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Perimenopause and massive anxiety

Hi. I have debilitating anxiety and panic that I have managed for 10 years. I have also been having symptoms of what I believe to be perimenopause. This week, my medication seems to have suddenly stopped working and I am under extreme anxiety and unable to function normally. Do you know how I might get help for this and what tests or treatments to ask for?
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Hi - have you had your hormones levels checked?  
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Are you on any meds for anxiety and panic? I have been dealing with that prob for over 14 yrs. I agree with quietgal about hormone levels too and yet you also need to work on the anxiety and panic. Meditating, relaxation exercises, and seeing an expert on anx. and panic will get you on the road to progress! Do not live with this problem as you are wasting precious time in your life and we only get one shot at it!!!!  Positive thinking and taking time for yourself is #1.
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I found getting my FSH and LH testing to be great in helping overcome this problem.

My estrodiol - progesterone levels were checked and I was put in a compound RX of progesterone cream that eliminated this for me completely.

I am estrogen dominant - per this doc - and since I started the treatment I feel so much different.

I also have a thyroid condition so this together can be somewhat tricky
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Hi there, I too suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.......but there is hope. I am able to manage the anxiety and hardly ever get panic attacks or anxiety anymore. Check out www.panicportal.com Hope this helps.......take care and good luck.
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Hi I'm new on here my name is Melody Cullivan and I'm 38 years old I just had a total vaginal hysterectomy on last month and after the hysterectomy I started having anxiety which I never had before I'm wondering could it be caused by hormone imbalance this started 3 days after I got out of the hospital but I still have my ovaries my doctor tells me my ovaries were very healthy so that's why he didn't remove them out. So I started feeling really bad after surgery and did some research on the internet about it I went see my GYN on the 10th and he told me my ovaries were producing hormones so I had night sweats 3 days after my hysterectomy then the anxiety started energy been up and down I cry all the time thinking I'm losing my mind went see my GP and he told me my estrogen level was low since my GYN had taken out everything except for my ovaries my ovaries couldn't supply the blood to start producing the hormones my body needs so he put me on premarin but he never did any test on me to check my levels. What should I do
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