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Long cycle

I'm 42 and starting to get worried about this long cycle that seems to be getting a bit heavier instead of lighter. On 7/14 I started my cycle which was nothing unusual but here I am still on it almost 11 days later. Peri menopause? The blood is not heavy or light, sort of what it's usually like mid cycle and it's bright red. Around day 7 it seemed to be letting up a bit but now it seems to be getting a tiny bit heavier every day, not heavy just heavier.  I didn't have a lot of PMS just tender breasts but nothing too crazy that I remember, I know I didn't take anything for cramps or backaches. The only pain I've really had was one day last week around day 4 I had to stop running because I did have some pain which seemed to be in my right ovary region and I needed to walk it off for about 10 minutes and then I was able to run again. It wasn't cramping pain more like a sharper pain. I should mention I only have half a right ovary because it had to be removed when a cyst was removed back in 04. My FSH has been high for over 10 years (well I assume it still is, we adopted our first child and then in early 2009 I thought I was starting menopause but it turns out I had one good egg left and she's 4 years old now. Also this past year I have gained a lot of weight around my middle and I've never had issues with gaining like this before, it usually all goes to my butt & thighs.

Do you think this could be the early stages of menopause? A cyst? Something else? I do not want to call doctor if there is nothing she can do but my husband is going to think I'm conspiring against him! I'm on vacation right now so I cannot go see my doctor anytime soon.

Thanks gang for any feedback or help you can offer.
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You sound more perimenopausal than menopausal, however, this could be a number of things.  No one can diagnose you over the internet.

You need to follow this up with your GYN Specialist after you return from your vacation.
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You are probably just in perimenopause. You are on the youngish side for it but that can happen when you lose part of an ovary or a whole ovary. And your higher FSH over the last 10 years is evidence of that.

The menstrual cycle and periods can go haywire during the years leading up to menopause. Heavier and prolonged periods or more frequent periods seem to be pretty common. But lighter periods and missed periods can also happen. So basically, anything goes! How's that for expectations?!

Midsection weight gain also tends to happen during perimenopause. And some women show symptoms of a sluggish thyroid. So if you have hypothyroid symptoms on top of the weight gain, you can ask your doctor to run some thyroid labs.
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