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Menopause? Arms, hands, legs and feet numbness

Are these menopause symtoms?

For the past 5-6 weeks, I've been having numbness/tingling in my arms, hands and legs and feet.  I've also had tingling in the face area.........mouth and tongue.  My eyes sometimes feel itchy as sometimes my skin.  I've had headaches and felt light-headed.  Sometimes my face gets flushed and so do my arms, like I'm burning under my skin.  My finger joints feel sore.  I can't hold a book or magazine and turn the pages, my hands and fingers feel sore.  

I've had blood work, a MRI of the brain, and a nerve test done.  All my test results are fine.  My Neurologist suggested it's anxiety or I'm hyperventilating.  Oh, I was also sent to Physical Therapy for tight muscles in my shoulder in neck.  The PT said I was fine.  The Neurologist told me to come back in six weeks.  Okay, but I still don't know what's wrong with me!!!  

Help!  Can this be related to Menopause?   I had a hysterectomy in 2004 and have both of my ovaries.


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I had the same issues. I went to so many drs had so many tests all negative. I take endep 20mg it has helped a lot and the anxiety best to meditate. I think it's all related. I suffered neck shoulder and jaw problems for 2 years.
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I have been having a lot of this, plus horrendous heavy bleeding, sore boobs, and even numbness and tingling in my face.  After bloods, etc and numerous visits to GPS and Rheumatologist, the latest thoughts are :  perimenopause, with anxiety!!!!! and perhaps trapped nerve in my neck due to mild arthritis in neck - My GP started me on a mild dose of Citalopram yesterday and said I should notice fewer menopausal symptoms and anxiety very soon.  Going to see gynae also tomorrow.

We are all in this together, girls!!
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Hi there

You sound moreorless like me!  I have sore shoulders, stiff neck, really sore fingers and hands and tingling and numbness all over the place, including my face.  It comes and goes and my GP says numbness is common at our stage of life!!  My bleeding has been so terrible than I am having an ablation (whatever that is) done on Tuesday.  

I think I have started hot flashes as well.  Had my head in the freezer this morning!

Stay positive!
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Hi there   I am 46.  No period for 4 months.  Three weeks ago after 3 concurrent UTI's (never had them before) I asked my doctor for some estrogen cream as I had read it lessened risk of UTI's due to diminishing estrogen thinning the vagina wall making bacteria easier to enter the blood stream.   Immediately I applied the generous amount of prescribed cream I suffered numb toes, blurred vision and palpitations (symptoms been constant ever since)- infact I went to A&E at the time I was so terrified!  I think the cream upset my personal hormonal balance  That week both my deloved dogs died and my brother had a serious operation so I was also incredibly stressed out. Following a clear MRI and neuro tests after reading this site am convinced the symptoms are due to hormonal changes brought on by messing with my hormones - ironically I had no numbness before applying estrogen pessaries!  Am waiting for a load of blood tests but am resigned to the fact that I will seriously have to tailor my diet avoiding candida, good quality vitamins, natural progesterone cream  cut out sugar and alcohol and drastically reduce stress levels to assist and if I need to take estrogen to do it gradually!  Good luck with your journey - thank god for this site!
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Hi there   I am 46.  No period for 4 months.  Three weeks ago after 3 concurrent UTI's (never had them before) I asked my doctor for some estrogen cream as I had read it lessened risk of UTI's due to diminishing estrogen thinning the vagina wall making bacteria easier to enter the blood stream.   Immediately I applied the generous amount of prescribed cream I suffered numb toes, blurred vision and palpitations (symptoms been constant ever since)- infact I went to A&E at the time I was so terrified!  I think the cream upset my personal hormonal balance  That week both my deloved dogs died and my brother had a serious operation so I was also incredibly stressed out. Following a clear MRI and neuro tests after reading this site am convinced the symptoms are due to hormonal changes brought on by messing with my hormones - ironically I had no numbness before applying estrogen pessaries!  Am waiting for a load of blood tests but am resigned to the fact that I will seriously have to tailor my diet avoiding candida, good quality vitamins, natural progesterone cream  cut out sugar and alcohol and drastically reduce stress levels to assist and if I need to take estrogen to do it gradually!  Good luck with your journey - thank god for this site!
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Hi there   is very interesting to hear of your numbness.   Four weeks ago I experiencing tingling in all the toes in my left foot.  This then turned to numbness and now covers the front of my left foot.  Yesterday it went up my left calf and I also have tingling fingers!   Mine came on after I took oestrogen cream in an attempt to combat recent spate of UTI's (some show infections, others are clear although symptoms identical).  My GP didn't test my hormone levels before prescribing the cream; just assumed because of my age it was my erratic hormones to blame. I think the cream upset my hormones further hence the constant numbness.  Its very scary.  I am 46 and not had a period for 4 months.  Am trying to keep busy but its not easy as I'm aware of the numbness the whole time! Having all the usual blood tests and expect results next week.  MRI clear as is nerve test.  At no point has any medical practitioner mentioned it could be due to hormone upset!! I even wondered if I had drug induced neuropathy but estrogen cream isn't on the list that can bring on such a problem. After reading this forum I began to think maybe it could that my hormones were upset by the cream hence the numbness but had to work this out for myself!  When I mention the possibility they think I'm crazy.  Its such an upsetting symptom I feel terrible for all those ladies out there experiencing such an issue - it makes you feel so alone and worried.  Thank god for this forum where we can share our experiences.  How are you??   Sorry am rambling somewhat!!
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Hi Tracie1968

