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Painfully sensitive skin - is it forever?

Hi all.  The past couple of weeks - like turning on a tap - my skin has become super sensitive - almost like it's badly sunburnt.  Moving into or out of the car, off a seat etc has become torture.  

I have had super sensitive teeth for the past year and my jaw is moving - and no one can tell me what has caused this.

I'm wondering 1. if the sensitive skin - which I believe is menopause related - will de-sensitise soon or am I stuck with this for the rest of my life; and 2. does anyone think the skin and teeth might be related?

Thanks for any input.

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I should have also noted that I have Hashimoto's hypothyroiditis.
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Hi Julia,

I saw your post, and being that I am 33 years old, I am not experiencing Menopause, however I get a similar "painful to the touch" sensation on my skin periodically. I did a search on med help, that is how I came across your post.

Anyway, every once and a while (aprox 1-2 times/month), certain areas on my body will become EXTREMELY sensitive to the touch for about a full day. BUT, there is never any redness, swelling, rash or ANYTHING to indicate any type of injury or reason for the pain. It's just a radiating discomfort, literally skin deep. Sometimes it's my forearm area, sometimes my shoulder blade area. Just varies, for no apparent reason I guess. It's almost so sensitive that clothing rubbing on that area of the skin is bothersome and painful.

I was wondering if you had figured out what was causing your skin pain, cause I can't figure this out and I've had it for many years.


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I'm 49 and believe I am in the process of menopause.  I have recently experienced this painful skin sensation as well.  It is in it's second day now and has effected the skin on the top of my head about the size of a hat.  Very unsettleing feeling.
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I am 50 and have been in menopause for about 14 months.  

I have experienced periods of skin soreness similar to what you are describing for many years.  It usually occurs on my legs and lower back and it usually goes away after a few days.  I had always thought it was connected to my back being misaligned and that it was a result of nerves being pinched.  

Recently, however, my skin has become extremely sore.  The soreness has been more severe than before and has lasted for 3 weeks (much longer than before) with no end in sight.  It becomes worse when it is cold.  I find relief in warm showers or baths.  I've found that wearing tights under my jeans seems to make it more bearable.

Hope this helps.

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My symtoms are almost identical to yours - and I dont think I am experiencing menopause as I am only 32.

Have you figured out what causes this.

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Hi Jennifer,

You described what I am going through word for word.  Once or twice a month I get sorenes of the skin on different areas of my body.  Sometimes it's my thigh, sometimes it's my arm, etc.  It lasts from 1 to 3 days.  It is even sensitive from clothes rubbing against the area.  There are never signs or redness or swelling.  Did you ever find out what it could be?  I have researched and found no answers.  I would be very interested if anyone has any diagnosis.

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I have the same painfully sensitive skin, which can last up to a day or two.  I am 29 years old.  It seems to happen on the right side of my body, usually the thigh, arm or shoulder blade.    My pants are rubbing up against it and it hurts.   LIke yours, there is no swelling, rash or redness.  What is it?
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Im 23 and I am also having the same system on my arm and shoulder blade as we speak and its seem to be gradually moving up my arm. I have looked on heaps of websites but all I seem to be finding is questions about it but no answers? But you can rule out menopause!
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I too have been experiencing the very same symptoms for a number of years. At 29, I am not going through the menopause, but I wonder if it is hormone related as I have been on the pill for 8 yrs now?
I also have Raynauds - poor circulation.
It is a relief to find that other women experience this also as I thought I was on my own!
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I have had the similar skin pains especially on the right side rib area and back right shoulder area. I found relief when I applied vitamin E oil directly onto the sore area. But when you apply it make sure the oil is heated to where its almost hot and then saturate the sore area. Leave it uncovered for a while so the skin can absorb the oil. If you have a portable heater aim it directly at the sore area after the oil is applied. I've noticed a noticeable reduction in pain after the first coat of hot vitamin E oil.  The second coat gave me more relief. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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I am 42 years old and have just started experiencing this soreness.  At first it was on my whole tummy area and part way round my back.  it lasted for 2 days.  Then it moved to the upper, inner part of my arm and is still there after about a week.  Its flipping annoying, has anyone come up with an answer yet.
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I am male 47, I have the same or similar my left arm is the worst, a patch on the top of my arms. its like sunburn or being stung, even if i blow on it is painful and makes me feel sick. my inner thighs have a similar sensation. I have had this for 6 weeks now, i also have a bad burning sensation on the soles of my feet. which i have had for a year now.. no one can help , the doc is puzzled , the neurologist said he can find nothing.. I give up :-(
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Hi everyone

I'm 53 yrs old and i have a redness, itchy and i get rashes on my face, body and neck it lasts for like a few days but now i feel it all the time. Its a burning sensation. I did go to the doctors but they said I have to like wear cotton cloths, they didn't help either.

If anyone has a similar problem can you please reply.

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That is exactly what I am experiencing! Bumping something with my hands is so painful it breings tears to my eyes!  Nor redness or rash just extreme sensitivity.
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   I experienced menopause many years ago.  I am very active and try to ignore as many of the problems I have now and then.  However, I suddently have like a  burning sensation to my skin on my upper right thigh near my crotch and on the back or my left thigh amazingly no rash but great pain.  I have had back problems for years but this is soooo new.  Any idears out there?
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I too have the painful sensitivty to light touch, clothes rubbing my skin is unbearable at times.  This comes about twice a month.  I'm 40 and starting menopause and have been dealing with this for quite some time, so I'm sure it isn't that.  The link above was one I found while searching, not sure if it will be helpful or not.  I also found this as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allodynia
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Did you ever find out what is causing it?
I've had it for a few years now mainly on my back and my face, alternate sides, i'm 29 now....wondering if it stress related?
When its on my face it works its way down and i get what feels like shivers randomly as if i have goosebumps on and off but nothing there..no rash colour or goosebumps?

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