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Perimenopause and MS like symptoms

I have been in what I believe is perimenopause for at least 2 years now. Many symptoms I am having strongly mimic MS. I have been to a Neuro., a Rheum., Obgyn. All tests have come back normal, even my hormone levels. I have numbness, tingling, intermittent pain (all predominantly on one side), extreme fatigue. The list could go on and on. My symptoms have progressively gotten worse since they began. At the time all of this began, I started to notice changes in my period, which made me believe it was all related to PM. Well, I have been to more docs in the past 2yrs than I probably have seen my entire life, and so far I am the healthiest/lousiest feeling person on the planet. All of my tests come back normal. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful my tests are normal, but wondering - can all of this be my crazy hormones??
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I'm newly diagnosed with MS and my first attack was last April, this coincided with me entering early menopause (last year I was just beginning, my recent blood tests show I'm now well into it) - I've often wondered if the MS brought on the early menopause - my neurologist says it's coincidence but I do wonder....and yes I agree hormones have an awful lot to answer for!!

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You and I are going thru the same thing.  Ms symptoms and menopause are very much alike and it is scary.  My doctor wants me to see a neurologist also for more testing.  My symptoms have become more and more prominent too.  I feel as though you do.  I am the healthiest/lousy feeling person with everything to be thankful for but can't get my body feeling right.  Scary isn't it and doctors say that hormones do not react that strongly but I have learned to disagree and talked to a nurse friend of mine that went through it and it was the worst time of her life.  She now coaches others and basically says your body can have any symptom it wants when your hormone levels are off.
Hang in there and keep in touch.
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Thats me..the healthiest  person on this earth acccording to all tests..but i feel totally off..always weak, wobbly, clammy. Just wish some test would come back abnormal so i could know what was going on.
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Make me #  4!!! Lots of normal tests, and yet  feel terrible for past 3 years!!! Never had any major health issues prior to "perimenopause". Now I feel like  a total hypochondriac..... can not wait to get thru all this!
I thank God for  a truly wonderful husband.. no one else seems to understand- epsecially NOT my drs. He remembers what I used to be like... and gives me hope I will feel good again.
Good luck and god bless all of you ladies!
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Thank you for all of your responses. I'm so sorry so many are experiencing the same symptoms. I also have been pretty healthy all of my life. I never get sick, and until now, hardly ever went to the doctor.
The thing that frustrates me so much is that I can't find one doc. that will admit any of my symptoms could possibly be hormonal. This of course elevates my anxiety level as I wonder what on earth it could possibly be.
I will be going back to the neuro. next month d/t increase in and new symptoms. I'm really scared, because my gut feeling tells me this could be MS even though the tests do not show it yet. I keep my gut feeling to myself pretty much because I'm afraid it makes me look even more like a hypochondriac. Thankfully, my neuro. takes my symptoms very seriously to the point that he has even referred me to other specialists to rule out all of the mimics. My former primary doc. treated me like I was a total nut job - lol.
My husband has also been very supportive, which I am so very thankful for. Without his support, I don't know what I would do. He has been great about taking me to dr. apts., running errands, etc... when I don't feel up to driving.
I just keep praying and hope to find an answer soon.
i got on this convo because I have been trying to figure out what my symptoms are related to. I had my last period in March of 2016 and just started HRT 2 weeks ago because i was thinking it might help my wierd symptoms. I've been slightly dizzy off and on for a few month like alittle off balance...not really spinny dizzy. and my legs feel jittery often and i have a bit of a headache off and on all day.  My sinuses due to allergies are the worse they've ever been.  I keep running into articles that say it might be MS but also see many that it might be menopause related.  The only difference is that many are mentioning perimenopause and not post menopause.  Any thoughts from any of you?
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Good luck to you!! I will praying you find an answer soon! keep us posted on your news!
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I do have MS, at least thats what the docs told me, and I've had Hypothroidism for over 10 years, and it seems to be well controlled with Synthroid. With my MS I just started being numb in my legs and eventually not being able to walk. While in the hospital they gave me all kinds of awful tests, the worse was a spinal tap (recovering from that was worse than anything). Lately I've been dealing with hotflashes from the dark side and nausea, combined with fatigue. Personally, I'm sick of doctors and all their tests. If they can't fix the problem then why do they keep giving me tests and medicines that hurt and make me sick. I will say that my favorite medicine is steroids, they seem to help my MS better than any other medicine, but they can't be taken long term. There was a breakthrough on one kind of medicine, know as "The Walking Pill" but it was $1,056.00 for 30 - not kidding. So with that, I guess my fate would be a choice of either starving or walking good.