Im 50 and haven't had a period for 6 months and have had almost identical numbness that you describe in my feet.  It started 5 months ago with tingling in the arch of my right foot and has progressed to the entire foot with a strange sensation - almost as though I've got a sock on.  I've been taking natural progesterone cream and am now wondering if that could have thrown off my hormone balance.

Hopefully the medical profession will take note of all these posts and do more study on menopause.  It wouldn't be so scary if  we were educated to expect symptoms other than hot flushes!!  Keep the faith girls you are definitely not alone!!!!!!  :0)
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Hi Jules    thanks so much for your reply.  I can relate entirely to what you're experiencing.  It feels just like you have a sock on.  Sometimes like Ive got a plaster around each toe!  Im sitting at my computer now a feeling of electricity buzzing away in my right foot!!  Ive just returned from the doctors and all blood works fine but so far as hormones are concerned these show a serum LH level of 31.7 and a FH level of 25.5 which are both said to be "post menopausal" whatever that means exactly!!!  I am seeing a neurologist on Monday and hope they will give me a nerve test.  Its so very odd how the estrogen cream seemed to spark the whole numb foot issue off.  I have also been taking natural progesterone.  It really does make you wonder if like you the treatment has upset our hormones. Its so hard to know what to do for the best.  I am praying for my next period (whenever that happens!) to see if the numbness goes.  If neuro tests are fine think I am going on HRT to see what happens then!!  Can't put up with this numb foot all the time.  All the very best to you Jules and all those ladies out there experiencing similar.  Thank god for this forum;  I read it regularly to put my mind at rest;  its great to feel in such good company!!!!
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Hi everyone   just to say my blood results have also come back fine. Ive been vegan for the past 20 years but have always made sure Ive didn't become deficient in any vitamins, iron, calcium etc so I was interested to see the results.  Results show good levels alround and no deficiency whatsoever.  Serum LH Level 31.7 and Serum FSH level 25.5 which would suggest I am perimenopausal : around 50 is menopausal.  So all tests that can be done have been done and still no clearer.  Still got numb left foot and toes and on waking my right hand feels like Ive laid on it and its dead!  It comes back to life after a few minutes - wish my toes and foot would!  I think I am going to try Black Cocosh and see if the numbness improves and if not resign myself to taking HRT - cant put up with these symptoms if I don't have to!  I just wish a period would come so I can see if the numbness goes  - last period 4 months ago.  In the meantime cutting out sugar, alcohol and bread to see if that helps.  Interestingly when I was around 25 I had vision problems and numbness on a small area at the front of my head (just under the skin) and dizziness for several months and I went through all sort of neuro tests. I was going through some horrible stressful times.  All symptoms vanished suddenly after 3 months. Looking back I think the stress badly upset my hormones which caused the symptoms - there could have been no other explanation; the symptoms never re-appeared.   Hormones: bless them!!!!  take care ladies.  If HRT works I will report results back!!!
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I'm 48, get my period like clockwork every four weeks so didn't consider perimenopause. About four weeks ago, I suddenly had insomnia for about a week , felt completely revved up, heart palpitations, and anxiety. That subsided and then around the middle of my cycle I started getting tingling sensations all over, especially hands and legs, but also back and front. Worse when I lie down and each morning. Then it went to more of a numb feeling especially in tips of my fingers. I was convinced I have MS. I've been to general dr who ruled out vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues, or diabetes. I am now scheduled to see a neurologist. But reading what you and others wrote on the forum, I'm thinking it might just be perimenopause which is very relieving. Does exercise help relieve symptoms for anyone>
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Hi there  I can certainly relate to the sudden insomnia.  I usually sleep like a log but of late have found myself just lying in bed unable to return to sleep.  Anxiety too although I had been putting that down to the unwelcome symptoms.  I have experienced tingling mainly in my feet, abit in my hands and down the left calf with constant numbness in toes on left foot and a horrible tingling, pin/needles in the arch of that foot which is incredibly distracting. Mine are a whole lot worse when I drive, lie down or put my feet up on a foot stool.  I find to walk briskly definitely helps - its odd you would think it would work the other way round.  My neurologist says that during the perimenopause nerves are very much heightened which might explain our symptoms.  When I had the nerve test and had a sharp pin pushed into the toe on my 'numb' foot the pain was much more acute in those toes that the 'normal toes' which again would account for heightened nerves. I found on the internet site of  "e-how" -  "weird and unusual symptoms of the perimenopause" reference to numbness,  tingling,  tongue burning etc - its the first time I had seen it mentioned on the net.  I too was worried about MS but Ive had extensive tests and nothing shows at all. Might be worth you having a blood test to check your hormone levels and then considering HRT of some sort if the symptoms do not subside. Good luck and try not to worry.
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I went to the neurologist yesterday and he said he could find nothing wrong so that's reassuring. He is sending me for an MRI just to be sure. The symptoms are defnitely worse when I'm anxious about it - I probably also focus more on my body then. But it's still happening and when it  does I do get anxious.,. So it's helpful to hear that you have such similar symptoms.
Have you tried any HRT?
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Does anyone find that these symptoms correspond to where they are in the cycle (if you are still getting your period)
Also, anyone have any success with natural hormone alternatives for these symptoms - increased phytoestrogens, tofu, etc.
How about B complex?
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I forgot to mention that mine are also much worse when I lie down-then the tingling really goes wild. And yesterday while driving my leg was bothering me so much, I had to pull over to the side and switch drivers. I also feel best when moving around like walking.

