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Lightheadedness Before Period

I didn't see any place where this could really go and this forum seemed to be the closest possible match from some of the reading I've done today.  I'm in my late 30's so I don't know if this is premenopausal or not.  I still have a very regular period and it typically is light and lasts only for a two-three days.  Now, I knew my period was coming up real soon since it usually falls on the full moon.  This last saturday before the full moon, I had started to feel extremely lightheaded and shaky.  Usually when this happens it's because I need to eat.  I felt much better about an hour after.  The next day it happened again, so I ate.  However, on monday even after eating, I felt lightheaded off and on all day.  Walking around seemed to help.  It felt even worse on tuesday, the first day of my period, even after eating.  I got a little exercise but it persisted so that I had to lay down.  My heart was faster then normal too, but that might have been because it was making me feel anxious by that time.  I also felt slightly nauseous.  Each time I had these bouts of lightheadedness I concentrated on taking deep, slow breaths and sometimes did my anti-anxiety visual.  That mostly just helped me mentally.

The only thing I'm taking at the moment is calcium and today I started taking potassium again because I have low counts in these areas and had real bad attacks a year ago.  I read that blackouts can sometimes happen during a period because of low iron content, but this happened before I started to bleed.  So I am wondering if I may be starting to go premenopause, or am deficient in something else.   I have no insurance since I got laid off so I thought this would be a good place to start and try to get some idea of what might be going on.  

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I have the same thing! I am extremely hyper a couple of days before, like I've had 30 espressos! Then I get very dizzy, it's really bad this month. I thought it was due to an accident I had where I had a severe bang to the head however, it happens most months at the time of my period. I have also read it's due to iron deficiency but if it happens the day of then that can't be true, can it. Ys, you ar right there is no forym for 'menstrual' on here. I'm 42.
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I am happy to find this site.  I wonder if that is what is causing my lightheadedness.  It started about four years ago and comes and goes.  I am 38 now.  I have noticed it is the worst the week before and during my monthly cycle.  My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant and I keep miscarrying.  After the miscarrige the lightheadedness seems to be really bad.  I am not anemic though.  Had the full run of blood tests and they all come back normal.  It is wierd!  Fish oil REALLY seems to help me.  I can't tell you why but it makes a world of difference.  I take one-two gel capsules of fish oil Eskimo brand.  

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Have you have your hormonal levels checked?  I know when I was taking progesterone pills, they seemed to cause light-headedness.  And I believe your progesterone goes up to start your period & seratonin dips down (the latter might explain why fish oil, rich in those omega fatty acids that help with seratonin are helpful).  

So you have had not only your CBC checked, but specifically your iron and ferritin blood levels checked as well?  

If any of you have tachycardia you notice at other times, besides just your period, you might try looking at they dysautonomia forum and reading up on POTS and other dysautonomia problems.
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