fig65, I'm praying for you and all your symptoms to be settled to your benefit.
Change your diet. I've been reading a lot on MS and the one thing they say is a plant based diet is very effective in treating MS.
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I have MS (only diagnosed last year) and am 48yo going through menopause or perimenopause for the last 4+ years. Feeling worse and worse with each year, yet ALWAYS the worst monepausal-type symptoms around period time.

Even my MS nurse tells me your MS can flare during a period or courtesy of hormones, well YIPPEEE.

Frankly my instinct is telling my that once menopause has completed its cycle of horror, I will feel relatively 'normal'. I am hoping that is sooner rather than later.

Currently I will ahve two regular 28 day cycles, which culminate in a massive nasty migraine on day 1 of a period, with token MS-type symptoms of dizziness, numbness and parethesia, wobbling around like a drunk etc. It eases off over a period of days (pardon the pun) as my period comes to an end.

Then I'll have a 60+ day cycle. Am on day 62 right now - longest since I was pregnant 15 years ago. Is this the end?? By the period cramps and threatenting migraine/MS for the last week I'd say no.

I want to ask my dr about those bio-identical hormone treatment creams. I cannot take HRT due to the nasty migraines and increased stroke risk....
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These posts made me smile. We are all in this boat together. Don't be too afraid if they tell you it's MS. I have it and for ME, it's managable. I think all of us should write a book about this curse.
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I have also been going through a list of over twenty symptoms, had all kinds of blood work, holter monitor, MRI and the doc is looking at menopause....???  Really?  Do any of you have heart rates that exceed 100 beats per minute for over 5 weeks, non-stop?  OR blood pressure that ranges from 50/26 to 180/100? and drastically changes in a "heart beat?" Or had such extreme pressure on the head, not head ache but feeling like your head is in a vice?  EXTREME hot to freezing cold?  the hot part fits menopause, but I've never heard my mom or friends say that they got ice cold to the touch (and turned whitish/grey)  So I'd be interested in knowing if any of you have also had these symptoms?  
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something I am checking into, maybe you should google for yourself, and is very under diagnosed & unrecognized by the medical community is Adrenal Fatigue, has many/most of the same symptoms, easily treated...check it out.  I'm frustrated with the doctors & lack of answers or relief, so I am going to try the adrenal support supplements to see if there's improvement.  I wish you luck.
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How long do the menopause symptoms last that mimic MS? I've been dealing with them for about 18 months. No period for about 7 months. I've had loads of tests but have not yet taken the plunge to test for MS. I'm still walking although right side constantly weak from neck to toes. It is very scary & you do feel like you are crazy. We really need a national database that tracks symptoms so we can normalize some of this. It is ridiculous that medical professionals do not understand or acknowledge something that 50% of the population experiences. Statistically it is probably the most common medical condition on the planet...yet it is ignored!
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I'm having exact same issues.  Since October 2014.  It started very slowly.  Irregular period, carpal tunnel,  then tingling in hands legs, head back stomach.  Weakness in my left arm and legs.  Anxiety, stiff neck, fatigue.  
I've had 2 MRI and 2 neurologists have ruled out MS.  (Thank god!)
I still have the symptoms and now my anxiety has taken over my life.  
I'm trying to figure out if it's anxiety or peri menopause. If you figure out what it is before I do please let me know.
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I went for a check up with Neuro opthamalogist  last week as I have a history of pseudotumor of the right eye from Graves opthomyopathy . I have Hashimotos and am hypothyroid . But any way. I started having an increase in the zaps , tingles, creepy crawly and painful needlelike feelings in my body this past January. These feelings occur mostly in my legs. I've had bizarre MS like symptoms since 1996 . Off and on . Nothing really continuous except for the vertigo and occasional unsteadiness. My neuro opthamologyst who by the way is a woman and is going through peri herself.  is thinking all of this is related to Perimenopause. Told me to consider taking Neurontin but also ordered a laundry list of blood work. I am very hesitant to take any medication and will not take anything unless the symptoms are continuous as of right not they are not. They come and go for a few weeks then nothing for months. They happen at night only about 99% of the time. Hot flashes too were continuous for a couple months. No let up between them. She also would like a MRI of the brain as well. I am 54 and believe I have had peri symptoms nearly 10 years. I've often told my husband that if anything kills me it will be the perimenopause.