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I have all the same symptoms.  is this just menopause?  I am in tears 20% of the day.  is there a treatment?
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I have all the same symptoms - did you ever find relief?  Liz
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I'm 52 (no cycle since March 2014) and about 3 months ago, I started to have skin burning sensations.  Like a horrible sunburn.   Started on my face, then went to the tops of my feet and hands then legs and arms, then back and chest and now ears and scalp.   I burn from head to toe along with heartburn.

Had a ton of bloodwork:  ANA/CRP/SED/Iron/Glucose/A1C/thyroid/B12 etc.  All normal.   I even went to an neurologist and had a brain MRI..perfectly normal.  Neurologist said anxiety and sent me back to my GP.  My GP said anxiety and menopause.  She gave me Zoloft 25mg which I just started a few days ago.  

If this is how things are going to be..I don't know how I will ever survive. I feel like I was dunked in hot water.

Also have headaches, crying spells, can't keep my eyes open sometimes and other times, can't fall asleep.

I thought when I was done with perimenopause and was in menopause, things were supposed to start to get better but instead...they have gotten worse.   UGH!
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I'm not sure if exercise helps everyone, but I certainly don't think it hurts.  In fact, the reason I'm reading this forum now (after not reading it for almost a year) is because I recently had a flare up of burning mouth syndrome and tingly feeling on my face after not having it very bad for awhile.  (The numbness and pain in my hands are arms have gone away completely.) Coincidentally, I haven't been doing my regular exercises for about 3 months.  After the flare-up began, I started running again 2 weeks ago, and I'm hoping this will help.  For me, running accomplishes 2 things:  helps with my anxiety and helps with the blood circulation.  It also makes me more tired at night, so I sleep better.  My acupuncurist told me that hormonal imbalances, whether it is perimenopause or menopause or whatever, can cause anxiety and that anxiety can manifest in many ways for different people.  

Just to let you know, I'm 46 and I've been experiencing perimenopause symptoms for the past 6 years.  It started out with just mild anxiety and now it's a range of symptoms.  The good things is that it comes and goes for me.  I think they use the term "perimenopause" in the medical field as the time when periods start changing, but I have also been told that it can take 10 years of fluctuating before even that happens. Yuck!

