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Signs of menapause????????????????

Early signs of menapause??????????? Hot flashes night sweats, Crying severely, waking up looking for chocoalate, sleeping, 30 years old ,I do have a thryoid problem, but it is under control:)
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Crying severely does not necessarily have to do with menopause.   However, you may have a hormonal imbalance.  Chocolate has magnesium in it, which is a mood elevator, which may explain your craving for it.  You can get hot flashes from things like low estrogen, stress, and tachycardia.  I used to get hot flashes in my 20s.  It would be very unusual to be in menopause at 30.  I've had night sweats since at least kindergarten, but if they are something new for you, you might want to check with your ob/gyn doctor about them.  

You might also want to try some natural remedies for depression.  In addition to magnesium, there is Naturemade brand sam-E and flaxseed oil or fish oil capsules.  Other food that can help with mood are freshwater fish, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc..  If natural supplementation does not help along with other support, you may want to seek an anti-depressant prescription short term from a competent psychiatrist.  I know from personal experience that depression that bad is no picnic.  I hope you get the help you need.
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Oh, I failed to mention, sleeping can also be a sign of depression.  Depression is not to be trifled with when it's severe like it sounds like yours is.  I hope someone can help you that is there with you and get you the assistance you need.
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I was wondering what lab tests you've had done?
Also have you had kidney or gall stones? I had similar symptoms in my late 30's and was told I was perimenopausal and got the traditional "pat on the hand" and subsequent "blow off". It turns out my calcium and parathyroid levels were through the ceiling!   -I had nearly every symptom of perimenopause -with exception of the stones and frequent (maddening!) urge to urinate constantly, and it ended up being a silly little tumor growing on a parathyroid gland (had it out, 30 min surgery!) that screwed up my calcium levels. Thyroid issues can certainly cause similar symptoms and you may want to have your free t-3 and t-4s checked again...Our bodies change with time, stress, and childbirth, so you may need to revisit those tests again...Good luck -I feel for you...(((((((((HUGZ)))))))~MM
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