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I've been experiencing similar symptoms: numbness on arms and right leg, incredible fatigue, brain zaps, pain in various parts of the body. I've been going through perimenopause but no doctor have admitted that these symptoms could be related to perimenopause.
I have the same symptoms as you are having. I am 40 right now with years of struggling before and after the diagnose premature ovarian failure. How are you doing right now? In the mean time have you found a dr. who is willing to listen?
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I realise this is quite an old post but I am curious as to known if you ever got the answers to your symptoms. I too have had similar symptoms & seen a neurologist the one time & had an MRI to rule out stroke which came back clear. It has been a frustrating Journey so far & since seeing the neuro my symptoms have become worse. It started out as tingling fingers and feet, toes, now I have it in my chin lips and tip of my nose also in my upper back. If this is perimenopause then I will be relieved. I hope you found some answers xx
I suffer also.....been years still no answers. I’m going to ask for hormone testing? I’ve had the mri’s and c-t scan nothing. So frustration affects my walking, talking, so weak and sore. Did you find any answers? I’m in Canada.
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Yes, Perimenopause can cause these symptoms.
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I also have all sort of strange symptoms since premature ovarian failure. No doctor admits it could be due to menopause. I have neurological problems, tinnitus, brain zapps, neck stiffness, lightheaded, strange sensations head body, migraines, visual disturbances..... besides that atypical menopause symptoms like hot flushes if I don't take HRT, heart palpitations, muscle stiffness, mood problems, tiredness, dry skin and the list goes on.....I have no idea if it is menopause now or hrt? I get all sort of attacks. Symptoms are there 24 hours a day, they have changed and some symptoms will disappear, every month and day is different. I need help but doctors won't listen to me. They continuing trying hr/birth control. Hormones are causing all sort of problems.
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I am sorry to hear. Have you already found an answer? or have symptoms improved?
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At 50 I started menopause and had hot flashes for 10 days.  

I also have low thyroid.

To get rid of my hot flashes I see a chiropractor that does applied kenisology,  AK.  In addition. I  used BRT, body restoration technique and NAET. Because I caught my hot flashes,  only 10 days in, received 7 treatments and have NEVER HAD ANOTHER HOT FLASH. I am now 59.

Keep in mind it may take longer the longer the hot flashes have been going on. And everyone is different.  

There is another method that very effective,  BAX 3000 and BAX AURA.  Also done with a chiropractor that has purchased this system.  

With NAET and BAX 3000 AND BAX AURA,  there is a DETOX Protocol to clear the body of allergies.  Once the DETOX protocol is completed the chiropractor will be able to help you with specific issues.  

I get a blood test every six months the monitor my thyroid . I take an organic as given to me by the chiropractor,  GTA FORTE. I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT SELF MEDICATE  but use this product under the care of the chiropractor that actually works with lab results.  

Here is the Good News; in addition to allergies my husband and I have used, BRT, NAET. BAX 3000 and BAX AURA  to help our body become more tolerant and to build our immune system on other issues such as rashes,  viruses,  bacteria. Lung and cough,  blood sugar,  inflammation,  arthritis,  metals,  thyroid,  CELIAC disease, exposure to pesticides, liver, gallbladder, cholesterol  etc.

I don't want to mislead and say we are totally cured of all the conditions listed. But I can say by blood test that we are in normal range and the quality of life has improved.  

It does take research to find these chiropractor and techniques but so worth it.

Good luck
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