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Menopausal Symptoms!

Hi there all, I need to know if I am going through a early-menopause?
Im only 28, and have 4 children, the youngest was born 16 months ago. Since then I have terrible periods! I get quite itchy around that area about a week before I expect to come on, I come on normally for a couple of days then it would stop, then I could come on again 3-4 days later but this thick, clumpy Very dark blood which have lasted for 9 days...but this differ fro every month...I could have my periods at least 3-4 times a month depending, light then heavy, but then the very dark, almost black period concerns me, as I only had this since the birth of my 4th child..and been going on more constantly recently in the last 3 months??...I am having my hormones and thyroid checked through blood test next Monday (1st march) to find out but I was wondering have anyone else had similar symptoms??
Asked my mother but she went into early menopause too at 26 years old but she said her periods were not regular and might not have a period for 2 months and then have one for a couple of days etc, so she cannot help me on this matter as my symptoms are different?..Thanks Kelz
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When I was 38, I had a myriad of "perimenopausal" symptoms that turned out to be from an underlying medical problem. My advice to you is to wait for your thyroid tests to come back, and start there. I had issues with high blood calcium levels that messed up my female hormones (hot flashes, irreg periods, frequent urination and urinary tract infections, and later, kidney stones.) After the problem was corrected, life was good!
(Now that I'm the ripe old age of 45, the perimenopause stuff is for real...sigh...)
hang in there. Be an advocate for yourself and educate yourself about your condition.It is entirely possible your mother had subclinical thyroid problems for years prior to her early menopause, so this may the case with you as well...((((((HUGZ)))))~MM
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