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Safe to take progesterone tablets?

Thanks for the response to my earlier question detailed below.
I have one more question and that is about progesterone tablets - is it safe to take these (in terms of hormone balance) and is it now worth doing as the diagnosis has eliminated perimenopause to explain the bleeding.
I haven't taken them yet (although I have them here) and am not sure what to do as I cannot afford to be light-headed on hormone tablets as I work for myself. I tried the Pill around 20 years ago and never again due to that experience!  Many thanks, M
Hi - I hope someone can help me with figuring this out.
I have been bleeding more or less continuously since end April this year and thought I was in perimenopause as I had the horrible clots etc. However since then there has been a reduced number of episodes like that - but the bleed continues with only around 3 weeks in total scattered throughout the last 4-5 months where there was no bleeding.
I had an untrasound and there is 1 tiny 2cm anterior fibroid ( a red herring according to my consultant as it is on the outsidee wall of the womb) and an indication of polyp through hyperplasia on the inside top of the womb.
My bloods (FSH and Oestrogen) returned a verdict of me not being in perimenopause and I am due a hydroscopy early October. I am still bleeding.
What could be the reason? I am 44, somewhat overweight (but not obese) and was under huge stress at the time it started. The stress has diminished since.
Many thanks
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Progesterone is usually quite safe to take. Your doctor must think it is safe for you as it was prescribed. Progesterone helps to address the hyperplasia and over months of taking it, can make the hyperplasia go away or reverse.  Your body must be making estrogen, but not progesterone. The progesterone should help restore balance to your body and ultimately, to your uterine lining. It should be a very different experience than the pill was 20 years ago. However, if you take it and do not feel comfortable, talk with your doctor. There are several ways to take progesterone and he/she can prescribe another way for you.
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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