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Low Blood Pressure - Menopause???

I was wondering if anyone who has had been put into surgical menopause has also been granted with low blood pressure.  

Too low of blood pressure to be exact.

With a million and one symptoms of weakness, fatigue, nervousness/jitterness, migraines, blurry vision, lightheadedness, dizziness, more fatigue after exertion, hot/cold flushes, etc.

My blood pressure has generally been low but has gotten really low that they put me on Florinef and I am trying to sort out WHY WHY WHY.  Not knowing if it is related to a different condition or not.

Thanks for the responses.
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Low blood pressure is not a part of surgical menopause and this may be due to certain other conditions. Florinef or Fludrocortisone belongs to a class of medications called corticosteroids which are prescribed for the treatment of adrenocortical insufficiency, when the adrenal gland is not producing enough steroid hormones. Discuss with your doctor regarding the diagnosis.  
The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
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Wow....that's great that you replied.  Thank you!

I asked the question in that particular fashion because I just have been 4 years awaiting a dx and they continually send me back and forth between cardiology and neurology.

4 years ago this entire nightmare started and I have been bounced from specialist to specialist as well as admitted into the hospital 2x with no outcome after lots of CT's and MRI's both occasions resulting in cardiology consults.  First time they said my heartbeat was not textbook regular but must just be normal for me and the second time (just 3 weeks ago) the cardiology PA and attending physician were concerned that I could benefit from a pacemaker.  The cardiologist came in and said no, not sure what it is and as I explained that I can't do anything without dizziness and my heart racing he said deconditioning.  I am not sure if deconditioning means out of shape (which is to be expected due to the dizziness/motion sickness feeling 24/7 or the body deteriorating but if that is the case...deteriorating from what?).  

In four years I have had approximately the following.

3 nuclear stress tests
5 Brain MRI's
1 Brain MRA
3 Cervical MRI's
1 Thoracic MRI
2 Lumbar MRI
5 Chest Xray
1 Calcium Scoring Test
3 Chest CT
3 Abdominal CT
2 Pelvic CT
3 Echocardiograms
  Countless EKG's which are never normal
2 Holter Monitors
2 30 Day Event Monitors
1 Tilt Table Study (inconclusive)
3 U/S Carotid Arteries
1 U/S Legs
1 Pulmonary Function Study
1 Eye Exam by NeuroOpthalmologist
1 Vestibular Testing
1 Vocal Cord Dysfunction Study
1 Bilateral Salpingyo Oopherectomy
1 Hysterectomy
1 Colonoscopy
2 Endoscopies
1 Endoscopic Ultrasound
3 Sets Allergy Testing
1 Set Cervical/Thoracic Facet Injections
4 Sessions Physical Therapy for Neck/Head
Countless Blood Tests of all Types including A1C
24 Hour Urine Collection

Cardiologist is requesting I undergo another Tilt Table Study.  I opted to go see an Electrophysiologist (advised by my ENT and Endo) and he put me on Fludrocortisone and said he was baffled why no one had done this sooner.  

I was wondering since I had a hysterectomy if this would cause the low blood pressure because prior to an incident with my dog and my neck, the only other thing I went to the doctor for was yearly physicals, Hep A vaccine, 3 sinus infections and lower pelvic pain which revealed a septated ovarian cyst, vitamin D deficiency which resulted in rx of 50k 1xweek for 8 weeks which made me feel TERRIBLE.

What I have been given so far is that my brain MRI shows herniated cerebellar tonsils 3-4mm, borderline orthostatic hypotension, vitamin b-12 deficiency, milk/dust/mold/beech/bunnies allergies, migraines, acid reflux,
vitamin D deficiency (24), Positive ANA 1:160 Homogenous then Homogenous and Speckled, then negative.  3 Complete Rheumatological workups and no complement tests come positive.

I often wonder of Magnesium deficiency since I have bilateral arm/leg weakness, muscle/joint pains, severe light sensitivity.  However, my magnesium level comes back normal.  \

Probably not a response you were expecting but it is how my life has been put to a very quick halt for the last 4 years.  Craziness and all I want is to feel better but without a dx I just keep plugging away.

I even told my dr. maybe it's just anxiety and he states that my problem is causing anxiety not anxiety causing my problem.  Hmphhhhhhhhh.  What to do.
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Have you gone to an endocrinologist? I was sick for 5 years and my endocrinologist said sometimes those tests need to be repeated, like the 24 hour urine test and sometimes they take years to diagnose. I was diagnosed with cushings and an adrenal rumor. I had over 300x the cortisol level on my 24 hour urine test.
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