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Ringing ears in menopause

Does anyone out there have ringing ears since entering menopause. My ears started ringing in June 2009. Then I had my FSH tested and found out I was menopausal.  Ive heard that you can develop ringing ears in menopause, but also know that allergies can cause it, hearing loss can cause it (by my age of 50 most people have at least a mild senorineural hearing loss), and simply again can cause it. Im just wondering if anyone out there has ringing ears in menopause.  Mine is constant. It used to fluctuate up and down and that made it more tolerable. Since Ive been on HRT I have a constant high pitched ringing like the sound of a steam kettle going off on the stove at high pitch. Been on HRT seven days and the ringing seems louder and more constant. I also have anxiety, mood swings, terribly irritable, sleep is off, head feels funny, allergies are up, feeling disconnected.  Any advice out there from anyone???
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I am also experiencing these symptoms, I thought that i was losing my hearing. Along with that I am also getting a strange sensation on my scalp. I just found out that it is something called electric shock and it is another symptom of menopause.
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I have that same high pitched noise which used to be just an occasional pinging but now its often 24/7 but i,m not sure mine is due to Meno but rather my ears being full of fluid.There are some alarming symptoms though that go along with Meno..but dont put everything down to it.

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sorry thought it would add that as a link but it didnt..just google 35 symptoms of menopause. Or copy and paste it into your browser.
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Yep, I have constant pulsatile tinnitus in both ears for 17 months. I have seen 3 ENT's with no solution. I also have a sore throat on the right side. I attribute it all to menopause as this all came when the menopause hammer came down. I am on BHRT and it does not stop the ringing but think it is more bearable and hope that when I get all my hormones fine tuned it will all ease. Good luck
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I am 45 years old and the ringing in my ear started 2 years ago!I thought it was because we had went to a very loud concert and the next day it was bad and just got worse and actually kept me up at nights!I went for a hearing test and all was well. now I am noticing it is in both ears.I am dizzi alot too and that's why at first when my dr. said that tonitis can cause all of that i figured that's what it wasIt isn't..so i am very releaved to read this as up to right now \i thought I was crazy.Isn't this such a fun thing to go through and notice how the first three letters in menopause is MEN!! and funny thing is they are the ones who cause half of our aggrevation during this time!LOL!good luck to all. I research a product that I will be starting as soon as i stop the birth control pill. It's called Healthy Hormones by Can Prev. A little pricey but highly recommended to help us women ease into our menopausal years. there is actually another product geared esp. for menopause.so anyone interested go on the website and find out who carries it in your area.
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This past Sept. 2011 I had 9 days of almost non-existent ringing ears. It was heaven. I went on bio-identical hormones a week ago, and for the last 4 days out of the 7 I had almost non-existent ringing. I also have sound sensitivity when the ringing is high and that was gone. Today it's back. Im not so alarmed by it as much because Ive gotten used to having good days and bad. My doctor thinks its hormone related in menopause. It could be from some allergies that I developed in menopause, it could be eustachian tube dysfunction, it could be from tapering a medication in May of 2009. Ive had it two years now. When my ears ring high its like a high pitched sssssssss. My face and nose usually itch as well, and Im sound sensitivie, and my head feels funny, and I have a strange taste sensation on the front portion of my tongue, and Im generally tired. Its always the same symptoms.
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This is a very old post but I'm going through a horrible menopause & have now got ringing in my ears & popping noises. Just what I need to join the hot flushes & horrible scary palpitations. If anyone's symptoms have changed since this post could you let me know. Thanks Gill
Argh.  Good times, right?  One thing to consider though is it may not be a menopause symptom.  I have had this on and off due to an inner ear issue.  Tinnitis is really annoying.  Tell your doctor about it to find out if it has another cause!
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I also have ringing I'm 42 and have dealt with this for a year some times it is water in the ears you can use alcohol too evaporate the water in your ears and sometimes it's your blood pressure because let's face it everything gets out of wack with menopause even blood pressure so some of it could be from that as well there are some over the counter vitamins that are for menopause I started using them and it helped it's not nearly as frequent now
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