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Still getting cream colored discharge/emoional


The nurse practioner at my doctor's diagnosed me as menopausal. Right before I got a diagnosis, my ob gyn gave me a 10 day course of progesterone and I had a period.  When I sent the doctor's report to my ob gyn she asked if I had any hot flashes and I said no.  She said there was nothing more they could do for me because my FSH, estrodial, LH were all high from that blood test that I had.

I haven't had a period since that last one in September (from the progesterone).  I am experiencing PMS symptoms, I'm still getting creamy colored to egg white stretchy cervical mucus, I have been crying hysterically, I feel depressed, have migraines, and I have a giant cold sore on my lip. These are my "normal" PMS symptoms, but no period.

I have fibromyalgia that is well managed - just a flare once in a while.  I take bupropion for the depression and it doesn't help.  I don't want to play around with antidepressants.  I'm going to the gym 4 days a week which helps with the depression.  

I am sick of doctors I don't know where to turn.  I find some doctors cold and uncaring. Does anyone know a doctor in the Boston area that's nice?   Any advice for the symptoms is much appreciated.  Please help.
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did the ob gyn have you on medroxyprogesterone or bio-identical progesterone? There's a huge difference. Before September, how long had it been since you had had a period?  By definition, menopause means you have gone a full 12 months without one. When I was peri-menopausal, I was helped alot by using bio-identical progesterone cream by Emerita.  I'm not from Boston, however I have enjoyed seeing Naturopaths since my mid-40s.  It's a good idea to check insurance coverage before you see one as some policies treat them as specialists.
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I had a period in June 2010.  When my blood work came back the FSH was something 170.  I don't understand why I am going thru menopause at 45.  My mom and sister were both 52-53
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