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Perimenopause and prolonged bleeding

Hi, I was hoping to talk to some other ladies on here who have maybe experienced the same symptoms as I have for almost a year (in February). I tried asking some relatives and friends but no one else I know have experienced the same as me but looking up the symptoms it does appear it can happen.

Since last February my periods have changed. They are longer with fewer time between periods and some days are really heavy. It's more of an annoyance than anything else, really. I'm not really concerned about it but since I never know when I'm going to bleed, it does affect my every day living somewhat.

I had a pap smear done a few months ago and all looked fine and normal. The Gyn doctor suggested I get a hysteroscopy done to scrap the uterus and remove a small polyp but they aren't really concerned about cancer and neither am I. I had a pelvic ultrasound done last year when this first started and they did see the smal polyp but nothing else out of the ordinary.
I'm wondering if it's worth it to get the hysteroscopy done, if it will actually slow down or control the bleeding? Is there anything over the counter I can try? My sister suggested Estrovan but I don't think I have hot flashes yet and not sure that will help with bleeding.

Are there any other ladies out there dealing with this, the never ending period? It's so annoying! I was just wondering at what point I can hope this will end. It's been almost a year. I was told most people go through menopause around age 51 and I'm 48, so I hope I'm not dealing with this for a few more years.
Is there anything at all that can help with this? I'd rather not take the BCP's but that's an option after I get the hysteroscopy. The doctor wants to do that first.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from some other ladies, maybe some support. I have no one I know or anyone around me who has experienced this. They were apparently the fortunate ones who just had their periods slow down and then stop. Mine's just neverending, with only a few days or up to a week with no bleeding before it starts all over again. Fortunately the cramps and heaviness isn't all the time but it's enough that makes things uncomfortable. And weirdly enough, I passed some small blood clots last month for the first time since I ever started having periods. I don't ever remember doing that before, but I've heard it can happen with periods so I'm not too concerned, just was surprised as it was unusual for me.

I'd love to talk with some other ladies who may be going through or who have gone through this as I feel kind of alone here and do have some questions. I would just love some support from others who have been there or who are going through this.
Thanks so much! I hope to hear from a few other ladies and have a little support and if I can give some support too, I'd be glad to!  :) Thanks and God bless!
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It's taken a long time but I think I finally have some answers. I did an endometrial biopsy and discovered my hormones were out of balance and I have been too high in estrogen so they started me on progesterone to balance things out and it seems to be working, or at least a lot better. They still want to keep an eye on things but just thought I'd post this in case any other ladies out there are going through something similar and maybe you can get help for it a little sooner than I was able to.
Thanks for updating, April2. I went through the same thing. Estrogen surges are common at perimenopause (my started at 45). What type of progesterone are you taking?
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Sorry, menopower, I don't seem to be getting notifications when I get a comment on a post so I didn't see this before.
Anyway, I'm taking Provera. So far, so good!
I am having bleeding for about two to three months now. It may stop for a day but then the bleeding starts again, heavily with large clots. It never hurts but I can always tell when it is going to start because it feels like a rake is scraping my insides. It is not really pain but weird. I am 47 so I just fi
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I had a hysteroscopy and I;m so happy I did it. I  don;t bleed heavy anymore .. its been about a year and a half, I;m 46
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