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47 yrs old, irregular periods 4.5 years
Last period 7/24/2017
FSH test 53.2 (post menopause level)
Slight brown discharge 1 time, 6 weeks ago
Slight clear discharge 1 time next day, 6 weeks ago
Dr ordered TSVU, results folllow
I’m concerned these results may indicate possible cancer or somethingelse bad
Can you decifer these results for me
Thank you
Report Summary:
Overall impression:
1. Anteverted uterus that measures 79mm x 34mm x 42mm. The myometrium is
heterogeneous but no obvious fibroids are observed. This finding is suggestive of
2. Normal appearing right ovary.
3. The left ovary measures 19mm x 20mm x 16mm and contains a 10mm x 10mm x11mm
simple cyst.
4. The central endometrial complex measures 4.1mm in combined thickness. In the
presence of PMB, endometrial pathology can not be excluded.
Recommendations / therapy:
Consider SIS to better evaluate the endometrial cavity if clinically indicated.
Postmenopausal bleeding.
Gynecological Ultrasonography:
Uterus: normal, anteverted.
Size: Longitudinal 79 mm. Anterio- posterior 34 mm. Transverse 42 mm. Volume: 59.1
Myometrium: The following features were obse
rved in the myometrium suggestive of
Endometrium thickness total: 4.1 mm.

Right Ovary: normal. Visible. Outline: smooth. Morphology: normal morphology.
Right Ovary size: 11 mm x 10 mm x 8 mm. Volume: 0.5 ml.
Left Ovary: normal. Visible. Outline: smooth. Morphology: normal morphology.
Left Ovary size: 19 mm x 20 mm x 16 mm. Volume: 3.2 ml.
Cysts Left Ovary:
Cyst 1: Mean value: 10 mm. D1: 10 mm. D2: 10 mm. D3: 11 mm. Volume: 1 ml.
Cul de Sac / Pouch of Douglas: no free fluid visible.

Method: transvaginal ultrasound, transabdominal ultrasound, color Doppler, 2 D, 3
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I'm sorry for the delayed response. I don't see anything concerning. Based on your symptoms and tests, you are experiencing a very typical perimenopause.  

Although your FSH says "postmenopausal" you cannot be postmenopausal since you have not gone a full year without a period. The FSH isn't useful during perimenopause (transition years before menopause) because hormones can fluctuate wildly swinging from a premenopausal / reproductive FSH level to a postmenopausal level hence of no real clinical value. I suspect the report says "postmenopausal bleeding" merely based on the FSH value which is very misleading.

Your endometrial / uterine lining isn't even thick at 4.1mm. It typically gets up to 16mm before being shed.

What has your doctor told you?
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