So, for now, I try not to be too worried about it and try to do all good things for my body (rest, exercise, supplements, eating healthy).  I also use an OTC bio-identical progesterone cream that I get from the health food store  whenever I'm feeling out of balance.  

Good luck to you.  Hope you feel better soon.  
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I have so much buzzing and stiffness in my feet and calves.  The numbness comes and goes in my toes and feet. 3 months since my last period.
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Hello all. I am 49 and my hormone tests, which I received today, show that I am post menopausal. I have been having menopausal symptoms for years but my doctor told me I was too young! I have experienced most of the usual symptoms such as hot flushes, brain fog etc but my main concerns were and still are, the hair loss and lack of libido.  In the last few weeks I have also been experiencing numbness in my face. I am going for an MRI tomorrow but reading some of your comments I am now thinking this might be hormone related also. Has anybody else experienced numbness in their face?  I feel I have turned into an old woman in the past few months and would like to know are there any natural products/remedies I can take to slow down the dramatic ageing process? I don't mind growing old gracefully but at this rate I will look like a sixty year old before I am fifty! Has anyone tried Macafem? Does it help?  Thanks.  
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My symptoms were the same too.  I hope you find a product that works for you like I did!
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Hate to tell you all...but I'm 61 and have had these feelings for 10 years.  Been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, possible rheumatoid arthritis, been tested for Sjogrens (with doctor "accidentally cutting my Trigeminal Nerve in my face for a biopsy, tested for MS, Lupus, Aids, and many others to come up with, "I look great on paper"!  I will still plug away and will add more iron to my diet along with a host of other supplements.  The ones that have helped me the most are Drenamin (Standard Process) (organ based - I guess that would be iron- LOL!)  and DHEA a natural hormone.  Those helped me sleep and have given me more energy (I very seldom take a nap now).  Still have numbness, tingling, burning, pins/needles in arms, hands, feet and legs. Having a Thoracic MRI tomorrow.
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Hi ladies,

