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Hello everyone -

Just became a member on this site hoping for some commonality answers / wisdom regarding Peru Menopause. I’m 50, began periM approx 2 yrs ago. I’ve endured the hot flashes and night sweats off and on lasting 1-2 months in duration, then they vanish. My concern, these fun night sweats & flushes have returned but with new sx. Feeling very lightheaded, lethargic, head pulsating pain in various spots, minor headaches, and nauseous throughout day. Oddly, my face and back of head tingles, and feel like I have a lump in my throat. Realizing these sx sound strange, just wondered if anyone else here has experienced this. Thank you for your time and look forward to any advice.
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I feel your pain! The stories I read years ago hoping weren't true about menopause are true!  Do you have these all the time or is it cyclic?  My symptoms seem sort of cyclic.
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Thank you for responding. My symptoms do appear very cyclic. This time around however they returned with a vengeance! The neck stiffness, head (pulsating) pain, numbness & tingling on bottom of feet, and the feeling of a golf ball in my throat. Not to mention the fatigue, nausea & palpitations. The sweats and flushes are horrid.  

I don’t want to do any HRT as the increase of stroke is not a fun thought.

Didn’t have s period for 6 months, then it arrived 2 months ago and haven’t had one since. Had no idea there could be other related symptoms so debilitating. :-((
Meant to share that I read another older post where it mentioned, Wisdom Menopause Formula. As desperate as I am to find relief, I purchased this item via Amazon. It will arrive in a couple of days......we shall see. Ox
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You'll have to let me know how that goes.  I'm not big on taking anything so have stayed away from those types of products. My best friend is my fan at night.  couldn't live without it.  And I try to build in some extra sleep time.  Are you having any mood swings?
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Not in past but I am now experiencing mood swings. Like clockwork...I wake up at 01:30 every single night. That’s been pretty standard though for a couple of years since this began.
It’s also a joy when you go from a normal size 2 to a 4 then a 6 in pant sizes all in a 10 day period with the out of control bloating! Oy!
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Ya, I have my good me and my bad me, you never know what you are going to get since menopause hit and I've resorted to sweat pants more than I like.  But they ARE comfy.  (I now know why older women like those elastic waist band, polyester pants, ha ha).  It's rough.  One day at a time.  AND, why do I have more pimples now than I did when I was a teenager?
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Indeed..... I’m wearing more sweat pants now..... erg!

Though these sx are awful, I can handle this journey if I know that’s all it is....meno! The frightening aspect is not knowing if it’s more than meno or if PeriM is causing something else to flare. Reading many of the comments about dizziness, lightheadedness, tingling and numbing sensations (which I’m now getting) it makes me wonder if something else is surfacing due to the hormonal imbalances. Kind of like flipping a trigger!!! :-/

Things that make you go hmmmmm!
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Our bodies go through a lot of changes during this time.  One thing that also happens is an increase in mental health things like anxiety,  My anxiety can go through the roof.  I would think all of the things you mention are meno related---  you can always have a physical to make sure.  And once you check out healthy, then you know it is anxiety that makes you worry that these symptoms are more serious than the pains of menopause.  :>)
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Interesting points. I never expected to have neuro head issues. Seeing my GP on the 20th and hoping she can assist in some way.

The throbbing head pain is beyond concerning. Never had an anxiety issue but this certainly has caused some uneasiness. :-)
I’m sure many on this site have endured the challenges of whether or not to seek help via the ER on this as they often haven’t a clue on how to dx or treat this obscure problem. OY!
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Yes, the ER is not a good place to go for menopause.  lol.  My general practitioner is really helpful as she is a woman and gets everything I'm going through.  I give her my wide range of symptoms and she says normal or not normal.  So far, everything I have is normal.  I like her better than my ob/gyn but that's a good person to talk to as well.  

I've always gotten headaches with hormone fluctuation.  I got headaches with half my periods.  So, it's a pretty common hormonal symptom.  

Yes, anxiety can make you worry about our heath a lot too and menopause can make us anxious. It's all a vicious interrelated cycle.  good times.
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Oh yes......craziness isn’t it?
About sums it up.  I hate to be unreasonable but the hormones get in the way.  I have a look that my husband know .  . .   if I make that face, he heads out of the room.  
Lol...... I haven’t noticed any change emotionally but the physical sx are causin me to get irritated. The racing heart, dizziness, lightheadedness .... geez...... all those are making me go nutz....which my poor husband has to deal with.
Yes, these are trying times for our partners to deal with.  But they have their things too, right?
I've had terrible hot flashes on and off for about ten years.  They had become life altering.  I could be in the grocery store standing in line, cool as a cucumber, and the next thing my head is soaked with sweat.  So embarrassing!  The night sweats were fierce.  My pajamas, bedding and myself would be soaked.  I wasn't getting very good sleep.  For a time I would lay out extra pajamas and baby wipes so I could change really quick.  I also put a huge beach towel down so the sheets wouldn't get soaked.

I did find some things that have been really helpful.  First, I take an all natural supplement from Nature's Bounty called Menopause.  There's one pill to take in the morning that helps with hot flashes, and a different one at bedtime that helps with night sweats and sleep.  It's changed my life.  You can get it at any pharmacy.

I also came across some bamboo pajamas that wick the sweat away from you but the pajamas don't get wet.  And Cosy House has bamboo sheets.  They're so comfortable and they're a bargain at about $47 and it really helps with the night sweats.  Between all this, I am actually okay most of the time.  After I've been symptom free for a long time, I'll stop the supplements thinking I'm all set.  But they always come back with a vengeance.

Oh, the burdens we women carry!
Oh love love love your suggestions!!  Thank you so much for sharing. I've heard of nature's bounty---  have not tried it but thinking it 'may' be time.  And the sheet suggestion is also fantastic!!  

I agree about our burdens! lol  Life is rough with hormones!
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