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Should I stop prempro?

Been on prempro for 2 weeks. Now having a period and feel anxious. Want to stop? Would rather have got flashes. My Dr says wait a couple of months. What do you think?
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I am personally not a big fan of supplemental estrogen.  The information on it also very clearly states to tell your doctor if you are having unusual vaginal bleeding!  As in, if it was not time for your period or you are bleeding more than usual, call your doctor back.  Depression and anxiety are also side effects for some women who take it.  Unless you have unmanageable hot flashes, I'm not sure it is necessary to put yourself through this!  And I do always worry about Breast Cancer links and supplemental hormones including and especially estrogen.  There are some otc products that might help you better for hot flashes.  This is all just my opinion.  good luck
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Thanks.  I stopped taking and told my dr.  He still thinks I should stay on for a couple of months but he never told me about side effects when I saw him.  Pharmacist said since I was on for a short time that I could just stop and give little time to get out of my system.  I am going to check out oct for my hot flashes. Thanks for your opinion.
no problem.  Is our doctor a male?  :>))  They sometimes don't get it, I swear.
YOUR doctor not our.  ha
Yah it's a man.
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Hey there.  How are you doing?  I since have done some reading that indicates the bigger culprit with replacement hormones and breast cancer is not so much estrogen but more progesterone.  I wanted to clarify that.  There has been a lot of publicity and it is hard to know what the research really says. Did you stop the estrogen product?
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Yes I did. Feeling a little better and not bleeding.  Trying to exercise to help with moodiness and feeling bloated.  I really gotta start eating better.
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