First of all I'd like to thank all of you for joining in this discussion.  I've been having symptoms very similar to those mentioned above and I'm 52 years old, and while still having periods suspect that menopause is on the horizon.
   I have a different perspective on some of these issues and I'm hoping that my comments may be useful to  many of you.  For the last 10 years I've practiced a few times a week with a martial arts group--that is till I relocated to Australia 6 months ago.  A few months ago my arms started to feel numb, often while I was sleeping.  This sensation led to others, during the day, an odd buzzing feeling in my hands and arms, that eventually even seemed to extend to my head!
   About a week ago, I began searching on the internet for information and found this site.  But, after reading things and trying to put together some of this information I decided to start training again alone in my back yard.  I also went out and bought myself a good all purpose multi-vitamin for women and finally I purchased (on line) wild yam cream--notable for helping reduce menopause symptoms.  The result?  Day seven and my arms aren't feeling numb in my sleep, the buzzing sensation is gone and while in the mornings my hands still feel stiff, particularly my right one, it's much less than what I was previously experiencing.  
   When I do my martial arts practice I feel a lot of sensations around my spine, and through my arms.  From this I conclude that something was partially blocked and seems to be opening up again.
   All of this was done with no doctors, a little common sense and the belief that I have some partial control over what goes on with my body.  I hope that this post may be useful for the rest of you!
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Hi Ladies
I am 51 years old, feeling a wreck. Still having my period but last one came 3 week svs 4 weeks.
Until circa 9 months ago I was a fitness fanatic, Gym 5 days a week, generally healthy diet, all good until bit by bit the following symptoms started in the following order and with me now daily
1. Shaky legs- like an electric current going through them
2. Numbness in both feet
3. Heart Palpatations (come and go)
3. Itchy legs (mainly right leg)
4. Stinging thighs like nettle sting
5. Crying and mood swings (nightmare to live with- mainly before ovulation)
No Hot flushes as yet.
Went to GP( a Man) was given a cream(hydrocortisone to rub on my legs? Suprisingly no effect, next GP a she(notice a lady doctor) said it sounded more neurological and having just visited the neurosurgeon and mentioned could it be related to the menopause he said he has never experienced such a relationship? I too am waiting on a Brain and spinal MRI, went yesterday for more blood test and waiting on the results.
Like many posts before me I have thought of MS,brain tumor and someone last week mentioned Ovarian cancer (out of my mind with worry- waiting on ultra sound for ovaries & Blood test).
Just bought some B complex and magnesium today to try.Also Sage tablets suppose to be good for night sweats- anyone tried them?
As I have no conclusive results, I cannot rule out anything at this stage.
However as I research the menopause and other womens experience I am most horrified by the lack of medical know how in this area, its nothing short of a disgrace and I feel this needs to be voiced.
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Hello young girls 40 plus.....you know you  are strong...try Maca root and Black Cohosh , B complex, eat Organic food, exersice and stay POSITIVE,,,,,,It is just  Nature of the WOMEN,,,,Good luck,,,if you live in Las Vegas try my class Intimate Fitness for Ladies,,,all info on Meetup Web,,,
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I, too, have felt as though I am falling apart.  Strange things like the itchiness, the lack of focus, the tiredness, cold hands, cold feet, tingling in feet and hands, sore hands too, headaches, and so much more.  Bottom line is, menopause is not just hot flashes and minor aches and pains.  My doctor didn't help so I went to a naturopath.  The first time someone took me seriously and is helping.  I am on natural hormone replacement therapy and as an experiment, I stopped for 2 weeks to see if there was a difference.  Wow, was there ever.  I also am hypothyroid and have been for 18 years, so that is being treated differently and again, I stopped for two weeks and went back to the "old" synthyroid.  Well, a big difference there too.  I think the key is knowing you aren't crazy and that there are people out there that can help.  You are not alone
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I believe you've hit it right on the head.  Unfortunately, most medical doctors are clueless when it comes to nutrition.  They believe we can get everything we need from our food.  It may have been true at one time, but that isn't the case anymore.  As we age, we do not absorb the nutrients as well from our food sources.  Thus, the reason for supplementation and even B-12 shots (these work REALLY well).  When we become deficient in vitamin D, it often presents as depression.  I have been lucky to have found an amazing holistic M.D. (not a voodoo doctor...he is a medical doctor with hospital privileges, etc.) who is in practice with his wife, who has her Masters in nutrition.  Together, they brought me back from adrenal fatigue to health.  I am now experiencing the tingling sensations, muscle weakness, etc. that has scared the bejesus out of me (thinking it was MS), but it is very apparent that it is somehow related to menopause (I'm 54 in February).  As most of you know, progesterone levels start to fall in our 30's and by the time we are peri or in menopause, the levels drop to nearly nothing.  We need progesterone for many reasons.  Firstly, it is calming....helps tremendously with sleep issues.  Secondly, it helps to blunt the effects of falling estrogen and keeps us from becoming estrogen dominant (which has its own host of problems), and thirdly, I just found out that progesterone promotes myelin sheath formation.  Progesterone is necessary for the Schwann cell to make the myelin sheath.  As you may also know, the myelin sheath is the insulating material around the axon of neuron.  MS is a form of "demyelination."  So it is only natural that we women may experience MS-like symptoms and not have MS at all when our progesterone levels fall.  It's definitely worth looking into.  Personally, I have recently resumed using a compounded form of bio-identical progesterone (which is different from chemical progestin, which the body does not use as well).  I'm also on many supplements since my bout with adrenal fatigue, but most recently my doctor has placed me on high-dose alpha lipoic acid (600 mg per day), Acetyl L-cysteine and Acetyl L-Carnitine (500 mg twice a day of each) and also something called Botanical Treasures to address the healing of my nerves.  Hopefully, between the supplements and the progesterone, some of these wacky tingly, burny, sensations will subside as my body falls back into balance.  Fingers crossed.  All my best to each of you on this journey.  
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I went through the same kind of bp fluctuations. My gp started with the bp medicine. May be she shouldn't have.
Eating a clove of raw garlic, empty stomach, with warm water helped me a lot.
