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Please help

Good Day,

I am posting anonymously as this is a case that my mom doesn't want the public to know off but we have tried everything and I think it's time to get public opinion, so I am doing this anonymously for my mom sake.

My mom is experiencing very itchy skin, as she cannot stop scratching and results from the scratching is very bad.
She has seen doctors, nurses she has tries lotions, medications, antibiotics and absolutely nothong helps.
Doctor's say its eczema but no medication, no lotions nothing helps.
She went and tested her thyroid and sugar and found out that she has hyperthyroidism and she has high blood sugar, which she is on medication for right now but this also does not seem to be the problem for the itching.

She is going through menopause and she is currently in her 50's.

She has heard of a story from a lady living in the same area as her, that the same happened to her but to find out it was the second Covid-19 injection that has done this, she is currently getting weekly Vitamin B drips as she says that's working for her, but my mom is scared if she does this that it could maybe not be the same reason for the previous ladies problem and could maybe not work.

If there is anybody that could maybe from the kindness of their heart, give some advise on whether they know somebody that went through the same and what maybe worked for them or any advise in general, please.

I would appreciate it kindly.

Thank you.
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Your poor mom!  I've had an insatiable itch before and it's enough to drive you mad! I used an ezcema balm that did help me though.  So, she was diagnosed with a thyroid issue? That IS absolutely associated with itching skin. How are her thyroid numbers now? What's her current situation with numbers on that? Uticaria is pretty common with an overactive thyroid.  Hydroxyzine is commonly used which is in the class of antihistamines. At a high dose, it can make you sleepy. at a lower dose, it can help with itching.  But there are other meds as well.  Here's a link:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2807703/

Menopause is pretty brutal. Estrogen slows way down and estrogen does affect our skin.  Your mom is producing less and less natural oil and collagen. Unfortunately, this estrogen issue during menopause causes some women to get on hormone replacement therapy (some avoid due to risk of breast cancer increasing but that is a discussion with your doctor). Once I finished menapause, even though I have less estrogen now, I'm not so itchy. My hormones aren't shifting.  When I was pregnant, during the hormonal changes, I had intense itching as well.

It's likely a combo of these two things she's dealing with. I'd have her take shorter showers with less hot water. Slather on moisturizer. She could try the balm I use which is just an aveeno balm bought otc. Look into some of the meds that treat uticaria. Consider how estrogen dropping is impacting this.
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