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Perimenopause at age 37?

Hello everybody -

I'm just posting here because I am really confused about what is going on with my menstrual periods at the moment, and thought someone here might be able to help!

I used to always have a 32 day cycle, bleed for 5 days, and that's it.  A few months ago, all that suddenly changed when I had a 53 day cycle, which has never happened before.  I bled for the normal 5 days after that, and then the next month was kind of normal again.  The cycle after that, however, I had mid-cycle bleeding, which I have never had before, and that kind of continued until it turned into a normal period.  However the period carried on for 3 weeks, until I went to see the doctor, and she gave me some tablets to stop the bleeding.  Now I have just had a 42 day cycle, and the bleeding this last period has been heavier than ever - flooding and clots so bad I couldn't leave the house at times.  I had some of the tablets left from before, so I have taken them again to stop the bleeding.

I plan to see the doctor again once the bleeding has stopped (I still have some light bleeding), as she said last time she would do an internal exam but not whilst I was bleeding, but I just wondered if anyone else on here had experienced this, or has any idea what might be going on?

I have read that this can be a sign of early menopause, but I am 37, and even though I know it's not impossible, it seems a little young to be beginning the menopause.  Any thoughts?

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Hi Debbie44.

It is a good decision you are planning to see your doctor again regarding what all you have been going through.

It is not impossible to go through the change early.  Alot of it also has to do with genetics, general health, etc.

Most of my life my periods were never on time.  Most of the time they were very irregular start dates, anywhere from day 21 to day 52,  I could start.  However, when I did start it would be a normal 6 day period.

Now, that I am in my fourties my start dates or more regular now, starting anywhere from day 21 to day 26.  However, my periods usually last for 2 heavy days and almost done on day 3 or 4.  My mom went into menopause when she was 42.

Perimenopause can last for around 10 yrs. for some women and just a few for others.  So who knows, I have no idea if that is what we are going through or not. : (  But it does stand to reason.

Hang in there, and keep us posted on your test result and how you are doing okay.

Have a blessed and worry free day.

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hi Debbie, I am 37 yrs old and have been experiencing similiar symptoms for over 3 yrs now. It started when I didnt have a period for 4 months. I went to see my obgyn, and he found nothing that was keeping me from menstruating. About a week after I visited him, I finally started. This marked the beginning of my living hell that I am still experiencing..and its only getting worse.
My periods last from 10 days to over 3 weeks. Sometimes there is a 6 week or so break in between them, but usually its every 4 wks ..which leaves me only a week or two before I start again. I have taken Provera a couple of times to stop the bleeding bc it is very heavy flooding and alot of blood clots most of the time. I have been tested for anemia during these times, as well as examined for any problems that can cause this. But nothing has been found.
I recently have been experiencing panic attacks daily, as well as for several months I have the chills for no reason sometimes.
My periods have always been normal and only lasted for the max of 4-5 days. Now with this, I have read alot about perimenopause and truly believe this is what I am experiencing..but when I question my dr, they just say I am too young to be going thru that. ???

I just hope that I can find out too what all this is about. It leaves me to the point that I cannot leave home for anything bc the bleeding is so bad.

I wish the drs in my area had the same knowledge as some do online bc its almost as if perimenopause at 37 is impossible and unheard of where I live! :/

good luck to you, and u are not alone! :)
I  started having hot flashes when I was 34 I am now 37 these hot flashes have been persistent and from 1 to 10 they were at 100 I would say. Panic attacks I had a major panic attack that I ended up in the hospital my anxiety is so high  and I've gone to three doctors that have confirmed I am going to pre-menopause. I had a period in November  of 2015 then I had a period again in November 2016 and nothing now in March 2017 but I am afraid to take hormone replacement therapy because of the breast-cancer warnings as a matter fact I've gone to some doctors that won't even give me hormone replacement therapy so I feel like I don't know what to do. I just read that one in 16 women are currently experiencing early pre-menopause and I wish there was more information  so I feel like I don't know what to do. I just read that one in 16 women are currently experiencing early pre-menopause and I wish there was more information for women like ourselves  to help us with understanding why this is happening or medical treatments that are safe. If anyone has gone to a Doctor Who has suggested  A safe treatment and has worked for them please leave a post with that information I did try Anna's wild yam cream and I know it is that that helped if anyone wants to try it
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Hi Debbie,
It sounds like menopause.  I am 39 and just found out that I am almost through menopause. I was shocked to learn that I was so far into the "change" at my age.  I had no genetic information to go on as my mother and grandmother both had hysterectomies at 40/42 due to hemorrhaging during menstruation.  I was having irregular periods about two years ago (age 37) where I had ALWAYS been a regular 28 day cycle my entire life.  The periods would come without warning-no rhyme or reason to timing.  My doctor put me on Yaz (birth control pills) for @ 6 months which made me regular again.  Just this past March things got weird again when I had a period that lasted three weeks.  I went to the Dr. when it finally subsided a week later and she ordered an ultrasound and FSH and LH levels along with thyroid test.  My levels, when I got them back, were well within the peri-menopause range- so much so that my Dr. said that I will probably have NO more periods within a year.  I skipped two months after learning this news, but the started a period on June 30th that I am still having- with just a one week break since starting on June 30th.  You are never too young to begin menopause- some women begin in their 20's.  In retrospect I have had other symptoms- rage, fogginess, hot flashes (mild), some anxiety, etc., but always seemed to be able to find a reason for it all since I thought that I was way too young to even suspect menopause.
I hope this helps you~ will look forward to hearing what your tests reveal.
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Hello ladies!  I started Menopause at age 36...i am in complete menopause now (38)!  There are soooo many crazy things happening to my body...WOW!
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When I was 37 I was at the beginning of a terrible divorce.  At that time I was having major heart palpations that the doc said could have been anxiety.  I am 40 now and they come and go still. When I was 38 I would sweat under my arms so bad that I didn't own a shirt that didn't have sweat stains.  From then til last month, I have had a very heavy peiod accompanied with my breasts hurting extremely bad and lots of mood swings. Last month my period was late and it only lasted 5 days in comparison to my 7-10 day heavy ones of the past. This month I haven't gotten my period. I don't have any health insurance and am broke from the divorce so I am looking around on the web to see if this is perimenopause or stress. My mother said she didn't start going through it until she was about 45 and she was a smoker. I am an avid exerciser and eat right most of the time so I really think it has something to do with my hormones.  

If anyone has similar symptoms and thought there were having a nervous breakdown like myself, how do we know if we were going crazy or if this is truly the beginning of the end of having a period.  Any feedback would be helpful.  
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I just found out that I am in perimenopause. I have not had a period since november and have hot flashes/cold flashes, depressed, irritated loss of sex drive. To be honest with you I have lost a lot of life in general. There has got to be something I can take for this. My doctor just says that my numbers are in the range and that I will probably not have a period anymore and the chances of having chidren are very slim

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