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I have the same crappy symptoms went through menopause early I'm 41 haven't had a period in years. I'm plagued with weird symptoms don't remember what it's like to feel normal. My hands are so numb that I'm having trouble typing. Good to know I'm not the only one. Good luck to everyone
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Hi, how did you find out about the garlic,
My symptoms are so horrendous, I was so sure there was something doctors was missing to be honest they haven't been any help to me what so ever , only that I find these sites they help to see not only one feeling like this I sometimes just cry not that it helps, just want to feel normal again
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Hi there  -  I am reporting back after a myriad of tests!!!   I have posted earlier and can confirm that I thanks to my health insurance I have had brain, back and foot MRI's (twice!) lumbar puncture,  nerve conduction tests both in the feet and from the brain downwards! all blood work to include B12 results = ALL CLEAR!!!  What a surprise!!!  Only thing slightly out is I am at the top end of the range for thyroid and low Vit D (not low enough apparently to warrant medical attention!)  Problem is with these ranges you can be borderline, show symptoms and GP writes you off as normal. Good news major tests are clear but still the symptoms remain. I am 47 had last period 9 months ago.  My symptoms are numb toes on left foot and now pain in these toes which affects my walking,  new symptom: painful joints in hands,  hands falling asleep in the night like Ive slept on them - this goes once I get up and flex them but the painful hand and toe joint remain. Skin on hands is very dry.  Tingling tongue has subsided as has tingling down legs, arms etc. Thankfully UTI's have not re-occurred. 3 months ago I had terrible anxiety come on - felt like I had had a breakdown.  Came out of the blue - never had depression before this was something quite new. I was waking at 4am every morning with racing negative thoughts. Also felt like my emotional part of my body was detached from my physical body - very hard to explain.  I felt very agitated and my thoughts were constantly about my symptoms. My GP sent me to see a psychiatrist!  I was put on Citalapran antidepressant.  Another GP I saw in the same practice felt sure it was anxiety due to a whole host of grotty things that I had experienced in the past year to include multiple bereavements but although I have no doubt this has not helped, my feelings were something quite new and came on completely out of the blue.  The antidepressant has stopped the insomnia and taken away the horrible detachment feelings but I now whenever I have a vaguely negative thought I experience a tight knot like feeling in my throat - it comes and goes so definitely anxiety.  My numb foot and the huge number of tests Ive had in the past 6 months have not helped my anxiety one bit either.  Anyway my blood tests show as well as being "in the menopause" I am vitamin D deficient - how that happens I don't know when I have taken supplements and calcium/Vit D supplements for years.  My mum was my age when she went on HRT and although Ive managed without it thus far as coming round to the idea I will have to start it to try and regain some of my life back.   As for my numb toes,  I have the doctors flumaxed.  They want to start me on Gabapentin for long term pain!  I tell them I just want to know why my toes are numb and they say 9 times out of 10 the reason is never apparent - great!  I am sure the anxiety doesn't help.  Next week I am starting back at work after taking a year's career break from a very stressful job so that will be interesting - kill or cure I feel!!  I am hoping to work will take my mind off my health.   In the meantime one last ditch attempt am going to research bio-identical HRT and see if that gets me anywhere before seeing my GP for standard HRT.   Many thanks to all of you for reporting on your experiences - the similarities are startling - don't know where we would be without this forum!!  all the best  Tracey
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So glad I came across this series of comments!  I am 52 years old and I am going through per-menopause.  I haven't had my period in four months, so far.  I thought I was dying!  I've been lightheaded, off balance, achy, fingers and toes tingle all the time, my face looks like I've been in the sun a little too long, have trouble concentrating, and all my blood work is totally fine!  Very frustrating and upsetting.  Thanks for all these posts, it puts my mind at ease, even though I still feel like crap every day.
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I am so glad to have found this site.  I am 47 years old and my period started to go beserk September 2014.  It's quite all over the place.  I started having tingling in my hands in November then in February started in my legs, now my head. I saw GYN was tested for hormone but he said I was not peri menopausal.  I find that hard to believe. No hot flashes, lots of anxietyanxirty, headaches, neck pain and this Tingling,  I seeing a neurologist this week to rule out MS.  I am extremely frightened and this thread is giving me hope that it's peri menopause I'm going thru.
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I have all of the symptoms above but I also experience shivering from time to time.  My whole body trembles and my teeth chatter.  This comes usually at night after all the head tingling, heart pounding, cold feet and hands, nasal congestion and vertigo.  I feel ill after I eat but I have had an endoscopy and even though I have a small hiatus hernia and slight redness of the stomach lining and throat and been prescribed Zantac I still feel awful.  I am anemic due to heavy periods and I take Trihemic. Any thoughts?  I hope so cause I feel as if I am dying sometimes.
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I just got my brain and spine Mir results.  Neurologist ruled out MS.  (What a relief). He suspects its migraine giving me all these weird sensation.  Which kind of make sense.  Anyone get migraines or extreme headaches?
It can cause parethesia.
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Have you read about Fibromyalgia? Some of your symptoms sound similar.
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I am so relieved to have found this forum. I have been unwell for 2.5 years and very debilitated by many of the same symptoms I have read about here.  I am 46.  I was always a healthy person who ate well, exercised a lot (ran marathons as an example), and had a great job in media as a VP.  The symptoms I deal with have taken my life away and I spend most if my time in bed. Here is a list of the major symptoms:
Extreme swelling especially in the morning (my fingers look like sausages and my face like a puff fish)
Tendon pain all over but particularly bad in my hands and elbows (it migrates around my body)
Horrible fatigue (I can sleep anywhere at anytime and never feel rested)
Muscle cramping that comes out of the blue and happens in my hands, arms, legs and feet (sometimes I have to drop my purse and one time I had to pull off the road as my hands cramped on the steering wheel)
If a body part is bent for a period of time, for instance my elbow, it hurts to straighten it
Large breasts for my size and they have gotten much bigger in the past 5 years (not fun...I'm a size 6 but am now wearing size 10 to fit my chest)
Recently I am getting hot flashes accompanied by anxiety.

