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NON Typical Menopause Symptoms

Hello.  I am 50 years old and am certain that I am "in Menopause".  But prior to being sure of that, 6 months ago I experienced a near fainting spell.  Since that time, I have had equilibrium problems, some minor dizziness, mild nausea and some pressure in my head; these symptoms have finally subsided after 6 months although I now have brief periods of those symptoms and they are much less extreme.  I must add that I have investigated every doctor and test such as heart, cat scan, MRI, ear specialist, sinus specialist, chiropractor and bloodwork.  I went to the gynecologist last week to discuss this and she said this was extreme but not unheard of especially since I had been to alot of doctors and everything else was ruled out.  I was wondering if anyone else had experienced any extreme symptoms leading up to menopause.  I missed my period in January, got it twice in February and have not had it since.  I have very minor/brief hot flashes.  The gynocologist recommended Remifemin.  The only medicine I take is Minocycline twice a week for a skin reddening condition called Rosacea.  I take vitamins.  Thanks for any imput!
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Ans:  Fainting can be a very scary problem and it should only be considered part of menopause if all other causes have been eliminated. Some people who faint have to wear a heart monitor called a halter monitor so the device can record the symptoms when they occur outside of the doctors office.  Some people need to have a glucose tolerance test where they have a fasting blood for sugar (glucose), then drink a large amount of liquid that has sugar in it, then have blood tests for glucose over the next three hours.  That tells if blood sugar drops suddenly and leaves a person faint. Another test done by ENT doctors is spinning around in a chair to see if it sets off the equilibrium. I would look into those things things before calling it menopause symptoms.  If they are OK, see how the Remifemin works or consider a short course of a low dose of estrogen if your gynecologist feels it is a reasonable choice for you.  Some menopausal women have very rapid heart rates like flutters and occasionally a person can feel faint when they happen..
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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Thank you so much for your prompt reply.  I have had everything you mentioned done with the exception of the glucose test.  I will mention that to my doctor. The commonality as I look back over the past 7 months is the onset of menopause which is why i am exploring that option since everything so far has been negative.  Thanks again and happy holiday!
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Hi. I'm new to this board and saw your post and had to respond.  I have been having this very same thing happening to me on and off for over a year.  A sister of mine had it happen for two years.  I get vertigo (room spinning) so bad sometime I cannot move a muscle for hours, laying down makes it worse.  I have also woken up from a sound sleep with vertigo.  After lots of tests (same as yours), I went to my GYN who also said dizziness is a common side effect in peri-menopause/menopause.  She hadn't ever had a patient who described it as badly as I had it though.  When I get the dizzies, my head feels full and if I move it, it's like I feel like a weeble (if you remember those little people toys).  I have come to the conclusion after extensive research, that it is definitely menopausal related, having to do with hormonal changes, especially severe changes around the time of ovulation and/or menstruation.  Even when I don't get a period, right around the time it should happen I get the dizzy spells.  There is an entire website called the dizzy lounge devoted to dizzy spells and there is a section devoted to menopausal dizziness.  Check it out on the web.  Hang in there, we have no choice!  Carol
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Thanks Carol...its always good to know that other people are experiencing the same thing...someone else recommended
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I would be hesitant to blame the vertigo on menopause. I've had a long history of vertigo, dizzyness and near fainting spells. This is what they found so far...I have BPPV (benign positional vertigo) and that was improved by special exercises. I also may have a basilar type migraine - with this migraine you don't necessary get a headache but you may have vertigo, tinnitus, confusion, etc. And also there is something wrong with my inner ear- there is some vestibular loss. The doctor to go to to check these things out is an oto-neurologist. They can run tests to rule out anything going on with the brain or inner ear. As far as a glucose test you can buy a diabetic testing monitor and test yourself if you think this is related to hypoglycemia. With a high glucose reading you would be thirsty, also be running to the bathroom to urinate often plus be getting drowsy,  which could lead to coma.
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Dont know if you are still checking this posting.  I am 45 y/o and a year ago woke up with tinnitus which has never left.  I frequently get a motion sickness type feeling and had two episodes of vertigo-one lasted one hour and one lasted 12 hours.
I also frequently get a feeling like I have a bad sunburn on the skin of my arms and jaw.
I've been to two neurologists, ent, and internist.  Many tests done and back normal.  MY cholesterol is very low and b12 a little low.  I also have had much worse pms over the past year, pain with ovulation and my periods come every 21 days. (yuck)
I also had an ultrasound of the pelvis and they said my I may have pelvic congestion syndrome (kind of like varicose veins around the uterus)

Anyway, I asked my doctor if these could be perimenopausal symptoms and he didn't think so.  He started me on birth control
(nuvoring) and although that has helped the pelvic pain, it has made the burning feeling on my skin much worse.

Just wondered if anyone else has had these symptoms with hormone changes.  I'm very nervous about taking estrogen.

thanks for any input
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