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Menopause and mood swings

Who is having mood swings due to hormonal changes and how do you handle it??
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Hi specialmom. I had awful mood issues - extreme irritability, suicidal depression, anxiety - after my (unwarranted) hysterectomy. Estrogen made a big difference for me although it took awhile to get enough into my system and maintain the level to level things out. I hope you find something that helps or it runs its course soon! I know how hard it is!
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I’m happy that it worked for you. Do they have estrogen pills over the counter
I don't think you can get them over-the-counter. I believe there are some very low dose creams available without an Rx such as at health food stores but it seems I heard some have found them on Amazon.
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I was and still am  going through mood swings. Tired all the time and low sex  drive. Hang in there
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I asked my doc to put me on Med to handle my moods. And I feel better. I was like  a different woman everyday. Give it a shot
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