I was tested for everything ( MS , Lyme, EMGs for carpal tunnel, Rheumatoid, Lupus, Thyroid, minerals, etc.). Everything is normal except my Thyroid is off. My functional medicine doctor put me on dessicated thyroid a few months ago but nothing has improved. Many doctors I have seen dismiss me as a crazy woman which frustrates the heck out of me.  I've tried bringing in a written list of symptoms to my latest appointments and this doesn't help either.

Like a lot of you, I obsess about what this is and do I have a horrible disease.  The closest illness I resemble is Fibromyalgia but I don't have tender muscles or tender points so I dont think it is this.  My functional medicine doctor doesn't think it is Fibro either (thank goodness and prayers to those who have it).

I have removed gluten with no benefit but I am only on day 12 so I will give it longer.  

I see a hormone doctor in three days and I am going to try to get on Progesterone.

To those on this forum, do you also get swelling? Do the symptoms eventually subside after menopause?  

It would be nice to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Dear Michelle  I also have swelling of both hands every night sometimes one or both hands are numbish when I wake up that goes away as soon as I start moving around.  I also have prickly tingling and numbish feelings that move around feet legs body front and back arms and hands, face and scalp and tongue ,all lab test and MRI normal.  The swelling is less during the day but not gone. Tried Climara patch for 7 weeks no change in symptoms so stopped due to cancer risk. This has been going on for 2 years. I am 57. Hope for all. Dee
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Here are some suggestions from someone who is finally beginning to feel better after years of suffering with all kinds of symptoms, and who became very frustrated with the inadequacy—and apathy!— I experienced from doctors attempting to treat women's health issues:

1. Buy a copy of the book "Moody *******" by Julie Holland, MD. You'll feel better and saner as soon as you start to read it.

2. Find a doctor who can treat hormonal issues, and ask if they prescribe bioidentical hormones via a compounding pharmacy. Some of them can be found under the term "Bodylogics."You can also search under "compounding pharmacy" in your area. Don't panic if you can't find one near you, as many of them will ship. They can often help you find doctors and are very knowledgeable on these issues.

I am in my fifties, have been in menopause for years, but continued to have debilitating symptoms which my hormone patch didn't help. Plus I learned that the "bioidentical" patch I was on was half-synthetic, increasing my cancer risk!  
I am finally experiencing relief on true bioidenticals from a compounding pharmacy. I was worried that they'd be expensive, but they're actually not that much more than my patch was. (and so worth it!)

Am also taking Vitamin D and iron—very important! I've found that avoiding wheat, dairy, and refined sugars can make a difference (though I love them, dammit). Also eating fresh dark green leafy vegetables...steamed,  in salads, or with olive oil & garlic...just cram them down your gullet!

Trying to walk a bit more, and it's easier now that I'm getting some stamina back.
I'm not out of the woods yet, but I am feeling a lot better. Hope this helps, and best of luck to you all!

