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I am a 45 year old healthy women until September 09.  I started having my period twice a month and heavy blood clots.  I started to feel weak, nausea and hot flashes only in the evening hours.  The morning was my worst time of the day.  I will wake up nerves, moody and upset stomach.  I felt I couldn't focus on my every day daily activities.  I had no desire to do anything even afraid to step out of  my apartment.  I have been experiencing panick attacks which comes on at any time of the day.   I am thinking that there is something wrong with me.  I had been to my primary care doctor a number of times to just find out that I am ok but most likely going through pre menopause.  My doctor presribe me C;pmaze[a, /05 mg.  Which has decrease my panick attacks.  My OB GYN doctor also prescribe me birth control pills to regular my period and control the heavy blooding.  That has improved.   Is there something else you can recommend.   I don't know what else to do.  I have good days and sometimes bad days.  My mood is not the same just September.   I don't feel myself.  I just want some relief and my peace of mind back.
Thank you for taking time in reading my note.  Liz515
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i really can relate to what you are going through. 14mths ago i was a regular happy 41yr old mum of 2, then, suddenly my periods started every coming every 18 days. I began having panic attack, palpitations, constantly feeling hot, i got very emotional and i started putting on weight. I saw numerous docs who put it down to stress. I have been told  that when i cant sleep or having a panic attack, turn on the computer and read about perimenopause. I have and i have learned a lot, i know that this will pass and that it might take a while, but by reading about it and other peoples experiences on here and other sites, there are ways of helping with the symptoms of this transition. I have had lots of test done over the last 14mths and i know that my heart is ok and that i am healthy. This has put my mind at rest and has helped me cope. Its a good time to get ur body checked over and this could put your mind at rest too.
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I'm an otherwise healthy 45yr old.  When I turned 41 I started having hot flashes, badly, nite sweats, palpatation, all the yucky stuff, only I also experienced an uncontrollable anger.  I was in a rage all the time, mostly directed at men, but no one was excluded.  I knew enough to know that the physical symptoms were perimenopause, as I'd tried to go thur that at 29, but this constant anger was something I didn't understand.  Went to many doc's, generals & ob's, my sister is a PA and she finally suggested a local clinic that is more progressive in their treatment.  other docs had put me on antidepressants which helped the angry, but not the forgetfulness, or physical symptoms, it also made me feel and act stoned all the time, took away any modivation that I had and I just didn't like taking them.  When to the new clinic my sis recommended and for once, they actually checked my hormone levels.  Seems I was what he calleld estrogen dominent, and was also in perimenopause.  while my estrogen is slightly decresed, my progesterone was non exisit.  and as my testosterone levels.  I have been taking a compounded cream once a day that contain 40mg progesterone/5mg testosterone .  Since starting this cream, I have lost the weight I had gained, gotten off all other meds, mood swings normal, physical symptoms all but gone, I still have an occassional hot flash, mainly when I'm stressed, but even that isn't nearly as bad as they were.  I would recommend that you try to find a doc that will prescribe the 'bio-identical hormone' .  They have changed my life!
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I had a consultation with a GP that specialized in horomone therapy and he advised that I use progesterone cream and he was encouraging that it would ease my nightly anxiety attack of nausea and overwhelming sensation.  It's helped soo much.  It has also helped ease my emotions of sporatic anger/frustration.  It has also taken care of the sore breasts pre-cycle and I haven't experienced hot flashes much at all.
Your doctor advised this, have you tried it yet sunshine4JC?  Wondering if it worked for you. Let me know
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Hi.  In 2017, at 38, I crashed and burned with anxiety, panic, nausea, vomiting, etc....There were several factors that contributed to the crash (stress, horomones/cycle, heat, etc).  Anxiety/depression runs in my family but it was surprising how it came on so fast and hadn't been part of my life previously and I'm a healthy adult.  Over the past 4 years I have learned this:  I'm not crazy!! It's real....physical....horomonal.....
*I recommend the book: The Horomone Cure by https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008O4X2B8/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1
1) that Progesterone cream helps significantly by balancing out the high estrogen  with the hot flashes, nausea, etc.   I usually put it on at night to help with sleeping. I had a consult with a dr. who focuses on horomones/natural helps. (doseage is usually a dime size on a sensitive area/absorbent area). I was told that if I take too much I'll just feel sluggish.
2) My anxiety hits 3-4 days before my cycle begins and/or afterwards.  *This was a sign to me that it was physiological/hormonal. *high estrogen contributes to the anxious/etc.  It isn't as bad as it used to be since I have learned to recognize the signs and acknowledge what it is..."oh, it's ok. it's my horomones.." and i'll adjust my schedule if I can, get more sleep, etc.
3)  Not many believed I was premenopausal-----but it was confirmed this week by labs with my Gyn. ;)
4)  I take SAM-E regularly and it helps a lot with balance. the higher option is the 5THP (both over counter)
5) It was confirmed this month that I have endometriosis (early stages) but it contributes a lot to my nausea/vomiting/anxiety b/c of the pressure that my uterus experiences and other organs during my cycle as well as being an additional estrogen -type of production.  

(I just noticed the date...2010...so I hope this blesses someone else reading._) :)
I think it is very helpful.  I hope you visit the forum more often to discuss these things!
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