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Post Menopausal and Estrogen Replacement

I am 56 and have been Post Menopausal for a long time.  I recently had an Estradial test done and they found no detectable estrogen.  I have been really fatigue, short of breath and having heart palps.  I had started using some Bio Identical Estrogen (BiEst) at a very low dose but I really do not feel great.  Have a lot of hot flashes and overall do not feel good.   Does anyone have any input regarding BiEst and my symptoms.   Is not having estrogen bad?  They tell me it is.  
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Hi Mary,
Maybe your doseage needs to be bumped up. If you're still having hot flashes and do not feel well I think you may need more.
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Hi Mary,

That was my thought as well, that you need more estrogen.  Your body needs estrogen.  You might try using more cream.
Here are symptons of low or no estrogen:
   Hot flashes and night sweats
   Irritability, mood swings and depression
   Loss of libido and energy
   Trouble sleeping
   Urinary incontinence
   Vaginal dryness
   Weight gain (especially in the abdomen, hips and thighs)

I am 54 and was thrown into surgical menopause 20 years ago.  I used synthetic estrogen for 16 years.  I tried to get off of it and wow did I get hit hard with menopause symptoms.  So now I've been on bioidentical hormones for the last 4+ years.  I get estrogen and testosterone.  My delivery method is different than yours.  I get pellets implanted in my hip.
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First...a quick Hi to Nancy (I am going to ask about the pellets next week...have to have my blood draw tomorrow with the Hormone specialist I see).

Check out my profile by clicking on the blue screen name. I have a ton of information there regarding hormones...

I see you have already made a profile for yourself (thanks for that)...it makes life easier around here.

Take care,

Mary 53
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