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Note on my previous post:
I didn't realize that this board would bleep half the title of the book I mentioned.
So I'll put it a different way: the book is called "Moody [B-word that rhymes with DITCHES and refers to female dogs]"  
Hope this clarifies somewhat!
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Hi Blue thanks for your feed back. I am currently trying Maca 500 mg 2 to 3 times a day. Day 2 had only 3 hot flashes in 24 hours, today is day 3, no change in the odd sensations or swelling yet, also walking 3 to 4 times a week about 3 miles each time will watch the diet too. Will update if there are changes.  Have contacted Bodylogics just started to check that out.Hope to all Dee
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Hi Teado  I am currently trying MACA from Best Naturals this is day 3. Have you tried Macafem? Would be interested if it works. Saw your post was from Dec 2014, has anything worked for you yet? Hope to all Dee
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I am not sure if it is menopause or not but I have the same symptoms you all are talking about.  I just hate not knowing.  Is there a test for menopause.  I am the same as many here.  Hysterectomy when I was in my 20's now 52 with ovaries.  Has anyone ever seen tiny spots of blood?
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You are likely in menopause since it usually happens earlier after hysterectomy plus the average age is 51 for women who have all their parts. There is a blood test to check. As far as the "tiny spots of blood" it could be a sign of vaginal atrophy or maybe even vaginal vault prolapse.
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It may not be, it still may be menopause related. I'd get a 2nd opinion on that pronto before your doc starts to prescribe drugs for the nerve pain. You may not have it - and some of those drugs are downright scary! Eg. Lyrica
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It's PeriMenopause.  I am diabetic and I thought it was neuropathy but it's not, it's a symptom of Perimenopause. You need to see a specialist about it as you may have low estrogen and need it addressed.
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Yes,it could be due to tissue swelling pressing on the nerves. Also thyroid functioning will often go low when entering menopause and can contribute to joint pain/swelling. Would be prudent to get a thyroid panel done.
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Hi I just read this - did you get your problems resolved? I have been experiencing these issues for 10 weeks and am pertified - my doctor tells me I have depression. I have just finished a Master in Ed with a first class honours, I have a job I love and a great family - I am NOT depressed? Can you tell me if you are better and what helped - I am having a brain scan on Monday :(
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I just found this site and am relieved.  I have terrible numbness in my feet.  Crazy symptoms started about 4 years ago when my period stopped.  The last 6 months have brought on numbness and tingling.  It's driving me crazy. Had anyone had any success in eliminating the numbness.  What works?  Thanks.  
I am 52 and have not had a period in 10 years since turning 42. I went through the whole hot flash, night sweat stage. I do still from time to time get a hot flash. my problems have appeared to worsen with each passing year. Was never told by my OBGYN that I was menopausal, etc. Starting 4 years ago I fell at work and have had numbness in my feet. When i get gas I seem to have gas pains in weird areas, upper shoulder blades, neck. Found a new Gyn and she has been running tests. Just learned I have severe osteoporosis so now looking into natural supplements instead of prescription meds. I have had severe mood swings, depression, insomnia has been my friend for the last 6+ years. I am just not one to take meds of any kind. Just started taking women's 50+ vitamins a year ago. Have worked out avidly my entire life. Walk 6+ miles a day, sit ups, simply fit board, and elliptical. Am now being told I can walk and do elliptical but none of the other exercises due to brittle bones. I stub my toe and end up with broken toes and fractured feet. I really wish there was an all natural supplement for all of these issues as all the meds out there have horrible side effects and the long term side effects are so disturbing.
Oh and for the past 4 years now my skin on my hands and 1 foot have been breaking out. 3 different dermatologists all said the same thing. A topic dermatitis (eczema) brought on by an allergic reaction to something I am eating or coming into contact with. Worse in the winter months as my skin dries out incredibly. And just in the last couple of months my eye sight is very badly fuzzy and am having trouble remembering recent things.
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This is some what of an old thread but I am experiencing many of these symptoms and I have been ignored by my doctor. I am 39 and have 2 young boys.
I have been thinking something is off for a few months and went to have blood work done but my dr didn't check hormones because she said I was too young to go through any changes.
Anyway the blood draw sent me in to a tizzy freak out, I just got so nervous and anxiety set in thinking maybe the lab tech used a dirty needle with hiv or hepatitis!
Anyway my anxiety got fueled by my numbness and tingling fingers, feet, and lips, tongue that would shortly follow the blood draw. It's been 7 weeks after the blood draw I am over 10 days late for
My period and super sore breasts, cramps, fatigue, etc. I'm freaking out and drs are no help! Am I in peri- menopause or just anxiety!
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