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Just POF or something more?

I am a 39yo female.
A year and a half ago, I started having periods every other week. Hormones tested normal. Endometrial biopsy normal. The very next month, I started having menstrual migraines.
Fast forward May this year. The day I should have started my period, I ended up in the ER. I thought I was having a stroke. Had electrical shocks in my head, bad headache, nervous shaking, high blood pressure. This was unlike my normal migraines but they insisted that it was a migraine. Saw a Neuro who did MRI, CT, EEG, all normal. Started anti seizure meds for migraine prevention. I felt worse. Stopped taking meds after 34 days.
No period in May or June . Started last week in July.
Day 3 Estadiol <20 FSH 58. Started on prempro.
Symptoms on a daily basis...
Dizzy, vertigo, headache like head is being squeezed in a vice, eye pressure, numbness and tingling in extremities, new motion sickness while driving, nauseated, exhaustion, muscle aches, brain fog.
Also, on a daily basis very predictable...
EXTREME adrenaline rush, uncontrollable need to shake, fast heart rate, high blood pressure, crushing headache. These episodes are very predictable and last an hour each. First episode starts about 45 min to an hour after I wake up. Next episode starts between 1 and 3, and then again between 7 and 9 at night. I do not have "hot flashes" or "night sweats".
Say gyno, switched me to Estratest. Still bleeding every other week. Doing a 24 hour urine for pheo. Thyroid, B12, Folate levels fine.
Is this just POF or is there something else I should be tested for? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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A. It is clear that you are having a very difficult time.  The tests you have had done are very important and it will also be important to wait until the results are back from your 24 hour urine collection.  Until all that is settled, it is difficult to suggest doing any particular treatment.  Certainly the episodes of shaking and high blood pressure and a crushing headache don
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Thank you for your reply. I will be starting Prometrium for 12 days a month on the first.
Which progesterones are natural?
I have always heard that women with migraines should be on continuous instead of cyclic hrt. I feel like adding progesterone on a daily basis would help some of the symptoms. Some of my symptoms were better on the Prempro but some were worse. I definately like the testosterone in the Estratest. I have more energy now. My pheo results will be in next week.
Thanks again for your reply.
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