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Please share your experience with night sweats and menopause. For example, how ma...

...ny years have you suffered from night sweats due to menopause? - How Common Are Night Sweats during Perimenopause?The hot flashes that accompany the menopausal transition can occur at night and cause sweating. This is a very common cause of night sweats in perimenopausal women.
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My menopause is over since 10 years ago, I am still getting terrible night sweats. I have no other symptoms. I wonder how long these sweats can last.
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I am a 51 year old male, 5'11'', 190 lb., very fit amateur athlete, no medications, fair-skinned, mesomorphic, Kapha-dominant with severe night sweat problem. I sweat very easily in general, (hyperhidrosis - am always the sweatiest guy on the group ride, in the dojo, etc.). I had very occasional night sweats starting in my late 20s, but they have become a chronic problem since I turned 48 a few years ago. Most nights I have 1 to 3 episodes that will absolutely drench me. It always centers around my upper chest/neck/head areas radiating down my torso if severe. For example, Last night, I woke up because of the rivers of sweat rolling down my face and scalp. Sometimes I wake up soaking wet and shivering cold. Seems to follow REM cycles; 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 like clockwork if I am sleeping well or getting right back to sleep. The lack of good sleep is very concerning because I fully understand the importance of good sleep for mood, heart, immunity, exercise recovery, etc. I have had a blood workup that showed no anomalies; I was screened for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis, leukemia, lymphoma, etc. I sleep on a beach towel with a 2nd to cover me. I keep the bedroom temperature at 63 to 65. I have a stack of towels, boxers, t-shirts by the bedside so that I can do a quick change with minimum disturbance and not be soaking the sheets and blankets. Doctors are not too interested in solving after bloodwork looked okay. Much pushback over requesting full hormone panel. I just want a good night's sleep! Intuitively, I think it must be something to do with hormone balance, perhaps cortisol; or the balance of estrogen, estradiol, and testosterone. I do tend to be anxious as I've gotten older, but not medicated. Maybe it is related. I wonder if this is increasing in society, I don't find any epidemiological data on us night sweaty men (or women). I would love to find a forum of folks sharing tips, successes, etc. I have not seen anyone share a solution anywhere. I wonder if it is environmental, genetic, or if we are ingesting something. I have tried everything from herbs, Xanax, bedding, silk, wool, temperature changes, calming teas, dietary changes, bed time changes, you name it! Hope this helps someone!
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Don't give up. I finally found something that works. Hope this helps somebody else. I've had night sweats with chills ever since having an ovary removed five years ago. At first, I woke up wet and cold several times a night. I changed pajamas, put a towel on top of the wet sheets, and tried to go back to sleep, only to repeat that every few hours. I'd go to work exhausted and return with barely the energy to wash the sheets and crawl back into bed. Doctors prescribed 6 types of hormone replacement pills over 6 months. None worked. I finally got slight relief from compounded estrogen/estrin/progesterone troches. They dissolve under my tongue, and bypass my digestive tract. It reduced the sweats to once a night and made them less severe; not always soaking the sheets. Next, I tried gabapentin. It completely eliminated the night sweats, but made me feel spaced out all day. Not worth the trade-off. So what worked? Oxybutynin. It was developed to treat urge incontinence, but can also stop night sweats. It worked for me! If you are looking for a treatment that works, ask your doctor whether you can try it. Good luck.
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I've had hot flashes and night sweats since I went off estrogen in 2010. They come and go in unpredictable patterns. Sometimes for weeks they are absent. Sometimes they wake me and I can go back to sleep. Sometimes they wake me and I'm awake the rest of the night.
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