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Letov 2.5 mg are used for uterus wall thickening conditions?

Hello everyone I'm mew to this community.

I want to know about some details about a  treatment for my wife with a little description   about us. She is 23 years old and we have married for 3 years now. Me and my wife  she is in good health but bit overweight even before our marriage. our BMI have reached to Obesity. We try to maintain our body weights but we did not succeed due to our complicated life style.

‌She had regular period pattern but few months ago it has been irregular. Sometimes it took more than two months to period happened and it end up in two or three days. It's getting lighter than the normal periods. Also after period ends there was an odour which is unusual. Recently after the last periods for few days there was a light bleeding happened with less abdominal pain. Due to this complicated period pattern we decided to visit gynecologist doctor.

‌we tell everything and as above. So doctor did a scan and told us there is nothing to be worried for now but her uterus walls had been thicker. So he prescribed her to two medication and strongly recommend us to maintain the bodyweight. Medication are as below:

‌- letov 2.5 mg

‌- transamin 500mg

‌he advised to take each medicines after every meal for ten days and come back if bleeding didn't stop.

I just search this medicines in internet ans found that letov 2.5 mg is an anti-cancer treatment for breast cancers. So my question is this letov 2.5mg only used for prevent breast cancers or did they used for any uterus thickening conditions? Doctor didn't tell anything about a cancer condition. Is there really a cancer condition or what. Hope someone please kindly enlighten us.

Thanks you.

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Well, I'm going to be honest with you.  That DOES seem like a strange medication to give.  Bleeding is a side effect but none the less, your wife doesn't fit the profile of where it is normally given. In post menopausal women, thickening of the uterine wall is not cancer but has a higher risk of turning into uterine cancer.  But your wife isn't going through menopause yet.  Now, transamin is used for heavy bleeding.  .  her doctor open to taking calls?  I'd probably go ahead and ask them why the letov
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Hi, specialmom. Thank you for your response. For some unknown reason, she had a slight headache from the treatment start date. So without any hesitation, as you said, I call the doctor through the channeling hospital and ask about the medication. once I mentioned about the letov he told me to stop it immediately. I mentioned that letov is used for cancer and is it ok to use for her condition. He said that letov can be used for some other treatments as well. I should say that he hung the phone without saying anything.

I try to contact him again but it was not possible. For now, from the treatment start date, she took 6 letov 2.5 mg tablets. Will this be a side effect to her?
Okay, so you did ask him about it. That's good.  And you are saying he told her to stop taking it right away?  She took 6 tabs and is no longer taking it, correct?
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