the 2 in six weeks time. I get tender breasts and pain in the area where I might have been ovulating if I were. I get sick stomachs too, but like you thought it was something I ate. I did have heavy clotting when I did the two close together.
I was one of those people where every 28 days on the dot I had the period start.
My doctor told me to let her know if I had two in one moth because she said it wasnt normal and she would look into it. I also have a strong smell when I pee. I think part of it is because I take a lot of supplements and and on several medications, but part of it is definately related to the change. I used to hate going into the bathroom after my mom because of that. Now I use a lot of air freshener while Im in there because Im sharing a house with four young women and dont want them to notice my uchy smells. I sure hope when I am stopped permanently, the smell will go away. Ive been thinking about doing a vinigar ****** once a month to see if that will help.
Hope you find out for sure what your problem is. There is nothing worse than having to wait on test results and answers to medical problems.
Hang in there.
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Ok, I did get my results back, he did a blood pg test on me and it was negative, and he said I was going even going through menopause either. He said when I miss my 3rd period to come back in and he will do another blood test. Now my breasts feel very heavy, not sure if this is a symptom of menopause or not. Does anyone know? So far I have gone 63 days with no period. In my first post, I forgot to mention when I stopped having a period for 15 months, prior to that, I was always regular. And once again when I did start again, it was regular as well, until I quit having them again. So very confused as to what is wrong with me.
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Opps...I messed up...My doctor told me that I was not going through menopause because of the FSH levels in my blood.
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