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Premature Menopause

Perhaps you can help me. I'm 26 and also have hypothyroidism. I've been on birth control for years because irregular periods. I went to my family physician with complaints of dibilitating PMS or that's the best way I can describe it. I'm irritable, anxious, depressive, can't sleep (though that's all the time), ache all over, and have these weird cold sweats (that's all month too). My doctor suspected estrogen dominance so she tested the estradiol and pregesterone levels. Estradiol ended up being <10 (which my lab says is prepubertal or postmenopausal) and progesterone 0.2 (which my lab says is male or postmenopausal). My doctor thought maybe that my hypothyroidism had fatigued my adrenals (which also make sex hormones) and that we just needed to boost those. She changed my birth control pill with hopes of relieving my PMS. In my information gathering premature ovarian failure makes the most sense. But there are a few holes:
- I still get a period (though in the last year or so it's isn't on time like it used to be and is significantly lighter (both in daily flow and number of days)
- And my major emotional symptoms only occur the week prior to getting my period. Once I have my period and the rest of the month I'm pretty good. I have a few moments of irritability, anxiety, or depression but it is nothing in comparison.

Oh I also went to my endocrinologist today and she referred me to a menopause clinic (but they can't get me in until Dec. 28). My endocrinologist was at a total loss.

I'm on birth control and have been for years and think maybe that's a part of the holes above. I don't know. In your information gathering have you come across anything like this or do you have any suggestions for resources to check?

Also, what type of specialist did you find to be most helpful? Endocrinology? Gynocology?

Any help or insight would be helpful!
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I'm so sorry that you're in such a state of confusion as your docs seem to be as well.  It's always harder when even the docs are confused, isn't it?

Thyroid problems can be the most confusing aspect of this as it can really wreak havoc on our systems.  Hypothyroidism can really knock our hormones out whack and what's equally baffling, I'm sure for the docs is that you're on birth control meds which also makes changes to periods, hormone levels etc..  The fact that you're getting periods still but, on birth control really makes one wonder if there is ovarian failure but, you're still getting periods because of the pill.  That makes it "a which came first...the chicken or the egg" type of situation.  

The thing is, our hormones are swaying all over the place at all times so, one test may not give a full picture of what is going on fully.  At 26 years old, it's more likely that your hypothyroidism and birth control pills are throwing off these hormonal balances greatly and I'd be willing to be that if you were to have more testings done in the future, once they've gotten your thryoid levels in check, you'd find that those levels have changed yet again.  

I'm not a doctor by any means and am only thinking logically and from what I've read but, if this were me, I'd continue on with BOTH your gynecologist and your endocrinologist and ask them to work hand in hand on this together for you.  Try asking your gynecologist to talk this over with your endocrinologist and see if they can work together in coming up with answers to this for you.  It does sound to me though that your hypothyroidism may not be fully in check and even if blood tests are coming back within normal ranges for thyroid function, they may need to fine tune this a bit more, based on symptoms rather than test levels.  

Please let us know how you make out!  Coming back and posting an update will help others as well.  And, never forget that if you feel that you're not getting answers that are helping you or you feel that nothing constructive/helpful is being done, it's your right to seek out second and third opinions until you get someone to listen fully and be willing to work WITH you on this! :)

Best wishes!
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