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Not sure which treatment I should get

Hi, I am currently going through the menopause and feeling very very low, however I was taking antidepressants beforehand.  So how do I know if I should now be treated for menopause or depression? Dr doesn't seem to want to advise.
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Gosh, tough one.  Often intertwined. Our hormones are so well known for causing our moods, right?  And the blues, flashes of anger, etc. are very common during the menopause years.  When you say treated for menopause, what do you mean?  Beware of hormone replacement in my opinion as there are links to breast cancer so really options generally are to help with symptoms like hot flashes.  I'd go the path of treating depression as menopause may be a trigger for that but you've also had a history.  And THAT you can treat. good luck
HRT was the Drs suggestion,  I have night sweats so don't sleep much, my hair is getting thin and I feel very weak (not sure if that's related), along with mood swings, but having said that the Depression is by far the most difficult to deal with.  Gonna see the doctor on Monday again with my decision - I wish she would help a bit more because it's these sort of decisions I can't cope with! Think I'm going to try the Depression tablets. Thanks for your kind reply.
Specialmom is right.  HRT is not a good idea until there are no other options.  I couldn't take it due to family history of cancer and was very low and sad. Doctors just prescribe drugs.  He put me on zoloft which made my sleep worse so I stopped it.  A friend of mine suggested a combination of ashwagandha and shatavari ayurvedic herbs.  The power form tasted disgusting but it definitely helped after 2 weeks. I just found a tablet combination of both with some soy isoflavones extract called Menorhythm.  I wanted something with magnesium as it helps to relax my but I decided to take that separately.  Depression is a crippling disease.  I know how bad it feels and hormonal changes aggravate it for sure. Like postnatal and during pregnancy. If you don't feel good hun ask your doctor if he has other options.  CBT may also help.
Very interesting, thanks for the info on the herbal remedies - think I'm gonna go to the shops tomorrow.
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I became severely depressed after an (unwarranted) hysterectomy. I had no history of depression and, clearly, the severe and immediate loss of hormones was the trigger. Plus I had a long list of other debilitating symptoms of hormone deficiency. So HRT made the most sense to me and has been a huge help although has not completely resolved all the problems that ensued.

Have you had your thyroid checked? Thyroid problems are common and seem to be more prevalent around the time of menopause. Depression and hair loss are two symptoms that can be caused by thyroid problems as well as menopause.

Hope this helps!
I should get my thyroid results back tomorrow, didn't know depression was connected to Thyroid. Thanks for your comments.
I also did not know about depression and thyroid.  Thank you! ! I am sure my doc checked my thyroid levels before but it looks like it is now the time to check them again.  
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