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I hope someone can help me out.  This is crazy but I know starting peri-menopause is crazy in itself.

Is this a symptom of going through peri-menopause?  I have spotting in between my period but my question is this.  The spotting is so short.  Alot of times if I go to the bathroom, then I will have a little bleeding at that moment, so I will put on a pad if I'm going somewhere.  The crazy thing is, after just that one time, then I don't have it anymore.  So alot of times I don't have to wear a pad because I don't get anything more.

What is that all about?

It's driving me nuts.  I don't know whether I'm coming or going with these new symptoms.

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I have the same problem like you do and my period use to me very heavy and 5 to 6 days every month.  Only this month I start having like what you described.  It does drive to crazy, if any one have this answers that would be so helpful for us.  

On top of that I depended on this period cycle in order for me know when to have sex or not.  Now my cycle is off.

How long this problem going to last, any one have any idea?

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I'm 49 and have had this on & off for about 4 years.  Normal periods, spotting, 2 periods in one month and then months without one.  Each year that I go to the gyn., he does an ultrasound & an endometrial biopsy (so far, good) and offers birth control pills and that's about it. So I guess this happens, and unless you're willing to try bcp, you just need to "stick it out."
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